Sir John Mill’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Mill
Area RaisedHampshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of horse in garrison at Christchurch

Service History


  • March: Capts Buckland and Paulett in garrison at Salisbury
  • March: Battle of Cheriton?
  • Garrison of Christchurch
  • April: Loss of Christchurch


Possibly the regiment, or a detachment, was at the battle of Cheriton, as it was later alleged that Capt Buckland's quartermaster William Robotham had his horse killed there. Mill also led Sir John Mill’s Regiment of Foot in garrison at Christchurch, likely some officers are incorrectly assigned between horse and foot, or served in both regiments.

Flags & Equipment

While at Salisbury apparently received some horses and a few pieces of back and breast armour, helmets, gorgets, muskets and carbines.

Notable Officers

Sir John Mill

Sir John Mill Of Newton Bury was a Trained Band Colonel in 1625. He had the following sons John said to have been killed near Oxford by one Slatford in 1644, Richard, Lewkenor and Edward. Possibly all Officers. Check dates of birth.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir John Mill
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Goddard (1) + (3)
  • Sargeant Major Turney (1)
  • Captain William Abarrow (1)
  • Captain Walter Buckland (5)
  • Captain (Lewknor ?) Mill (1)
  • Captain Gogill (1)
  • Captain Pawlett (5)
  • Captain George Rodney (4) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Rogers (2)
  • Captain Todd (1)
  • Captain Lieutenant Skeiling (1)
  • Lieutenant Cockerum (1)
  • Lieutenant Harvey (1)
  • Lieutenant Hitchcocke (1)
  • Lieutenant Jenkins (1)
  • Lieutenant Edwin Lewin Sec (1)
  • Lieutenant John Lewin (1) + I.O. L + W
  • Lieutenant Senllard (1)
  • Lieutenant Willis (1)
  • Cornet Baily (1)
  • Cornet Johnson (1)
  • Cornet Lane (1)
  • Cornet Thorneburgh (1)
  • Quartermaster Complin (1)
  • Quartermaster Croftes (1)
  • Quartermaster Egerly (1)
  • Quartermaster Edward Fitchett I.O. Southam. to Capt. Rodney
  • Quartermaster Legate (1)
  • Quartermaster William Robotham to Capt Buckland (5)
  • Quartermaster Cosmo Ryves I.O. Southam.

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) Waller takes Christchurch

E.42.21 A True discovery of the great and glorious victory of that victorious and ever renowned patriot Sir William Waller, Knight at Christ Church in Hampshire

It would appear these Officers are of Horse and Foot, although no Ensigns are noted as being taken prisoner. Hitchcocke was later a Captain of Foot under Colonel Mill in Oxford.

(2) Capt Rodgers

E.252.28 A Perfect diurnall of some passages in Parliament 8-15.4.1644

(3) Goddard's petition


Petition of Richard Goddard of New Sarum taken prisoner in Christchurch and sent to prison in London and afterward exchanged for Lieutenant Colonel Charlton.

(4) Capt Rodney

SP19.126.26 Extract. To the right Honourable the Committee at Haberdashers Hall for Advance of money.

The humble petition of James Dewy of Christchurch in the County of South. Humbly sheweth that there is one George Rodney of Lindhurst in the County of South. that hath been a Captaine in arms against the Parliament


John Resbridge of Lyndhurst blacksmith age fyftie and six yeares or thereabouts being sworne and examined sayeth that about the yeare 1643 the tyme that Christchurch in the county of Southam. was a garrison under the command of Coll. Sir Jo. Mill Baronett for the late King against the Parliament.

Mr George Rodney of Lyndhurst did take the horses employed upon a tenement called cocksleaze lying in Lyndhurst then and still in the occupation of George Rodney one brown bay horse called 'Beetle brouse'.

SP23.216.479 A particular of all the goods and chattells of George Rodney of Lindhurst in the County of Southtn. Esq, taken and appraised the 12th day of July 1649 as followeth

  • Imprimis one black mare worth to be sold 8. 00. 00
  • Item one colt a yeare and halfe old worth to be sold 3. 00. 00
  • Item one other colt about halfe a year old worth 1. 00. 00
  • Item two Cabinetts and one little box worth 5. 00. 00
  • Iten in apparrell both woollen and lynnen 20. 00. 00
  • Item one sword and a little pistoll 1. 10. 00
  • Item one black velvett sadle with a Lindsy sadle 3. 00. 00

Summe total 41. 10. 00

The goods abovesaid were received and appraised the Day abovesaid by us

William Pickhause, John Starkes, William Waterman

This is a true particular of all my Estate which I desire to Compound and doe submitt to such fine as shalbe imposed for the summe in order to the freedome thereof, and my person from delinquency.

George Rodney.

(5) Capts Buckland & Pawlett


Charge of delinquency against William Stockman of Barford, Wiltshire. That he delivered by command 3 muskets to Captain Pawlett and that after Salisbury was a garrison for the King, he commanded his servant to deliver 3 horses and if asked to say they belonged to Captain Buckland, a Captain for the King and Papist in arms in the said garrison. That one of the horse was killed at Cheriton. It was ridden by Bucklands Quartermaster, William Robotham.

SP19.126.29 Deposition of the servant (unnamed) 3.3.1643/4 delivered 3 muskets to Captain Pawlett 5.3.1643/4 sent by his order a back, breast and gorget to Sarum garrison for the King. That Stockman said he would have a Troop of his own and Major Ennis and Colonel Seymore promise to protect his house. By a further order sent to Sarum a carbine and sword, back, breast and headpiece. Also brought to Sarum a grey gelding and if questioned it was Bucklands.

SP19.126.30 Information of Thomas Body of New Sarum That Colonel Norton and Captain Pitman tried to take the horses in July 1643 and Stockman said that if they took them the time would come and he would hang them for it. That Buckland and his Troop quartered at Stockmans house. Mention that Pawlett was a Captain in Christchurch under the command of Colonel Mill.

SP19.84.9c Information that Walter Buckland of Sussex was in arms for the King at Oxford.

SP23.212.96 The humble petition of Walter Buckland of Trotton in the Countie of Sussex Esq. Sheweth that your petitioner was in Armes in the first warr against the Parliament. Your petitioner therefore humbly prayes he may be admitted to his Composicion for his said Delinquency. And he shall ever pray.

Walter Buckland

Rec'd the 17th of April 1649


  • 100 horse at Christchurch according to Waller

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