Sir James Long’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir James Long
Area RaisedWiltshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHopton 1643

Royalist Regiment of horse that briefly served with Lord Hopton’s forces

Service History


  • July: Skirmish at Beckhampton
  • July: Battle of Roundway Down
  • Siege of Bristol??


  • Garrison of Nunney Castle (Capt Poulton)
  • August: Skirmish at Phillip's Norton (Capt Poulton)


  • February: Taking of Rowden House
  • March: Reported to be escorting Prince Rupert to Bristol
  • March: Skirmish at Trowbridge, much of regiment captured
  • May to June: Siege of Taunton
  • Auburn Fight??
  • October: Besieged at Longford House?


An unlucky regiment, in 1643 Long's horse were ambushed escorting a powder convoy to relieve Hopton in Devizes, defeated and scattered. In May 1645 most of the regiment was captured near Trowbridge by Waller and Cromwell.


Notable Officers

Sir James Long

Sir James Long Long was the Sheriff of Wiltshire and surrendered on Oxford articles.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel James Long
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Bolles (3)
  • Sargeant Major Thomas Lister (7)
  • Sargeant Major Rowles (1)
  • Captain Bartholomew Barnes Ment. I.O
  • Captain Simon Chapman I.O. Somerset
  • Captain William Cuffe I.O. Wilts.
  • Captain George Gouldsborough I.O. Wilts.
  • Captain Thomas Gowen Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Hayles (3)
  • Captain Hopton (6)
  • Captain Jones (3) + (4)
  • Captain George Lisle I.O. Sot'n.
  • Captain Thomas Long Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Thomas Maxwell I.O. L + W
  • Captain William Poulton (5)
  • Captain Edward Shester (3)
  • Captain Richard Staples (3) + ment. I.O.
  • Captain Thomas, Lord Arundell of Wardour (2)
  • Captain Ralph Townsend I.O. Wilts.
  • Captain Webb
  • Lieutenant Culloes (3)
  • Lieutenant John Hart I.O. Surrey
  • Lieutenant John Horne (6) to Capt. Hopton
  • Lieutenant William Massham I.O. Wilts.
  • Lieutenant Thomas Poulton I.O. Wilts.
  • Lieutenant William Smith I.O. Somerset to Capt. Gowen
  • Cornet William Chamberlain I.O. Dorset to Lt. Col. Bolles
  • Cornet William Grant I.O. Wilts. to Capt. Staples
  • Cornet Edward Jones I.O. Montgom.
  • Cornet Walter Long I.O. Wilts. to Capt. Long
  • Cornet Robert Mason (3)
  • Cornet Richman (3)
  • Quartermaster William Adams I.O. Wilts. to Lt. Col. Bolles
  • Quartermaster Edward Bridges I.O. Wilts. to Capt. Long
  • Quartermaster Henry Done I.O. Wilts.
  • Quartermaster James Freath I.O. Chester to Capt. Long
  • Quartermaster Ralph Simms I.O. Sot'n. to Capt. Barnes
  • Quartermaster John Tenham I.O. Wilts. to Lt. Col. Bolles
  • Quartermaster William Wilson I.O. Wilts. to Capt. Staples

Also see Nunney Castle and Captain William Poulton.

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Long's Petition

SP23.192.412 Extract. The humble peticion of James Long of Draycott in the County of Wilts. esq.

Sheweth that whereas he hath borne Armes and beene in Command in the Army raysed against the Parliament for which cause the Committee of Wilts, hath sequestred his Estate. And whereas now he is come into the Parliament upon the Articles agreed upon for the surrendering of Oxford….

Rec'd 18. August 1646

Long's Pass

SP23.192.417 9080020

Handwritten pass Suffer the bearer hereof Coll James Longe, who was in the City, Garrison of Oxford, at the surrender thereof, and is to have the full benefitt of the Articles agreed upon the surrender, quietly and without lett or interrupcion, to passe your Guards…

At Devizes

(1) The Poetry of Anna Matilda. William Wallers Mss. Is at the back of this book. ‘The infall at the Devizes and the taking of Major Rowles, and his horse, the balance of Colonel Longs Regiment.’

Possibly a mistake for Bolles ?

Wiltshire records

(2) Wiltshire Record Office A1.110.127 Easter 1661

Certificate of James Long that Nicholas Jones of Henden (check) was a trooper in my own troop immediately before the taking of Bristol. His former Captain the Lord Arundel of Wardour being then wounded and dying for his cause at Oxford. At Auburn fight 6 weeks after Naseby we were engaged against a number of Horse and Dragoons which more than quadrupled our number. After 2 troopers of mine slain outright trying to open a gate defended by many Dragoons Nicholas Jones opened the gate

Fight at Trowbridge

(3) E.276.7 E.274.5 The Weekly Account 12-19th March 1644/5.

‘The Prince, the Bishop of Armagh with diverse others of the least rank, are gone with a convoy to Bristoll, and have carried with them a great part of the treasure from Oxford, and were conducted by Colonell Longs Regiment of Horse.’

‘Sir, Colonell Cooke and Captain Butler have written at large unto you, and therefore I shall only confirme it, that (with Gods gracious assistance) wee have routed the best Regiment the King had in the West, of four hundred horse, there escaped not thirty, the Colonell, Sir James Long, Eight Captaines and seven Cornets were taken, and most of the other Officers, with about three hundred prisoners. This fell out in Wiltshire between Troughbridge and Stepton. Wee are now marching towards honest Holborne, with whom ( by the grace of God ) we will joyne, or stick half way.’ William Waller. March 13 1644.

A list of what was taken

  • Colonell Sir James Long the High Sheriff
  • The Under Sheriff
  • 8 Captains
  • 400 Horse
  • 340 Armes
  • 300 Prisoners
  • 7 Cornets.
Jones' Delinquency

(4) SP19.131.21 Delinquency of Captain Jones of Newton Toney To the right honourable Committee for advance of money The humble certificate of Edward Curles That Captain Jones of Newton Toney in the County of Wiltshire was in armes against the Parliament his estate is about 400l p ano as I am informed.

Russell's Petition

(5) Wiltshire Record Office A1.110.98 Trinity 1661 Petition of William Russell of Horningsham, Wiltshire. Served as a trooper under Captain Staples and Captain Poulton until the siege of Taunton. Utterly lost the use of one of his arms. Petition subscribed by Richard Staples, Antho. Gibbe, Phil. Day and Thos. Paulton.

Skirmish at Pillip Norton

E.8.12 Mercurius Civicus August 29th to September 5th 1644 details of a letter from Salisbury dated 2nd September 1644

“Upon Friday last we marched from Broad hinton to Lovington, where we baited, and from thence to Hartly Castle, the next morning where we had intelligence that 80 of the enemies horse were at Phillip Norton in Somersetshire whither we marched, but they were gone before we came there we heard 3 or 4 parties of the enemies horse were abroad, but it was not thought fit to move neerer Bath in regard Prince Rupert with his broken company of horse were that day expected there, whereupon we withdrew, resolving to make towards Nunney Castle, being disappointed of our designe at Farley Castle, which was to take 40 horses in Farley Park, but Major Wansey had tooke them the day before, but we were no sooner marched out of Norton, but Captaine Poulton, Captaine of Nunney Castle came in with his party of horse and fell upon our reare, and the said Major Dowet being in the reare with his Cornet, and not above 15 men, who facing about after a sharp fight routed the enemy, tooke their Captaines and some other Officers, and about 20 common souldiers prisoners, 6 or 7 were slaine in the place, the whole party dispers'd, we brought off 30 horse with the loss of one man onely two wounded, we tooke a bag of powder, besides another bag of powder which was blowne up during the fight, and spoyled three of the enemies souldiers. The names of the chief prisoners taken by the said Major Dowet at Phillip Norton, August 31,are as follows

  • William Poulton Captaine,
  • Giles Clerke Lieutenant
  • John Hurdman Corporall
  • Richard Colley
  • David Williams
  • Robert Welson
  • Francis Wood
  • Robert Clerke
  • Robert Sutton
  • Isaac Newcomen
  • Walter Tucker
  • Robert Marchant
  • William Robell

In this encounter C. Robert Painter Cornet to Major Dowet behaved himself very gallantly, and tooke the said Captaine Poulton Commander of the party prisoner.”

Poulton's Delinquency

Add.Mss.22085 f.18

William Poulton of Stratford Gent. hath bine before us for his delinquency having bin a Captaine in the Kings Army & compounded with us for his personal estate in Wiltshire….

22.November 1645

Starre's Petition

(6) Wiltshire Record Office A1.110.137 Petition of William Starre of Westbury Listed under Captain Hopton, an Officer under Lord Hopton. Signed Jo. Horne Lieut. to Capt. Hopton.

I doe certifie abovesaid was in my Regiment. James Long.

Another pass for Long

SP23.192.417 Suffer the bearer hereof Coll. James Long, who was in the Citty Garrison of Oxford, at the surrender thereof, and is to have the full benefitt of the Articles afreed upon the surrender quietly and without lett or interrupcion, to pass your Guards with his servants.

Nunney Castle

Turbeville commanded Nunney Castle by March 1645

Add. Mss.78255

16th March 1644(5). Nunney Castle commanded by Terbovile in great misery, upon which his Lordship granted such a warrant to take up delinquents goods upon ticket to victuall ye Castle

Thomas Lister

(7) .145.21 Captain John Rathborne imformeth that Thomas Lister Gentleman of Bradford in ye County of Yorke was in actuall armes against the Parliament as Capt. In ye Brigade commanded by Sir Francis Dodington in ye Kinges Army in July and August 1644 when ye Lord Generall Essex was in Cornwall and was after Maior to Coll. James Long when Taunton was beseiged by ye Kings Party in May and June 1645.


  • May 1645: 3-400 men in 8 troops according to Waller

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