Sir Philip Musgrave’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
Second Civil War
ColonelSir Philip Musgrave
Area RaisedCumberland & Westmorland
Flag Colour
Flag Designmotto? see below
Field ArmiesGarrison
Langdale 1648

Royalist regiment of horse besieged at Carlisle in the First Civil War, raised anew then fighting in the North during the Second Civil War of 1648

Service History


  • August: At Cockermouth (det?)
  • October to July 1645: Besieged at Carlisle


  • July: Surrender at Carlisle


  • Raised in Cumberland and Westmorland
  • May: Skirmish at Kendal
  • August: Siege of Lancaster Castle
  • August to September: Siege of Cockermouth Castle
  • October: Surrender at Appleby Castle


Flags & Equipment

Two colours taken at Kendal in May 1648 by Majors Sanderson and Cholmley of Colonel Robert Lilburne’s Regiment of Horse carried the motto For GOD and KING CHARLES in gold letters. These could be from Sir Philip Musgrave's troops or perhaps Stradling's.

Notable Officers

Sir Philip Musgrave

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Phillip Musgrave
  • Sargeant Major Hutchinson Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Thomas Braithwaite Ment. I.O. $
  • Captain Robert Hilton I.O. Westmoreland
  • Captain Simon Musgrave (2) + ment. I.O.
  • Captain William Musgrave I.O. Cumberland
  • Captain Robert Oglethorpe I.O. Cumberland
  • Captain Phillipson Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Thomas Sandford Ment. I.O.
  • Lieutenant Lancaster Hilton I.O. Westmoreland to Capt. Hilton
  • Lieutenant George Wilkinson I.O. Cumberland to Capt. Sandford
  • Cornet Francis Blenkinsop I.O. Westmoreland to Capt. Braithwaite $
  • Cornet Nicholas Dawson I.O. Northumberland to Capt. Si. Musgrave
  • Cornet Anthony Garnet I.O. Westmoreland to Capt. Hilton
  • Cornet Anthony Musgrave I.O. Cumberland
  • Cornet Thomas Ulathorne I.O. Durham
  • Quartermaster Hugh Atkinson I.O. Westmoreland to Capt. Hilton
  • Quartermaster Garth (1)
  • Quartermaster John Middleton I.O. Durham to Capt. Phillipson
  • Quartermaster John Reed I.O. Yorks. to Sgt. Maj. Hutchinson
  • Quartermaster John Sleigh I.O. Cumberland to Capt. Sandford

$ Attribution to this Regiment as I believe his brother was in Musgrave's Foot Regiment.

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) E.731.8

(2) SP29.20.93 ‘Petition of Captain Simon Musgrave….in 1642 was Cornet of Horse under Lord Grandison, then a Lieutenant of Horse under Sir William Pennyman afterwards Lord Ruthvens Regiment, and lastly a Captain of Horse under Sir Phillip Musgrave both in the siege of Carlisle and then in the service of Hambletons Warr in 1648, my Lord Langdale being Commander in chief.’

(3) D.Mus. 5/5/2/28 Anth: Bouch to Sir Phillip Musgrave Commander in Chief Torn. …commands,being this day tenn weekes, as yet hath rec'd noe pay, but what I lent him for the reliefe of himselfe, wife and children, my humble sute.. desire is your honour would be pleased to give order unto Mr Robert Phillipson ye Coronet or Mr Henry Ralph to pay him for his service, I take leave and remayne y'r honours servant att command

Anthony Bouche Cockermouth 13th August 1644

1648 rising

“Sir, — Here is great strugling, and much opposition by the adverse party, to the publike peace of these Counties; for sir Philip Musgrave, Col. Stradling, (The Governor of Carlisle) and the rest of the Cavalry in the parts adjacent, have had severall meetings in Westmereland for the arming and putting themselves in a posture of defence, and have summoned in the Inhabitants to make their appearance at Kendall Heath; upon the 13th. of this instant May, which accordingly they did, where Sir Philip Musgrave and Col. Stradling pro-pounded severall Propositions unto them, touching their designs and engagement tor their dread sovereign the King; which done, the Malignant party with a shrill echo, said they would live and dy with them, for the restoring of his Majesty to his just rights, and setling the peace of the Kingdome; and as they were drawing off from the Randevouz, Major Sanderson and Major Cholmley, with a party of Horse fell upon them, and after a short conflict, rescued divers honest men of the country, whom they had apprehended for not obeying the summons, and took divers prisoners, routing the rest. They also disarmed divers, and admitted them their liberty who promised not to ingage upon any such summons for the future– Col. Stradling was in danger but escaped. In this conflict was taken about 300 prisoners, two Colours, which had this Motto in letters of Gold



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