Southwark Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

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ConflictsFirst Civil War
John Hardwicke
Coat Colour
Area RaisedLondon
Flag ColourRed
Flag DesignYellow Piles Wavy
Blue Hurts
Field Armies

Regiment of foot of the London Trained Bands

Service History


  • September: Muster at Finsbury Fields


There is a Wikipedia page on the Surrey and Southwark Trained Bands.

In 1642 there were two regiments of the Southwark Trained Bands, they were combined into a single regiment by September 1645 at the latest, perhaps as early as 1643.


Until amalgamation one regiment carried red flags differenced by yellow piles wavy (Illustration 1), the other carried white flags with red piles wavy (Illustration 2). After amalgamation they carried yellow flags differenced by blue plates (Illustration 3). The white flags with red piles wavy seem identical to those of the White Auxiliaries of the London Trained Bands.

Notable Officers

Colonel Hooker

Colonel in 1643

Colonel John Hardwicke

Colonel in 1646 and 1647

Officer Lists

September 1643

The Southwark Regiment of Trained Bands (9 companies)4)

  • Colonel: Hooker, a Stiller of strong waters in St Mary at Hill near Billingsgate
  • Lieutenant-Colonel: Thomas Hudson, a skinner in Southwark
  • Major: John Harwick, a soap Boiler living in Southwark
  • Captain: William Hobson, a grocer in Southwark
  • Captain: Daniel Sowton, a woodmonger in Southwark
  • Captain: James Hobland, a Dyer in St Oloves parish
  • Captain: George Snelling, a distiller of strong waters in St Oloves parish
  • Captain: John Thornton, a fell monger
  • Captain: Luke Bradley, a Woolstapler in Barnaby Street in St Oloves parish

October 1646

Lining the route of procession at the Earl of Essex's funeral5)

Southwark Yellow T.B.

  • Col John Hardwick
  • Lt Col Pritchard
  • Major Laurence
  • Capt Burton
  • Capt Holmeraw
  • Capt Coe


  • September 1643: 868 Muskets 456 pikes about 70 officers (1394) in 9 companies

See Also

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