Red Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

Flag Illustration 1)
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Atkins
Edward Hooker
Thomas Chandler
Anthony Bateman
Coat Colour
Area RaisedAldgate, Tower & Billingsgate: London
Flag ColourRed
Flag DesignWhite Piles Wavy
Field ArmiesEssex

The senior regiment of the London Trained Bands

Service History


  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green?


  • 8th September: Relief of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury
  • September: Skirmish at Aldermaston and Padworth


  • 27th October: Second Battle of Newbury


  • Thomas Atkyns relinquishes the Colonelcy


  • Hooker Colonel


  • Thomas Chandler made Colonel


  • Anthony Bateman Colonel until 1667


They are sometimes confused with the Westminster Liberty Regiment of the London Trained Bands, as both units carried red colours.


The regiment carried red flags with white piles wavy in April 1642 and September 1643 2).

Notable Officers

Colonel Thomas Atkins

Thomas Atkins, a mercer, was Lord Mayor of London in 1644, and was Colonel of the red regiment of London Trained Bands. He had previously served in the Norwich Trained Band.

Colonel Edward Hooker

Colonel in 1647

Colonel John Hayes

Replaced Hooker under the Independents

Colonel Thomas Chandler

Colonel of the red regiment in 1658.

Colonel Anthony Bateman

Colonel from 1659 to 1667

Officer Lists

April 1642

1st Regiment, The Red Regiment “The Distinctions Argent being Piles Wavey”3)

  • Colonel: Alderman Thomas Atkins
  • Lt-Col Marmaduke Rawdon; Lt William Chapman; Ens Arthur Hollingworth
  • Major Randolph Mannering; Lt George Payne; Ens John Ashley
  • 1st Capt James Bunce; Lt William Manby; Ens Francis Finch
  • 2nd Capt William Tucker; Lt Peter Cushing; Ens Thomas Corbett
  • 3rd Capt William Thomson; Lt Thomas Clarke; Ens Edward Wallis
  • 4th Capt Edward Hooker; Lt John Mold; Ens Thomas Archer
  • “Colonel's Captain” Jonathon Gawthorn; Lt John Smeeting; Ens George Mosse
  • Quartermaster: Martin Pinder, Quartermaster-General of The City.

September 1642

The London Bands Alarm Places4) The Red Regiment of the London Trained Bands

  • Colonel: Thomas Atkins: The Pump within Aldgate
  • Lt Colonel: Marmaduke Rawdon: Billingsgate
  • Major: Randall Mainwaring: London Stone
  • Captain: William Tucker: Tower Dock
  • William Thomson: The Barr without Aldgate
  • Edmund Hooker: Crutched Friars
  • Herriot Washbourne: Bridge End by Magnis Church

September 1643

The Red Regiment of the London Trained Bands (7 companies) was bang'd at Newbery & came into London on Thursday. Sep:28. 1643 say it recruited 10005)

  • Colonel: Thomas Atkins. Alderman
  • Captain-Lieutenant: George Mosse
  • Lieutenant-Colonel: Randall Mainwaring, Colonel of the Red Auxiliaries
  • Major: William Tucker
  • Captain: William Tomson
  • Captain: Edward Hooker
  • Captain: Lawrence Bromfield
  • Captain: Richard Hunt slayne at Newbery

July 1647

Officers granted arrears in the final hours of the Presbyterian Militia Committee’s existence on 23 July 1647 6).

City Red Trained Band

  • Col Edward Hooker
  • Lt Col John Brett
  • Major Peter Cushin
  • Capt Edward Wallis
  • Capt Francis Finch
  • Capt Abraham Stanion

December 1647

Officers after re-organisation under the dominance of the Independents7).

City Red Trained Band

  • Col John Hayes
  • Lt Col Peter Cushin


  • April 1642: 7 companies
  • September 1643: Approximately 1000 in 7 companies

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