Sir Francis Dodington’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Francis Dodington
Area RaisedWiltshire?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Royalist Regiment of horse serving in the West Country

Service History


  • November to March 1644: Siege of Wardour Castle


  • May: Dodington at Ilchester
  • July: Skirmish at Warminster
  • July: Siege of Woodhouse
  • August: Skirmish at Bridgewater (North Petherton)
  • September: Skirmish at Hatherleigh Moor
  • September to December: Siege of Taunton
  • November: Second Battle of Newbury?
  • December: Fail to prevent relief of Taunton


  • February: Taking of Rowden House



Notable Officers

Sir Francis Doddington

In January 1643 he was being held in prison at Windsor Castle. In 1644 Dodington stormed a Parliamentary garrison at Woodhouse and executed several of his prisoners. Although Doddington's behaviour was considered barbaric, the fact remains that the Parliamentarian soldiers executed had previously been captured by him and were released upon oath that they would never serve again against the King.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Sir Francis Doddington
  • Lieutenant Colonel Boville Merc.Aul.
  • Captain Thomas Lister (5)
  • Captain Thomas Long (3)
  • Captain Mason (4)
  • Captain Robert Paddon (1) + I.O. Middlesex
  • Captain George Warner (1) Reformado
  • Captain Watkins (2)
  • Lieutenant John Barrow (1) to Capt. Paddon
  • Cornet Richard Hamme I.O. Somerset
  • Lieutenant Thomas Babbington (1) of Foot

Contemporary References

To the Worshipful the Mayor & his brethren of the Citty of Wells

I am bold in my Lord Hoptons name to propounde unto you Mr Christopher Dodington for the recorder, and shall strive to requite your good acceptance of my motion or lett you see how little you value his Lordship being named by me; thus wishing you a good choyse, I rest

Fra: Dodington Ivelchester this 2d of May 1644

‘Sir, Since my last to you of the 5. instant, wherein I gave you an account of our severall successes at Ogborne and Salisbury, our brave spirited Major being unwilling to be out of action, marched with 10 of his men from about Malmesbury, towards our Garrison at West Deane, by the way he fell upon the a quarter of the Enemy called Rushall, near Upphaven, where there were quarted about 36 of Captain Paddons Troupe, who intituled themselves the Wiltshire Troupe, after some dispute he took the Lieutenant, with the rest whose names are underwritten.’ ‘A List of the prisoners taken at Rushall by Major Dowet, 20. December 1644 George Warner, a Reformado Captain John Barrow, Lieutenant of Horse, commanding the Troop Thomas Babington, Lieutenant of Foot John Coggeshall and John Doddington, Reformadoes.

Troupers John Palmer Robert Tomlinson William Maurice Matther Turrent John Pit Nathaniel Vanston

20 good horse and Armes,and good prize for the souldiers, without the losse of any man or horse.’

West Dean, December 23.1644 Yours, etc. D.F.

Christopher Sadbury, Minister of Weston Super Mare. Information of John Williams that in 1645 he set forth a horse and man in the Troop of Captain Watkins under Sir Francis Doddington.

Petition of William Rulse of Chippenham that he served in the Regiment of Col. Francis Doddington under Captain Thomas Long.

John Sheppard of Kilton cann testifie that two souldiers one whereof is dead and the other gonn out of the Countrye, and cannot be had, did voluntarilye confesse unto the said Sheppard that they had been souldiers in the late Kings service in Armes against Woodhouse; when it was taken; by Sir Francis Doddington and that they were then, and there under the command of the said Mason, who was a Captaine in the Kings Army, and also saith that when Sir Francis Doddington came to face Taunton, att Mattocks tree, he being one of the party that went out of Taunton att the same time he saw the said Mason armes upon a black horse or mare, amongst the forces of the said Doddington.

The humble petition of Katherine Miller ye distressed widow of Hugh Miller who was slaine in the Parliament service. Sheweth that your petitioners said husband with her son Edward Miller at ye taking of Woodhouse in Somersetshire by Sir Francis Doddington and ye forces under him were by them first barbarously cutt and mangled alive by the said Sir Francis, his order and afterwards hanged. In consideration of which inhumane butchery of her said husband and son she obteyned an order from the Committee of ye West for ye payment of an annuity of 20L to her out of the sequestered estate of the said Sir Francis Doddington, as by the said order ready to be produced wll appeare. That ye estate of ye said delinquent being under sequestration and in ye disposicion of ye honourable Committee and in regard your poore petitioner is now above 100 miles from her habitation and children, attending here for succor in a miserable condicion.

Presented 25. Jan: 1649

Parish Register of Weston Bath Reverand Sir, In July last the siege was against Woodhouse a place in the parish of Horningsham in the County of Wiltshire at which seige Henry Cotten and William Gifford of Weston were slaine He buried x1 July and William 17 July in Nayden Bradley Churchyard. Fra. Bacon 31.1.1645/6.

John Hopwell of Wellington sworne and examined saith that when Wellington House was taken by the Kings party,this examinant was then a souldier in the said house and was carried prisoner to a place neere Taunton called Dudson*

* Durston,Somerset or Duddlestone, Somerset.

Captain John Rathborne imformeth that Thomas Lister Gentleman of Bradford in ye County of Yorke was in actuall armes against the Parliament as Capt. In ye Brigade commanded by Sir Francis Dodington in ye Kinges Army in July and August 1644 when ye Lord Generall Essex was in Cornwall and was after Maior to Coll. James Long when Taunton was beseiged by ye Kings Party in May and June 1645.

Walker page 40 Doddington took Woodhouse slew 20 and took the Governor Wansey and 80 prisoners and hung 14.COPY EXACT.


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