Cornish Trained Bands

The Cornish Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 6,160 men armed with 3,850 muskets and 2,310 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered a small contingent of 14 horse.

On February 14th 1650 commissions were issued for the following officers as Captains of foot in the Cornish Militia1): Peter Ceely, Robert Rous,(Richard Eresy noted Excuseth) , John Penrose, Col. Thomas Ceely, Richard Lobb, Hugh Boscawen, John Bawden, Francis Langdon, Richard Kelliew, Andrew Trevill, Richard Carter, Philip Lowe, Henry Courtney (Made Lieutenant of Horse), William Hender, Christopher Worthevale, (Tristram Arnott noted Excuseth), Richard Worthevale, Samuel Kekewich, Col. Anthony Rous, Col. Robert Bennet, Peter Kekewich, Richard Martin.

1) CSPD 1649-50, p521