Orange Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

Flag Illustration1)
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Towse
Nathaniel Camfield
Rowland Wilson
Thomas Gower
Richard King
Thomas Bludworth
Richard Browne
Coat Colour
Area RaisedFarringdon Without: London
Flag ColourOrange
Flag DesignWhite Trefoils
Field Armies

Regiment of foot of the London Trained Bands

Service History


  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green


  • December: Storm of Grafton House



  • May: Colonel Towse dies, replaced by Wilson


  • July: Nathaniel Camfield Colonel
  • Wilson restored as Colonel


  • Colonel Rowland Wilson dies


  • Thomas Gower becomes Colonel


  • Richard King replaces Gower as Colonel


  • Bludworth replaces King, then Richard Browne replaces Bludworth as Colonel, serving until 1669



The regiment carried orange flags with white trefoils in April 1642 and September 1643 2).

Notable Officers

John Towse

Towse was a grocer and alderman, serving as Sheriff of London in 1641. He died in May 1645.

Rowland Wilson

Wilson was a vintner. He commanded from 1645 to his death in 1650, though Camfield was Colonel in 1647 under the Presbyterians.

Nathaniel Camfield

Colonel in 1647, demoted back to Lt Col under the Independents

Thomas Gower

Gower was a grocer, he commanded the regiment in 1658.

Richard King

Mercer and alderman, Colonel 1659 to 1660.

Thomas Bludworth

Bludworth was a vintner and alderman, Colonel in 1660 (perhaps from 1659), then colonel of the Yellow Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

Richard Browne

Browne was a woodmonger, he commanded the regiment between 1660 and 1668.

Officer Lists

April 1642

6th Regiment, The Orange Regiment “The Distinctions Argent being Trefoils”3)

  • Colonel: Alderman John Towse
  • Lt-Col Roland Wilson; Lt John Brett; Ens William Julian
  • Major Thomas Buxton; Lt Richard Parker; Ens Walter Bosvile
  • 1st Capt Richard Browne; Lt Nathaniel Whetham; Ens Robert Russell
  • 2nd Capt Nathaniel Camfield; Lt Richard Lacy; Ens Thomas Pride
  • 3rd Capt Thomas Gower; Lt Thomas Wardley; Ens John Randall
  • “Colonel's Captain” Richard Wollaston; Lt John Alsop; Ens Besney Mason
  • Quartermaster: Thomas Harper

September 1642

The London Bands Alarm Places4) The Orange Regiment of the London Trained Bands

  • Colonel: John Towse: The Fleet Conduit
  • Lt Colonel: Rowand Wilson: North end of Old Bailey
  • Major: Thomas Buxton: Smithfield
  • Captain: Richard Browne: Temple Barr
  • Nathaniel Camfield: Holbourne Conduit
  • Thomas Gower: The Barris in Holbourne

September 1643

The Orange Regiment of the London Trained Bands (6 companies)5)

  • Colonel: John Towse, Alderman, Grocer near Mercer's Chapel
  • Captain-Lieutenant: Boswell, a Tailor
  • Lieutenant-Colonel: Rowland Wilson, lives near Merchant Tailors Hall
  • Major: Nathanel Camfield, a Salesman against St Sepulchres
  • Captain: Thomas Gower, Holborn Company
  • Captain: Richard Wollaston, a Woollen Draper, Fleet St Company
  • Captain: Miles Petit, a Woollen Draper, Snow Hill & Sepulchres Company

July 1647

Officers granted arrears in the final hours of the Presbyterian Militia Committee’s existence on 23 July 1647 6).

City Orange Trained Band.

  • Colonel Nathaniel Camfield
  • Lt Col Miles Petit
  • Major Robert Russell
  • Capt Giles Rodway

December 1647

Officers after re-organisation under the dominance of the Independents7).

City Orange Trained Band

  • Col Rowland Wilson
  • Lt Col Nathaniel Camfield
  • Major Miles Petit
  • Captain Walter Boswell


  • April 1642: 6 companies
  • September 1643: 630 muskets 408 pikes about 63 officers (1101) in 6 companies

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