Sir John Preston’s Regiment of Horse

Active1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Preston
Area Raised
Flag Colour
Flag DesignSee below
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1644
Langdale 1645

Royalist regiment of horse serving in the Marquis of Newcastle’s army in 1644 then with Langdale’s Northern Horse

Service History


  • July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • Serving with Mayney's brigade


  • February: Battle of Melton Mowbray
  • March: Battle of Pontefract
  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Naseby


Flags & Equipment

According to Blount: Capt. Peter Pudsey depainted a hand and sword smiting off a Hydra's head (by which he metaphor'd the Sectaries of these times) and the motto was, TRADENTUR IN MANUS GLADII1). Captain Pudsey was promoted to Major.

Notable Officers

Sir John Preston

A Catholic of Dalton in Furness.


See Also

1) The Art of making Devises 2nd Ed, Thomas Blount, London, 1655