Sir Edward Rodney’s Trained Band of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Edward Rodney
Area RaisedSomerset
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1644

Somerset Trained Band supporting the Royalists in the First Civil War

Service History


  • August: Skirmish at Wells


  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • September to December: Siege of Taunton


  • August to September: Besieged in Bristol?


Rodney was probably replaced by Parliamentarian Col. William Strode or Col. Hugh Rogers after the siege of Sherbourne, as Somerset became entirely dominated by the Parliamentarians.

Coats and Flags


Notable Officers

Details of the regiment are shown in The Fall of the West Vol. 5 by Stuart Peachey and Alan Turton (Stuart Press).

Sir Edward Rodney

Sir Edward Rodney

Sir Edward Rodneys Regiment of Foot

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Brooke (2) Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Coward

Sargeant Major Arthur Brooke (2) Sargeant Major William Morgan Ment. I.O.

Captain William Rodney I.O. Somerset Captain Thomas Strode (1)

Lieutenant Thomas Plush I.O. Somerset to Sgnt. Maj. Morgan

Ensign Henry Slade I.O. Somerset to Sgnt. Maj. Morgan

Bellum Civile p.2 July 1642 Hopton ordered Colonel Sir Edward Rodney to drawe (call up) his Trained Band Regiment. Regiment at Wells a few days later. August 5th 1642 The Regiment were being viewed in a field outside Wells when the enemy appeared. They manned barricades in Wells Town.

Walker p.96 His Foot Regiment was ordered by Sir John Berkeley to assist Colonel Edmund Wyndham in distressing the Parliament garrison at Taunton Sep.1644

(1) SP23.119.801 To the Honorable Committee Sirs, Longe before these troubles I was a Captaine of a Foote Company under Sir Edward Rodney,and about the first of August 1642 came my Lord Marquess of Hartford as Lord Lieutennant of Somerset to Wells,where he sent out warrants to require us with our men to muster before him,I must confesse I did obey his warrant and brought my men before him att Wells: and never after this did I doe any thinge,but did lay downe my Commission,for my fault I am heartily sorry for,and doe humbly submitt myselfe to this honorable Committee.

For my land by the yeare Att Bowligh where I live is worth 65li p anno Att Maperton 54li p anno

Tho: Strode

(2) SP23.195.128 Extract. To the Honourable the Committee sitting att Gouldsmithes Hall for Compounding with delinquents The humble peticion of Arthure Brokes of Glaston in ye County of Somersett Gent. Sheweth that your peticioner had a Commission and did serve as a Maior of a Foote Regiment in ye Kings Army,and upon Michmas day last was taken in Baughton in ye County of Devon and carried a prisoner to Bridgwater where he continued 13 weekes together,and then had liberty upon severall parolls from his Excellency to endeavour an exchange,which notwithstanding his endeavours he could not then procure.

13: May 1646

Add. Mss.78255

12th March 1644/5 Some forces to be put into the Bishops House at Wells there being 7-800 Armes in the Towne.

At a Council of War Bristol 14th March 1644/5 If Wells cannot be defended to send for ye Armes & Powder from there…leaving only so much as will serve for ye defence of the Bishops Palace…ye house defended by Lt: Coll: Brook to whom Ld Hopton hath written now & before to that effect.

In the margin Sir Edward Rodney both now and before hath written to put some of his Regiment into yt house.


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