Bucklow Cheshire Trained Band Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
Area RaisedCheshire
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesBrereton 1644-5

Cheshire Trained Band supporting the Royalists at first, then going over to the Parliamentarians

Service History


  • Bucklow Trained and Freehold Bands mustered for the Royalists by Captain Henry Leigh


  • Leigh retires to Chester when Brereton arrives to settle the Militia for Parliament


  • June: In garrison at Nantwich
  • October to November 1645: Siege of Beeston Castle


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers


Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

Gents. Accordinge to your order of the 7th of Aprill last in the case of Henry Leigh of Heigh Leigh in the County of Chester Esq. directed unto us, we in observance thereof certify you. That the sayd Henry Leigh in the beginninge of these distractions, being Captayne of the Trayned and Freehold Bande with the hundred of Bucklowe in the sayd County did call together the sayd Trayned and Freehold Bande, and did by virtue of Commission or other Authority from the Commissioners of Array in the sayd County, exercyse and leade them as Captayne, and afterwards, when the distractions of this County did Increase, and that the hon:ble Sir William Brereton came downe to put the Militia in execution for the Parliament, the sayd Mr Leigh did goe from his dwellinge howse in the Country, unto the Cittie of Chester, and was there a Lt. Colonell under the command of Colonell Marrowe, a man who was a great enemy and did much damage unto this County, and formerly a Commander in Ireland. And the sayd Mr Leigh did stay in Chester until the same was reduced unto the obedience of King and Parliament, and was one of the Commissioners chosen by the Enemy in Chester (before the same was delivered) to treate with the Commanders for the Parliament, for the surrenderinge of the sayd Cittie, and was a Gent. (as we have been credibly informed) very refractory, and a Cheefe Agent for the houlding of the same so long, which occasioned the losse of much blood, and severall mens lives, and damage and expense to this County, as also the burninge and devestation by the enemy of many faire buildings and habitations, and the ruin of many famelyes within the suburbs of the sayd Cittie. And for his estate with the hundred of Edesbury in the sayd County wee certify that he hath an estate in fee (to witt) a demesinie of the cleare yearely value before these tymes of feeftie seaven pounds eight shillings foure pence….. Your affectionate friends and servants to the Commonwealth.

Tho: Warburton Tho: Pownall Tho: Robinson

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