Sir James Smith’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir James Smith
Area Raised
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHopton 1646

Royalist regiment of horse serving with Hopton in the west in 1646

Service History


  • February: Battle of Torrington
  • March: Surrender at Truro


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Sir James Smith

He had a Brigade of Horse consisting of his own regiment, Sir Thomas Basset’s Regiment of Horse and one other by the surrender at Truro so perhaps this is why so many Officers listed under him.

Officer Lists

Original Research by Victor Judge aka '1642', mainly from I.O.

  • Colonel Sir James Smith
  • Lieutenant Colonel Symon Crymes
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Fortescue (Reformados)
  • Sargeant Major Humphry Arscott
  • Sargeant Major Symon Crymes (Surrendered at Oxford June 1646)
  • Sargeant Major James Sappley (Probably James Semply who certified Capt Richard Vivians petition listed under Sir Richard Grenvile)
  • Sargeant Major James Patrickson (An Irishman)
  • Sargeant Major Degory Polwheele1)
  • Captain Peter Lapp
  • Captain Richard Price
  • Captain Thomas Baker
  • Captain John Kirle
  • Captain William Kirle
  • Captain John Salter
  • Captain William Warham
  • Lieutenant Hugh Hawker
  • Lieutenant Thomas Kirle
  • Lieutenant Richard Marley
  • Cornet John Black
  • Cornet George Dent
  • Cornet George Gammis
  • Cornet Phillip Goldston
  • Cornet Thomas Kajime
  • Cornet Miles Morley
  • Quartermaster William Barry
  • Quartermaster Oliver Franckling
  • Quartermaster Thomas Leechland
  • Quartermaster John Marler
  • Quartermaster Stephen Mudford
  • Quartermaster Thomas Nicholls
  • Quartermaster Abell Tregellan
  • Quartermaster Abell Trevellas (of Perran Sands Cornwall)

Contemporary References

Fairfax's Certificate

These are to certifie that Sir James Smyth had his Regiment of Horse disbanded att the Randezvous neere Truro in Cornwall with the rest of the Lord Hoptons Horse, and was there present in the said County and is to have the full benefitt of the Articles agreed uppon at the Treatie att Truro. Given under my hand and seale att Saffron Walden the fifth day of April 1647 Fairfax

Thomas Manley's Petition

The humble petition of Thomas Manly of the parish of St. Leonards in the County of Devon Humbly sheweth That your petitioner as a faithfull and loyll servant and subject served his late majesty King Charles the first of ever blessed memory in the late unhappy civill warre under ye command of Sir James Smith in which your petitioner was very much wounded and by reason thereof is now wholly incapacitated to worke or labour for his maintenance, as hee heartily wishes hee were able to doe that your petitioner hath a stedfast purpose of continuing in a faithfull & loyall obedience to his now sacred majesty King Charles the second.

Symon Crymes' Petition

Extract. The humble petition of Symon Crymes gent. Sheweth That your petitioner was in Armes on the behalfe of his Majesty in oxford in the defence thereof against the forces of the parliament att and before the surrender thereof. rec'd 20. December 1647 of Coombe St. Nicholas, Devon.

A pass for Crymes

Printed pass. To all Officers and Souldiers under my command,and to all others whom these may concerne. Suffer the bearer hereof Lieutenant Collonell Symon Crymes and servants with his baggage and necessaries to passe your Guards into the County of Devon or elsewhere in the Parliament Quarters upon necessary occasions, free from any molestation, hee being to have the benefit of the Articles for the surrender of Oxford. Given under my Hand and Seale, the 24,day of June,1646 Fairfax

Petition of Phillip Goldston

Served as Cornet of Horse to Captain Bowyer's Troop who was killed at Wardour Castle in ye Lord Hoptons Regiment and after when Hopton went into the West was Cornet of a Troop of Horse in Col. Smith his Regiment.

Certificate for Fortescue

To all whom these may concerne Whereas it appeares by Affidavit, that John Fortescue of Spurleston in the County of Devon was Lieutenant Colonell of Reformadoes in Sir James Smyths Brigade, and came off uppon the Articles of Truro, I doe hereby certifie that he ought to have the benefitt of the said Articles then agreed uppon. Given under my hand and seale the 34th day of Aprill 1649. Fairfax

Mayor of Plympton

Examinations relating to the delinquency of Thomas Rose Mayor of Plympton.

Christopher Watts of Plimpton Morrish sworne and examined…saith that it was reported that Sir James Smith came into the Towne of Plimpton with a regiment of horse about 1645 the said Rose being then Mayor of the said towne required this deponent being Constable to warne the townes men to appeare before one of Sir James Smiths Capts. and this deponent not doeing his office according to expectacion hee was committed to the guard that night and more to this interr. hee cannot depose.


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