Colonel Piers Edgecumbe’s Cornish Trained Band of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelPiers Edgecumbe
William Scawen
Area RaisedCornwall
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGrenville 1644

Also Colonel William Scawen's Cornish Trained Band of Foot

Trained band of foot supporting the Royalists in Cornwall

Service History


  • January: Battle of Braddock Down
  • January: Storm of Saltash


  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel



  • March: Surrender of Mount Edgecumbe


Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Colonel Piers Edgcumbe

Lt Col William Scawen

William Scawen, later a campaigner in favour of the Cornish language.

Officer List

  • Colonel: Piers Edgecumbe
  • Lieutenant Colonel: William Scawen
  • Sargeant Major: Richard Edgcumbe
  • Captains: William Grills; John Scawen; Thomas Scawen
  • Lieutenants: John Arundell; Robert Avery; Stephen Battin; James Burrell; Richard Cudlip; Richard Hancock; William Killyow; Lyney Poppleston
  • Ensigns: John Curbyn; Hanniball Grills; Matthew Hore; Paul Lavers; Alexander Moon; John Pope*; Ferdinando Poppleston; Thomas Skelton

Contemporary Documents

To Col Edgcombe

Trusty &e whereas wee have recent advertisment that yourself, your Lieutenant Colonell and diverse of the officers and souldiers of your Regiment have lately gone home from ye Army and deserted the service thereof, which in this time of danger wherein the security of your estates and fortunes are so much concerned is of very unfitt and doug't one consequence. Our pleasure therefore that you immediately assigne all those of your Regt. who are at home, and with them and your officers that you immediately repaire to ye Army and continue therein that by your assistance wee may the sooner free the Countie from the enemy of the rebells hereabout. Wee expect you shall yeald all due obedience and so &e. 28. August 1644

An information against Pears Edgcumbe Esq. & William Scawen gent. of ye County of Cornwall made the 19th day of Aprill 1646.

Imprimis the said Mr Edgcumbe gave (as wee conceeve) occasion of the first breach in the first rise of these warres between ye Counties of Devon and Cornwall, by drawinge of Capt. Cosowarth with a Troope of Dragoones in a hostile way to quarter at his house at Mount Edgcumbe and within the Towne of Milbrook.

Secondly the said Mr Edgcumbe being Coll. of a Regiment of ye Trayned Bands in Cornwall, did together with the said Mr Scawen his Lieut. Coll. shortley after the advance of the said Troope cause his Regiment with some Companies of volunteeres to bee drawne into the sayd Towne of Milbrook,and did there settle a Garrisson, which hath ever since untill about 5 or 6 weekes since bin maintayned, and commanded by them for ye Kinge against ye Parliament, which garrison hath att severall tymes opposed some of the Parliament forces and killed many of their men in severall skirmishes.

Thirdly att the very instant tyme that boates were sent with soldiers from Plymouth unto St. Nicholas Island to prevent Baronet Carewes treachous intent to betray that Island the said Mr's Edgcumb and Scawen had caused divers boates to be made ready at Cawsand to have carried in souldiers, armes, amunition and provisions, from there to the ayde of ye said Baronel Carewe whoe was cheifely drawn and seduced to have effected that plott by the saide Mr's Edgcumbe and Scawen,the which had it taken effect must needs have bin the losse of Plymouth.

Fourthly the said Mr's Edgcumbe and Scawen were constituted Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer for ye County of Cornwall and have shewed much earnestness and rigour in the execution thereof, and not only ordinarily reproched divers persons in the names of traytors and rebells for there adherence to the Parliament, but have accordingly prosecuted against them by indictment for ye same.

Fifthly ye said Mr's Edgcumbe and Scawen have bin most eager prosecutors of a great many well affected persons to the proceedings of the Parliament and in particular of the parties to this information, to whome (as to divers others) they have acted most unsufferable cruelties by layinge of great fines on some of them, plundering their goods, sequesting devestating and spoylinge their estates, committing their persons some to the common Goale, others to the Marshalseyes or other prisons, pursuing some (whose persons they could not seize) by hue and crie, offering large sumes fow a rewarde to anie that should apprehende them, burthening most of them of souldiers at free billet, and after they had sequested seized and plundered from divers all they had; yet (to enforce them to forsake theire habitations) would notwithstandinge on them the most deboyest onruly souldiers under theire command to bee quartered at free billet, whereby divers good housekeps of good estates have bin constrayned to forsake theire houses and estates and to betake themselves unto Plymouth and other places for shelter from theire enemies some alsoe they have caused to bee hanged and others to bee starved in prison and all for ye poore persecuted suffereres good affections and adherence to ye Parliament.

Roger Phillipp Edward Webb John Skinner Arthur Skinner John Moyses Pasco Nelder Thomas Hoskinge

Vera Copia Ext. Geo. Sedgwicke Esq.


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