Colonel Richard Bagot’s Regiment of Horse

ActiveApril 1643 to July 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelRichard Bagot
Area RaisedStaffordshire
Flag ColourBlue
Flag DesignPlain
Field ArmiesGarrison
Rupert 1644
Oxford 1645

Royalist regiment of horse serving as the garrison of Lichfield during the First Civil War

Service History


  • April to May: Raised at Lichfield after Bagot was appointed Governor
  • October: Battle of Wem and Leigh Bridge??


  • March: Battle of Cotes Bridge
  • March: Battle of Newark
  • August: Skirmish at Burton on Trent


  • Skirmish at Cannock (date unknown)
  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Naseby


  • March to July: Besieged at Lichfield


Garrison of Lichfield, but on occasion drawn out for field army service with Prince Rupert.

Coats and Flags

Carried a plain blue cornet 'with no badge or design'

Notable Officers

Richard Bagot

Governor of Lichfield, he led his regiment of foot to Naseby but was seriously wounded, dying soon after Bagot family ODNB.

Officer List

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Sir Richard Bagot
  • Lieutenant Colonel Hervey Bagot (1)
  • Sargeant Major Cooper (1)
  • Sargeant Major Roger Harsnett (1)
  • Sargeant Major William Warner Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Dibdale (1)
  • Captain Matthew Dyott
  • Captain Richard Dyott
  • Captain Dymock
  • Captain William Gibbons Ment. I.O.
  • Captain William Gilbert (1)
  • Captain Ridgley (1)
  • Captain William Rugeley (1) + (2) + ment. I.O.
  • Captain Trevers
  • Captain William Warner
  • Lieutenant Adderley to Sgnt. Maj. Warner
  • Lieutenant Walter Beardmore I.O. Staffs.
  • Lieutenant Lewis Million I.O. L + W
  • Lieutenant John Roade I.O. Derby.
  • Lieutenant Humphrey Sluggard to Sgnt. Maj. Warner
  • Lieutenant Thomas Underhill I.O. L + W to Capt. Ruggeley
  • Cornet John Bracebridge to Capt. Rugeley
  • Cornet Edward Chiles I.O. Warks.
  • Cornet Michael Dyott
  • Cornet Vincent Scudamore I.O. L + W to Capt Gibbons
  • Cornet Humphrey Sluggard
  • Quartermaster Thomas Barlow I.O. Staffs.
  • Quartermaster John Bilks I.O. Staffs. under Hervey Bagot
  • Quartermaster Walter Haddock I.O. Staffs.
  • Quartermaster Thomas Horsman I.O. Staffs. under Hervey Bagot
  • Quartermaster John Keene I.O. Salop. to Sgnt. Maj. Warner
  • Quartermaster Robert Wilcox I.O. Staffs. to Sgnt. Maj. Warner

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

(1) Harl. Mss.986 f.93

400 foot 120 horse in pay 300 upon service. Captain Ridgley son to Sir Rowland Ridgley. In Burke's General Armory it is spelt Sir Roland Ridgeley.

SP29.5.79 State Papers undated June 1660

To ye Kings most excellent Majesty The humble petition of Roger Harsnett Esq. Sheweth that your petitioner hath faithfully served your Majesty ever since your Majesty was 8 yeares of age in domestic affaires and in Military being Sargeant Major to your late Royall father of glorious memory and ye eldest military Officer now being in England. May it therefore please your Majesty to confer upon your petitioner a Sergeant of Armes place now voyd wherein your petitioner will faithfully demeane himselfe.

(2) E.345.2

The names and armes of the Officers of horse within the Garrison of Lichfield Close, under the command of Coll: Richard Bagot and his brother Lt. Coll: Harvey Bagot from Anno MDCXLIII unto Anno Dom. 1646

William Warner of Wolston in the County of Warwick Gent. Major of all the horse under the command of the two Colonells who for his gross peevishness went by the nickname of Crab Warner for there was any man that obtained by his Coveless Sluggishness, for gentle and lowly persons cannot be bated.

His Lieutenant was Humphrey Sluggard was his Cornet and on(e) Aderley of Uttoxeter in this County of Stafford was Warners Lieutenant but Adderley deserting the troop, the said Humphrey Sluggard succeeded, Lieutenant and so continued till death, for he being with a party of horse at Cank (Cannock) in this County, met with a party of Parliamentarians belonging to Stafford Garrison: Sluggard being a man of good parts and a subject faithful to doe his Colonells commands with a willing hart to serve his King at all times of need, draws up his party, and with all speed lets fly at this Parliament party in soe much that they had a very sharp skirmish with loss on both sides in which dispute the said Lieutenant was shot in the right arme of which shot he dyed. I cannot give any account of his Family. (A marginal note states Anno 1645).

William Ruggley of Dunton Hall in the County of Warwick and hundred of Henlinford, Gent. was Captaine of a troop of horse in the Regiment of Colonell Richard Bagot Governor of Lichfield Close for which loyaltye and word his Prince, the leeches of Goldsmiths Hall sucked from him the sum of 33L 3sh and 4d besides the great loss received by plundering (as those mercenary souldiers of Coventry called it) but Merc.Aul.CHECK

This Captains Lieutenant was Thomas Underhill of Oxhill in the hundred of ——– and County of Warwick, Gent. Whose valour and courage was not unknown unto all Officers in the Garrison. A little now and then troubled with folly and giddiness in the brain, for once, on a march, he overshott himself verie much. Being behinde the troops and coming a good rate after them, he found one of his troop either taking a pipe of tobacco (or imbibing some drinke) and some words passing between them which were unknown, but he forthwith drew and ran the young man through, whom he knew to be a good subject and souldier.

John Bracebridge of Cudworth in the County of Warwickshire. (My notes here are incomplete V.J.). Cornet to William Ruggley He changed his opinion and fled, after some rough account from either Captain or Lieutenant, and he revolted from his true allegiance, changing his opinions and flying to Olivers gang of traytors. This is a great fault for any officer or souldier in time of service to forsake his King and Generall. But far greater to turne and fly to the enemy. Such deserve no favour being not only traytors but enemies.


  • May 1645: 200 men at Leicester1)
  • 120 horse in pay 300 upon service 2)

See Also

1) British Library Harleian Ms 911
2) Harl. Mss.986 f.93