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Hertfordshire Trained Bands

Flag Illustration1)
Flag ColourGreen
Flag DesignUnknown
NoteHertford TB colour, regiment unknown
  • Hertfordshire Trained Band (Col Mitchell)
  • Hertfordshire Trained Band
  • Hertfordshire Trained Band
  • Hertfordshire Trained Band Horse

The Hertfordshire Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 1,500 men armed with 750 muskets and 750 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered 27 lancers and 53 light horse.

Colonel Mitchell's and two other regiments of Hertfordshire Trained Bands served at the siege of Greenland House in July 1644.

The Hertfordshire Militia horse, apparently numbering 500, were attached to a force commanded by Colonel Richard Graves in September of 1645 and might possibly have fought at Rowton Heath, but more likely returned home before reaching Cheshire.

1) Flag image by kind permission of Wargames Designs