Leicester Trained Bands

  • Leicester Trained Band
  • Leicester Trained Band Horse

The Leicester Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 500 men armed with 290 muskets and 210 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered 38 lancers and 62 light horse.

Victor Judge notes: I have a brief note of Devereaux Wolseleys Petition after the civil war and he mentions being a Captain of a Trained Band in Leicestershire and bringing them to Nottingham in 1642. He later led Colonel Devereaux Wolseley’s Regiment of Foot and Colonel Devereaux Wolseley’s Regiment of Horse for the Royalists.

On the 30th of May 1645 Nine hundred armed townsmen defended Leicester. These may have included Trained Band men. Despite their efforts the Royalist Oxford army successfully stormed and pillaged the city.

In 1648 Lord Grey of Groby raised troops in Leicestershire to defend against the Scots invasion, whether these can be counted as militia or trained bands is uncertain.

In 1651 the Leicestershire militia were ordered to rendezvous at Northampton. Lord Grey's regiment fought at the Battle of Worcester and might well have been part of the Leicestershire militia.