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 ===== Flags===== ===== Flags=====
-=====Notable Officers=====+=====Notable Officers=========
 ====Sir Francis Wortley==== ====Sir Francis Wortley====
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 ====Sir Robert Howard==== ====Sir Robert Howard====
 +====Officer List====
 +From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642
 +  *Colonel Sir Francis Wortley
 +  *Lieutenant Colonel William Henderson ​  
 +  *Lieutenant Colonel (Dud) Dudly              ​
 +  *Sargeant Major (Dud) Dudly
 +  *Captain Bilby     
 +  *Captain Marmaduke Holtby ​
 +  *Captain Milward ​           ​
 +  *Captain Lieutenant Walter Naylor ​
 +  *Lieutenant Newbery ​                  
 +  *Lieutenant Robert Oglethorpe
 +  *Cornet Jeffery Dudly            ​
 +  *Cornet Robert Heaton ​        
 +  *Cornet Richard Ruckly ​
 +  *Quartermaster Thomas Barnes
 +  *Quartermaster Dod
 +  *Quartermaster Thomas Garnett
 +  *Quartermaster James Rimmington ​    
 +=====Contemporary References===== ​    
 +From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642
 +===Henderson on Hyde===
 +Wm. Henderson Esq Lt. Col. Under the command of Sir Francis Wortley maketh oath that he heard Lt.Col. Hyde say that Sir William Russell was a sonne of a whore and that he woud mayntayne it and saith that the said Lt. Col. Hyde told him the said Lt. Colonell Henderson that Sir James Hamilton told him that Colonell Hyde, he would hang him, to wch the Colonell Hyde replyd, he thought no traiterous Scott had the power, and that he had done better service to the King than any Scott living, and saith that this was spoken to the Lt. Col. Henderson about 3 days after the said Lt. Col Hydes confinement.
 +Imp. 19 die January 1642(3).
 +===Mayor of Stafford'​s accounts===
 +William Salt Library
 +The accounts of Michael Wolwich late Mayor of the Borough of Stafford
 +  *Received of the County and some others of the Towne for fortifying thereof 45L 10sh 0d 
 +  *Paid for beere bestowed upon Countrymen and others when Sir Francis Wortley was coming 2sh 8d
 +  *Given Sir Rob. Wolsleys man for going with Capt. Holby 2sh 6d
 +  *Paid John Clarke for going to Wellington with Capt. Holby 3sh 4d
 +  *Paid for wine and beere bestowed upon Sir Thomas Eyton and Mr Digby 2sh 4d
 +  *Paid for beere and spice bestowed upon Capt. Lane and Fouke 1sh 6d
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====