Sir William Saville’s Yorkshire Trained Band Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration1)
ConflictsFirst Bishops’ War
ColonelsSir William Saville
Area RaisedYorkshire
Coat ColourRed
Flag ColourWhite
Flag DesignUnknown
Field Armies1639

Yorkshire Trained Band regiment of foot that served in the First Bishops’ War of 1639

Service History


  • April: Muster at York
  • May: March through Newcastle
  • May: March to the camp at Birks
  • June: Standoff between Birks and Duns Law


Coats and Flags

The regiment carried 6 white colours2). In May 1639 the regiment marched through Newcastle wearing red coats 3).

Notable Officers

Sir William Saville


  • May 1639: 886 officers and soldiers 4)
  • May 1639: Estimated 900 men 5)

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