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   *Ensign John Taylor   *Ensign John Taylor
   *Ensign John Lingen   *Ensign John Lingen
 +Harl.Mss. 2129 f.55A
 +Alderman William Gamul was buried in April 1643 and the coffin led by the souldiers trayling their pikes
 +12 musketts,​drume covered beating sadly followed by Colonel Gamul and Captain Throp
 +(1) Add. Mss. 19398 f.139
 +Charles by the Grace of God King of England Scotland and France defender of the faith &e.
 +William Mainwaring greetings.
 +Know you and all men whom it doth or may concerne that we trusting in your ability and fidelity and experience in martial affaires doe hereby constitute and appointe you to be Sergient Maior of the Regiment under the Command of Colonell Francis Gamul and doe therefore instruct you immediately to take into your charge and command the execution of the said place and office of Sergient Maior of the said Regiment.....
 +Giver at our Court at Oxford the tenth day of March in the Eighteenth yeare of our Reigne.
 +Harl. Mss. 2135 f.108
 +Mr Alderman
 +I am commanded to give you and the rest of the inhabitants of Handbridge this information,​that it is his Highness the Princes pleasure and the Governors order,that handbridge be forthwith levelled to the ground,and therefore that nene be permitted to build or repaire any houses,and if they neglect ye service till an enemie be upon his march,they will certainly be soe burnt,​unless they forthwith be pulled down and those that are ye reddyest to observe his command,​will find his readiness and service well rewarded.
 +Sir this I had in command to deliver unto you and the poor inhabitants of Handbridge,​find out any way wherein I may be serviceable to them,to the Prince or Governor he shall find me unto my utmost and endeavour to doe them any kindness &e...
 +Chester 23. May 1644
 +Add. Mss. 19398 f.153
 +To Sir William Mainwaring Sargeant Major or his Deputy.
 +Whereas the City and Castle of Chester is to be stored with provisionsof all sorts for the maintainence and supply of the said City and Castle and that I am informed that the Coopers of the City and Armie want materialls for the makeinge of such vessells as be convenient and necessarie to receive and store up the same.And that a Wood called Blayton Wood late a delinquent lyeth neare unto the said City wherein are trees most fitt and convenient for that purpose.These are therefore to will and require you,and hereby authorise you to cutt downe five hundred such trees,and the same to imploy for the uses abovesaid,​and to be accomptable unto me or to whom I shall appoint when you shallbe commanded.And all Commissioners for Delinquents estates for the said City and Garrison are to take notice hereof as my will and pleasure.
 +Given under my hand and seale at armes this 24th of February 1644(5).
 +(Prince) Maurice
 +Add. Mss. 19383 f.154
 +To Commissioners for Delinquents estates
 +Sargeant Major Mainwaring to have and enjoy the dwelling house late called ye Fryars
 +24th February 1644(5)
 +(Prince) Maurice ​
 ++ Bodleain Library. Rawlinson Mss.B210
 +John Byrons account of the siege of Chester.
 +(2) Harley Mss. 2155.Randle Holmes third narration of the siege of Chester.
 +20.9.1645 ​
 +'​Lieutenant Aldersey slew and his 16 men fled.
 +Captain Morgan and Captain Bennett to sally out.
 +Captain Adlington standing on the wall to behold the skirmish was shot through the crown of his hat without doing him any harm.'
 +Lost 1 Major 1 Ensign and 15 prisoners
 +21/​22.9.1645 Parliament attempt to storm Chester defended by Captain Thropp and Lt. Kings with their companies.Captain Crosby and his troop supported them.His Lt. was killed.
 +9.10.1645 'Sir William Mainwaring and Captain Adlington killed today.'​
 +29.10.1645 '​Captain Crosby with his Troop and Captain Morgell with 6 score musketeers sallied out.'
 +(3) St.Oswalds Chester. ​ Parish register.
 +Captain John Adlington ​ buried 17.10.1645 ​
 +Lieutenant Edward Morgell buried 8.11.1645
 +(4) Chester record office ZA/F/26/28. 16.4.1644 ​
 +Petition of Hugh Dodd his request to be a Freeman of Chester has taken arms under Capt.Thomas Gamul for the defence of the city.
 +(5) St.Marys on the hill,​Chester.Parish register.
 +Captain Thomas Gamul buried.Son of Col. Gamul. 12.6.1644.
 +6) BLB.VOL.II No. 803 + 804.
 +(7) SP23.147.603 ​
 +Deposition of Richard Boothe that Taylor was an Ensign in Chester and had a feather in his hat.
 +^ Captain Edward Morgell was still alive 7.1.45/6 BLB Vol.II 1201 and is therefore ​ different to the Lt. of the same name.
 +* Captain Thropp appears to have become Sargeant Major following the death of Mainwaring as he was of that rank when acting as a commissioner for the surrender of Chester in January 1645/6.
 +A list of Thropps properties among his sequestration papers shows the effects of the siege.
 +One house Widdon Street paid formerly eleaven pounds but halfe the house is beaten downe by a Granado and will not now yeald above five pounds p anno.
 +One shop and Chamber Joseph Brewer at foure pounds ten shillings.The Chamber torne by a Granado.
 +An early document relating to the Town garrison of 1643 exists in the National Library of Wales.
 +See also Colonel William Wynnes Regiment of Foot
 +(8) Llanfair & Brynodol (3)
 +For my worthy freind Captaine Griffeth at his lodging att Mr Owen Hughes m(erc?)hant neare toTrinity Church these
 +If this letter require an answere you may send it by the bearer hereof and it shalbe saflie deliv.
 +Captaine of the watche
 +Capt. Barnestone 1 night  (Barnston)
 +Capt. Thorpe ​                       (Thropp)
 +Capt. Werden
 +Capt. Peter Gruffith
 +Capt. Eaton
 +Capt. Price
 +Capt. Richard Gruffith
 +Capt. Thelwall
 +Capt. Spurstow
 +The Grand Round
 +Collonell Camwell ​ (Gamul)
 +Collonell Wynne
 +Maior       ​Manwaring
 +Maior       ​Moldsworth
 +                 ​Sr.Thomas Hanmer ​ the Maior Generall
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