Colonel Thomas Monck’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Monck
Area RaisedWest Country
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Royalist West Country regiment of horse

Service History


  • July: Lieutenant Monck shot by a sentry by mistake


Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Thomas Monck

Of Potheridge, Devon. Brother of the rather more famous George Monck

Officer Lists

From original researh by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Thomas Monck
  • Captain John Tattershall
  • Lieutenant Thomas Monck to Col. Thomas Monck (1)
  • Lieutenant Hugh Stukely
  • Cornet John Tattershall

A list of the regiment's officers is also shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Contemporary References

(1) Parish Register MFC 46/28 Great Torrington.

July 1644

Thomas Moncke, gent, Lieutenat to Colonel Thomas Moncke of Potheridge Esq. being slaine in South Street by the IXth day about 1 o'clocke at night by somme of his owne company by reason of some MISPRISON (MISPRONUNCIATION?) of the word given being the IXth day at 1 aforesaid was buried the XVth day.

He obviously gave the wrong watchword when met by the Guard who shot him as a Parliament soldier.


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