Sir Henry Bard’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Henry Bard
Area Raised
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1643-5

Royalist Regiment of Horse serving with the Oxford Army

Service History


  • July: Defence of Basing House?


  • March: Battle of Cheriton


  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Naseby (led by Lt Col Walker)
  • November: At Worcester


Presumably the unsanctified partie of horse Bard threatened to unleash on the parishioners of Tirning unless they paid their contribution in November 1645.

Flags & Equipment

Armed with pistols and carbines, at least partly.

Notable Officers

Sir Henry Bard

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Henry Bard
  • Lieutenant Colonel Barker, commanded Campden House 1645.
  • Captain John Balls (1)
  • Captain Fisher (2)
  • Barker (4)
  • Nicholas Blount (3)

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) Add.Mss.18981.f.3 The humble remonstrance of Captain John Balls 28.12.1643.

Sheweth that whereas the said John Balls (by his Majesties Commission the 28th of December) was constituted Captaine of a Troop of Horse designed to have been formed under the command of Sir Henry Bard having raised and provided 34 horses and 48 horsemen horse and 48 horsemen 12 carbines and 12 cases of pistols 6 musketts and 20 new saddles with their furniture before he could appeare to solicite his Majesties Comission, whereof Sir Jacob Astley having notice was earnest with him to bring the said horse and men to Reading there to serve under Sir Charles Blunt, Lieutenant Collonel to the Regiment of Sir Jacob Astley: Butt, he expressing himself not resolved to determine under what Regiment he would put his Troope until it was fully reaised returned noe other answer to Sir Jacob Astley determining (in truth never to course under his command: but voluntarily purposing to serve under the command of Sir Henry Bard MORE TO TYPE

(2) Salusbury (Cecil Manuscripts.) Vol.XXII Bailiffs Accounts

1643-1646 Expenditure of the Bailiff of the Marston and Pebworth property, Co. Gloucester. 1644, September 29 to 1645 November. Emergent expenses To Capt. Ffishers Cornitt who was under Collonell Bard for his courtesies 1.5.0

(3) Letter sold by Sothebys 21st July 1980 Synopsis from Catalogue.

Autograph letter signed by Colonel (?) Nicholas Blount to Prince Rupert asking for 200 foot and as many horse so that he can make the “Marston Howse as considerable as any inland garrison in England”, describing the works he intends to undertake and promising that if he is sent the forces he will “soe spoil their passage to Gloucester that unlesse they bee twice as strong as my selfe Ile stop them”

Pebworth 15th December 1644

For his Highnesse Prince Rupert Hast hast post post post hast with speed

(4) Led the Regiment 100 strong at Naseby (Walker??)

Mr Kecke, I sent to you for substance, take your paper againe and know; Though the Devill be against us, and God not with us, I will find yout out to answer for your perjury, I yet meet (?) with you Saturday next, when if you make payment of £100 to the Lady Gardiner at Oriel College, Oxford, I am fully satisfied, if not (by God) I will ride for you myself, when if I misse you, I will fire whatever I find of yours, and will sell to you back your very children. Neither Scot nor Roundhead shall protect you. Sir you have yet time to be wise, and I am yet your friend.

H. Bard

Worcester 16th July 1645

Another from Worcester

“Whereas I have often directed to you my warrants, when I was in Campden, for your monthly contributions; and although I found in you no complyance, I was not moved, because I knew not whether ever you heard from me, rather doubting the high constable's diligence than your neglect; but now being at Worcester, I have just come to take extremitie of armes on your parish, finding your parishioners base in breaking promise with my agents; know, therefore, that unlesse you bring into mee to Worcester, at Captain Honton's house in the Brod-street, the monthly contribution of six moneths past, on Thursday next, being the 6th day of this present month, you are to expect an unsanctified partie of horse amongst you, from whom if you hide yourselves (as I believe each of you hath his hiding hole), they shall fire your houses without mercy, hang up your bodies wherever they finde them, and scare your ghosts into dribling garrisons to make new Committee Men; from whom neither the 21 troopes of Tentbury nor 17 of Strentham shall defend you.

“Worcester, Nov. 1, 1645.

“To the constable, tithingmen, and parishioners of Tirning.


Add.Mss.18981 f.3 The humble remonstrance of Captain John Balls 28.12.1643. Commissioned Captain in Col Bards Regiment of Horse and that he raised 34 horse and 48 horsemen and supplied 12 carbines and 12 cases of pistols. The horses were stolen by Lieutenant Colonel Sir Charles Blount, Lieutenant Colonel to Sir Jacob Astley.


  • March 1644: Probably a single troop at Cheriton
  • May 1645: 100 men at Leicester1)

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