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Devon Trained Bands in 1633

From a list shown in A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX: With a Pedigree of Most of Its Gentry By Thomas Westcote1)

Lord Lieutenant

  • Francis, Earl of Bedford

South Division

Sir Edward Seymore's Regiment of Foot

  • Sir Edward Seimar, knt., bart., col.
  • John Seymer
  • Edmund Tremain
  • John Bastard
  • Christopher Blackhall
  • John Connock

Col. John Bampfield's Regiment of Foot

  • John Bampfield, col.
  • George Cary
  • Humphrey Pruz
  • John Northcot
  • Hugh Clifford
  • Simon Worth

===Col. Henry Champernon's Regiment of Foot The other regiment being but of companies

  • Henry Champernon, col.
  • John Crocker
  • Arthur Ashford
  • John Pollexfen