Sir Jordan Crossland’s Regiment of Horse

Active1642 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Jordan Crossland
Area RaisedNorth
Flag Colour
Flag DesignMotto see below
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of horse in garrison at Helmsley Castle, later joining the Newark garrison

Service History


  • Crossland commissioned Colonel



  • May: Skirmish with Eglinton's Scots at Helmsley
  • August to November: Besieged at Helmsley Castle
  • November: Surrender Helmsley but permitted to march to Scarborough garrison


  • February: Loss of Scarborough Town
  • November to May 1646: Besieged at Newark


  • May: Surrender at Newark


Garrison of Helmsley Castle. The garrison marched to Scarborough upon the rendition of Helmesley Castle.


In a skirmish against the Scots the regiment lost a Standard with this Motto, REX, LEX, GREX, that is, the King, the Law, the People1).

Notable Officers

Sir Jordan Crossland

Sir Jordan Crossland was from Newby in Yorkshire2) and governed Helmsley Castle.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Sir Jordan Crosland
  • Sargeant Major Potts Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Douglas Ment. I.O.
  • Lieutenant John Raggett I.O. York. to Sgnt. Maj. Potts
  • Lieutenant Speight (1)
  • Quartermaster Robert Catherick I.O. Cumb.
  • Quartermaster William Kirk I.O. Yorks.
  • Quartermaster Thomas Law I.O. Westmorland to Capt. Douglas

Contemporary References

Skirmish at Helmsley

E.50.5 The true informer 25th May - 1st June 1644 'Out of the North it is further certified, that the Earl of Eglinton with a party of about 100 horse, went towards Holmensley (Helmesley) Castle, possessed by the Marquis of Newcastles forces, and came near the place where there horse quartered, before the enemy had any notice of it, where they killed six of the enemy, and took 60 horse and a Standard with this Motto, REX, LEX, GREX, that is, the King, the Law, the People, the rest fled into the Castle which the said Earl is now in great expectations to be possessed of'.

Surrender of Helmsley

(1) Add. Ms. 18979 f.160 Propositions desired by Colonell Crosland Governour of Helmesley Castle concerninge the surrendering thereof.

1. That the Governor of the Castle and all other the Officers shall march out with their Armes, horses and all the rest of their goods belonging unto them, and to be safely convoy'd to the Garrison att Scarbrough without anie molestacion.

2. That the souldyers shall march out with their Armes loaden, matches lighted, Colours flyinge, and drums beateinge, and to be safely convoy'd to the said Garrison.

3. That the Gentlemen or others the Countriemen, that came hither for proteccion, may have free libtye to dept'e with their goods to theire owne dwellings, and to have my Lord Fairfax his p'teccon as their safeguard.

4. That the Lady Dutches of Buckinghams goods within the Castle, her servants and their goods may remaine safe within the Castle, or the towne of Helmesley, under my Lord Fairfax his proteccon, as they have been formerly without interruption.

5. That any goods within the Castle belonginge to anie Gentleman in the Countie, or to anie other whatsoever, may have 3 dayes tyme after the surrender thereof, for the disposeinge of them, and to have my Lord Fairfax his protection for their convoy.

6.That there may be carriages pressed for the convoyeinge of 2 little drakes, armes and the baggage along with them, unto the Garrison before mencioned.

7. That the Castle of Helmesby be absolutely demolished, and that noe garrison hereafter to be kept there by either partye.

8. That in performance of these Articles, that Lieutenant Colonell Forbes, and all the rest of the prisoners, shall have their free liberty, and that Lieutennant Speight and 5 soldyers belonginge to mee nowe prisoners at York, shall likewise have their liberty.

9. And lastly that there may be time given until the xvith day of this month, for to consider of these Articles, in case there might be reliefe had in that tyme, from the Prince.

Otherwise wee shall performe these Articles on our parte.

Hemlesley Castle this sixte of November 1644 Jor. Crosland.


See Also

1) E.50.5 The true informer 25th May - 1st June 1644
2) The Old Service: Royalist regimental colonels and the Civil War, 1642-6 P.R. Newman, Manchester University Press, 1993. ISBN 0-7190-3752-2