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Chester Trained Bands

The Chester (Cheshire) Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 599 men armed with 359 muskets and 240 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They mustered no cavalry.

In 1651, two companies of Cheshire Trained Bands under Captain Jollie fought at the Battle of Wigan Lane as part of Lilburne's force.1). The Cheshire Militia also fought as part of Cromwell's army at the Battle of Worcester. They consisted of a brigade of three regiments under Colonels Bradshawe, Brooke and Croxton.

1) Terribly Obscure Battles of the English Civil War 1. Wigan Lane, 25th August 1651 by Stuart Reid in English Civil War Notes and Queries Issue 1, pp 3-4, Eds. David Ryan & Hawk Norton, Jan 1984