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   *[[Sir Richard Bagot|Col. Richard Bagot]] ​   *[[Sir Richard Bagot|Col. Richard Bagot]] ​
   *Col. John Baines - see [[Lord Morley]]   *Col. John Baines - see [[Lord Morley]]
-  *[[Joseph Bampfield|Col. Joseph Bampfield]]+  *[[royalist:​foot-regiments:​joseph-bampfield|Col. Joseph Bampfield]]
   *[[Sir Henry Bard]]   *[[Sir Henry Bard]]
   *Col. John Barnard - see [[Duke of Gloucester]]   *Col. John Barnard - see [[Duke of Gloucester]]
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   *[[Sir John Berkeley]]   *[[Sir John Berkeley]]
   *[[Sir Peregrine Bertie]]   *[[Sir Peregrine Bertie]]
 +  *[[royalist:​foot-regiments:​edward-bisse|Col. Edward Bisse]]
   *[[Thomas Blagge|Col. Thomas Blagge]]   *[[Thomas Blagge|Col. Thomas Blagge]]
   *[[Sir William Blakiston]]   *[[Sir William Blakiston]]
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   *[[Lord Henry Cavendish]]   *[[Lord Henry Cavendish]]
   *[[Lord Chandos]]   *[[Lord Chandos]]
 +  *[[William Chamberlain]]
   *Prince Charles – see [[Prince of Wales]]   *Prince Charles – see [[Prince of Wales]]
   *[[Edward Chisenall|Col. Edward Chisenall]]   *[[Edward Chisenall|Col. Edward Chisenall]]
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   *[[John Davalier|Col. John Davalier]]   *[[John Davalier|Col. John Davalier]]
   *[[Earl of Derby]]   *[[Earl of Derby]]
 +  *[[Sir Edward Dering]]
   *[[Col. John Digby]] (later Jonathan Trelawney)   *[[Col. John Digby]] (later Jonathan Trelawney)
   *[[Sir John Digby]]   *[[Sir John Digby]]
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   *[[Sir Edward Duncombe]]   *[[Sir Edward Duncombe]]
   *[[Sir Ralph Dutton]]   *[[Sir Ralph Dutton]]
 +  *[[Col. Edward Dyer]]
 +  *[[Sir Lodowick Dyer]]
   *[[Sir Lewis Dyve]]   *[[Sir Lewis Dyve]]
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   *[[Thomas Morgan|Col. Thomas Morgan]]   *[[Thomas Morgan|Col. Thomas Morgan]]
   *[[Lord Morley]] (later John Baines)   *[[Lord Morley]] (later John Baines)
 +  *Sir William Morton - see [[Lord Chandos]]
   *[[Lord Muller]]   *[[Lord Muller]]
   *[[Sir Edward Musgrave]]   *[[Sir Edward Musgrave]]
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   *Sir William Radcliffe – see [[Sir Thomas Aston]]   *Sir William Radcliffe – see [[Sir Thomas Aston]]
   *[[Sir Marmaduke Rawdon]]   *[[Sir Marmaduke Rawdon]]
-  *[[Col. Edward Rawston]]+  *[[royalist:​foot-regiments:​edward-rawston|Col. Edward Rawston]]
   *[[Arthur Redhead|Col. Arthur Redhead]]   *[[Arthur Redhead|Col. Arthur Redhead]]
   *[[Sir Thomas Riddell]]   *[[Sir Thomas Riddell]]
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-  *[[Sir Anthony St Leger]]+  *Sir Anthony St Leger - see [[royalist:​horse-regiments:​sir-james-hamilton|Sir James Hamilton]]
   *[[Lord St Pol]]   *[[Lord St Pol]]
   *[[Sir Thomas Salusbury]]   *[[Sir Thomas Salusbury]]
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   *[[Duke of York]] (Sir Charles Cavendish, later Sir Samuel Tuke)   *[[Duke of York]] (Sir Charles Cavendish, later Sir Samuel Tuke)
   *[[Duke of York's Lifeguard]] (Flanders)   *[[Duke of York's Lifeguard]] (Flanders)
   *[[James Zouch]] (Col. James Zouch)   *[[James Zouch]] (Col. James Zouch)
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