Sir Richard Graham’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Richard Graham
Area RaisedCumberland
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of horse remaining in Cumberland during the First Civil War

Service History


  • Raised in Cumberland


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Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Sir Richard Graham

Sir Richard Graham allegedly wounded at Marston Moor.

Sir Richard Grahams Regiment of Horse


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Metham Lieutenant Colonel Edward Musgrave (1) Captain Stephen Grimston I.O. Cumberland Captain Musgrave (2)

(1) SP29.205.101 1642 Lieutenant Colonel to Sir Richard Graham in 1642 before becoming a Colonel of Foot in 1643 at siege of Carlisle,after in Bolton Castle and took Raby Castle from Sir Henry Vane

(2) E.355.25 Captain Musgrave,a delinquent, formerly a Captain under Sir Richard Graham.

Author: Great Britain. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Volume: 6 Subject: Manuscripts

1643, Nov. 26, Newcastle. Su' Thomas Glemham to Sir Richard Graham. — As to Sir Richard's request to favour Mr. Vaux, who had been thought fit by the Committee to lend 100/. to the King, he cannot do better than leave Mr. Vaux in the hands of Sir Richard G. and Sir Philip Musgi-ave to act with him according to his case.

Petition of Christopher Blencou, Esq. to Su- Thomas Glemham, Colonel iu Chief of the counties of Cumber- land, Westmoreland, and Northumberland, to protect him against the proceedings of one Tompsou an at- torney, who had Ijrought down to the sheriff judgments upon Nill Dicit for 500L and 200i.

1643, Dec. 9. J. D. to (Lady Graham). — Gives various items of news of the doings of the armies on both sides. …. The new Lord Mayor Wolleston, a great round- head, is supposed to be coming about for the King, or rather to be actually his. Coals are extreme scant ; half of the better sort waoit fuel, and all the poorer sort. This day the two Hothams and Fines that lost Bristol are to come to a trial before a council of war. Prinne is the prosecutor of them, ihost violent. Pym is most desperately sick, and they say of the lowsy dis- ease …. (And a di-aft or copy of the same letter.)

1644, Jan. 6, Neubie. Johnstoune to Sir Richard Graham. — Asks Sir Richard that according to his lord- ship's (Johnstoun's father) request he will dismiss the writer's cousin, Sir Richard's Lieut.-Colouel, and instal some other, his Lordship intending to employ him in some other place which Sir Richard will be pleased with.

1644 (January P). Sir- Richard Graham to his Excel- lency. (Draft.) Mentions his Lieut.-Colonel Sir Thomas Mettum having brought the letter from Lord Johnston ; he is kinsman to Lord Johnston, and he a good soldier and his (Sir Richard's) kinsman, having married his sister-in-law, he is willing to part with him and employ an Englishman. ” My lord tells me ” that most assuredly the Scots will come in ; they ” kept their first day of rendezvous, but came far short ” of theu- num.ber ; this day they are appointed to meet ” again, and after this meeting it vnW be certainly ” known their resolutions; but for what he can yet ” learn it is not certain whether they will invade Cum-

” if they appear this day all theii' number that they ” will invade both counties at once; he saith he hath ” spoken with Sir Archibald Johnston, his cousin, who ” is one of the greatest advisers and counsellors among ” them, and he tells him that they propose as soon as ” they are gotten all together, to lye in garrison in ” some towns of the English borders, and also to send ” to the King before they will approach further into ” this kingdom ; he hath pi'omised me that notwith- ” standing he goes from my employment he will be ” very faithful to me, and before this day sennight by ' ' him, I shall know all their purposes ; after, I shall ” acquaint your Excellency with it.” — He says that it is very necessary to change the present sheriff of Cum- berland (Leonard Dykes, steward of Sir Richard's com'ts and also of the Earl of Northumberland*) who has ” sharked and exacted of the county shamefully ;” the prime gentlemen of the county have lately certified Sir Thomas Glemham of him, but notwithstanding [he] hath wi-ought himself into several employments in the garrison of Carlisle Ijy which much of the moneys collected out of the county for the maintenance of the garrison of Carlisle, came to his own purse. ' ' I shall ' ' desire your Lordship to write to Secretary Nicholas ” to move the King that he, Edward Musgrave, shall ” be sheriff for Cumberland, and he, Philip Musgrave, ” sherifl' for Westmoreland, which is now void upon ” the death of my Lord of Cumberland; these two ” men are the most powerful to serve the King_ in ” their counties, and with the assistance I will give

” them will carry both the counties for the King

” Mr. Roulston will acquaint your Excellency with ” another letter I desire to Sir Thomas Glemham or ” Sir Philip Musgrave in his absence.”

n. d. (Sir Richard Graham) to Mi-. Roulston. (Draft.) Giving some of the news contained in the letter last above. .He says that the then sheriff” of Cumberland

IlUB appears from the next two letters. :

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