Westminster Liberty Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

Flag Illustration1)
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir James Harrington
Coat Colour
Area RaisedLondon
Flag ColourRed
Flag DesignWhite stars
Field ArmiesWaller 1643-4

Westminster Regiment of the London Trained Bands serving as part of Harrington’s Brigade

Service History


  • September: Muster at London
  • November: Siege of Basing House
  • November: Siege of Basing House
  • November: Standoff at Farnham
  • December: Storm of Alton Church


  • July: Garrison of Abingdon
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury


They are sometimes confused with the Red Regiment of the London Trained Bands, as both units carried red colours.


The regiment carried red flags with white stars in September 1643 2).

Notable Officers

A list of officers is shown in Laurence Spring's Waller's Army, The Regiments of Sir William Waller's Southern Association The Pike and Shot Association 2007 ISBN 978-1-902768-34-2

Sir James Harrington

Sir James Harrington, colonel from 1643 and still leading the regiment in 1646.

Officer Lists

September 1643

The Westminster “Libertye” Regiment of Trained Bands (7 companies)3)

  • Colonel: Sir James Harington, Bt.
  • Captain-Lieutenant: (blank)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel: Hopton
  • Major: Taylor
  • Captain: Fauconberg
  • Captain: George Warren, a tailor in Sheere Lane
  • Captain: Walter Biggs
  • Captain: Thomas Constable

October 1644

  • Captain Richard Warren (07/10/44 - 15/12/44)4)


  • September 1643: 80 officers, 854 pikemen and 1084 musketeers (2018) in 7 companies

See Also

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