Somerset Trained Bands

The Somerset Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 4,000 men armed with 2,403 muskets and 1,597 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered 82 cuirassiers and 218 harquebusiers.

Edward (or Edmund?) Dyer of Sharpham Park was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Somerset Trained Band horse. He was captured by Parliament at the fall of Bridgewater, he led Colonel Edward Dyer's Regiment of Horse for the Royalists in 1645. Whether this was a volunteer or Trained Band unit is uncertain.

On February 15th 1650 the following commissions were issued for the Somerset Militia1):

  • Col. Alexander Popham
  • Lt Col. Thomas Gorges
  • Col. John Gorges
  • Maj. John Colburne
  • Col. John Pyne
  • Lt Col. Richard Bovet
  • Maj. George Sampson
  • Col. Ed. Ceely
  • Lt Col. William Ceely
  • Maj. Alex Kingsland
1) CSPD 1649-50, p521