Sir Edward Waldegrave’s Regiment of Horse

Later, Colonel Arthur, then Colonel Nathaniel Heveningham's Regiment of Horse

Active1644 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Edward Waldegrave
Arthur Heveningham
Nathaniel Heveningham
Area Raised
Flag ColourWhite
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHopton 1644
Oxford 1644
Goring 1645
Hopton 1646

Royalist regiment of horse serving with Hopton, the Oxford army and Lord Goring

Service History


  • March: Battle of Cheriton
  • June: Battle of Cropredy Bridge
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • September: Skirmish at Bridport
  • October: Relief of Portland Castle
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury
  • November: Relief of Donnington Castle
  • December: Waldegrave dies and is buried at Oxford
  • Arthur Heveningham in command of the regiment


  • July: Battle of Ilminster
  • July: Battle of Langport (Arthur Heveningham captured, replaced by Nathaniel Heveningham)


  • February: Battle of Torrington
  • March: Surrender at Truro



At Aldbourne Chase in April 1644 Symonds noted they carried 3 white cornets.

Notable Officers

Sir Edward Waldegrave

Arthur Heveningham

Took over after Waldegrave's death but was captured at the battle of Langport.

Nathaniel Heveningham

Led the regiment after Langport

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor judge, aka. BCW user 1642

Under Sir Edward Waldegrave

  • Colonel Sir Edward Waldegrave
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ennys
  • Sargeant Major Arthur or Nathaniel Heveningham
  • Captain Thomas Catolyne
  • Captain Cornwallis
  • Captain Cotton
  • Captain Fowkes Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Lynne
  • Captain Heveningham Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Charles/Henry Waldegrave Merc. Aulicus.
  • Captain Warner
  • Captain Lieutenant Robert? Whale
  • Lieutenant Valentine Crane I.O. Norfolk
  • Lieutenant Henry Fowke I.O. Dorset to Capt. Fowkes
  • Quartermaster Edmund Oakes I.O. L + W to Capt. Lynne
  • Quartermaster Robert Townsend I.O. Norfolk

Under the Heveninghams

  • Colonel Arthur Heveningham (captured at Langport)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Heveningham (led the regiment after Arthur was captured at Langport)
  • Sargeant Major Charles/Henry Waldegrave (captured at Langport)
  • Captain Thomas Bozoun (Ment. I.O.)
  • Captain Edmund de Grey
  • Cornet Roger Castell
  • Cornet George Hobert (I.O. Norfolk)
  • Cornet William Steward
  • Quartermaster John Grimes (I.O. Norfolk to Capt. Bozoun)

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor judge, aka. BCW user 1642

To Capt. Riche, Capt. Fountayne and Capt. Sherwood or any of them. Theise are to require you forthwith to enter into the houses of Sir Edward Walgrave, Sir Robert Kempe, Sir Thomas Pettus, Sir William D'oyley, Sir John Spillman, Sir Hamond Lestrange, Sir Robert Degray Knt., Thomas Knivett, Augustine Hull, Henery Walgrave Esq. and of all Papistes Malignants and other persons whatsover that have or shall refuse to appeare at musters or to contribute according to the propositions of both houses of Parliament or to enter into the Association and in case of resistance to force the same and to seize and take away all such horses armes and ammunition as shalbe found in their said custody, and to secure these persons till further order be given you or till they performe the dutys abovesaid and hereof you are to give notice to myself or the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Norfolk or to any two of them and to dispouse of the said horses armes and ammunition as you shalbe directed by me or them. Dated this fifth of March 1642(3). Gray Eswacke. NOT AT ALL SURE OF THIS NAME

Add.Mss. 14294 Grant of Arms by Sir Edward Walker f.10 10.2.1664 to Robert London of Albye Norfolk served under Coll. Sir Edward Waldegrave

There appears to be confusion as maybe the Coll. who died was a son in command of the Regiment. Who was Major Waldegrave under Heveringham ??

  • Colonel Sir Edward Waldgrave of Stanninghall
  • Lt.Col. Ennys (Scot)
  • Sgnt.Maj. Heveningham
  • Capt.Lt. Whale Com. Norfolk
  • Capt. Thos. Catolyne Nork.
  • Capt. Hevingham who was Major to Col. Playters brought in 60 men
  • Capt. Warner killed at Alyresford.
  • Capt. Cotton and Capt. Cornwallis both rescued by ye Lord Hopton after ye fight at Aylesford.

Both Nathaniel and Arthur Heveningham were Officers in the Regiment under Waldegrave. see sbelow for officers under the Heveninghams.

To Ralph Hopton Right Truly and wellbeloved,the bearer hereof,Lieutenant Colonell Innes being desirous to serve us in that Army under your Command (and as he sayeth a stranger to you) we think fitt to afford him this our testimony that from the first beginning of our troubles he hath faithfully and constantly served us,and dischargd imployment of immediate trust from ourselves to our good satisfaction and by persons of honour and trust about us……desiring he may have such assistance for raysing his Troope (He being Lieutenant Colonell to Sir Edward Waldegraves Regiment of Horse) as you shall think reasonable. From our Court at Oxford the seaventh of March 1643(4).

Delinquency of Mr Stephen Knight of Stoke Priors,Co. Worcestershire,late Registrar of Consistory Court of Norwich.

Depositions taken 13th Daie of March 1647 before the Committee for Sequestrations.

Peter White of Horland, Clarke sworne and examined saith that about two yeares since he saw Mr Stephen Knight at Newberry in the Kinges Armie and that he rode a horse as a Troop(er) in the Regiment of Collonell Arthur Hevingham while Collonell Sir Edward Waldegrave was Collonell thereof. And before that this deponent did see the said Mr Knight in other places in the Kings armie as a trooper. Edmund de Grey of Martin, Gent sworne and examined saith that he knowes one Mr Knight or Knightly that he was in the Kings marching armie and that he was a horseman in Collonell Sir Edward Waldegraves Regiment and in Capt. Cattlyns Troope. And that he did see him divers times in the said armie since thess warrs began.

Berkshire Record Office Speen Parish Register Burials. 31.11.1644 Thomas Catelyn a gent of Norfolk

Mercurius Aulicus Capt. Catlyne killed and Capt. Waldgrave (Sir Edwards son) received severall wounds

St. Mary the Virgin Parish Register Oxford Burials. 6.12.1644 Coll. Edward Waldgrave.

Thereafter the Regiment was lead by Colonels Arthur, then Nathaniel Heveningham

Charles Fowke is later a Lt. Colonel in the West Country E.314.20 probably of Hevinghams' Regiment.

See also Sir Nicholas Crispe’s Regiment of Horse for the warrants and connection with the Officers.

To all officers and souldiers under my command. Suffer the bearers hereof Captain Thomas Bozoun Cornet Roger Castell and Quartermaster John Grymes and Cornet Ref. William Steward with their servants seaven horses,two case of Pistolls, baggage and other necessaries to pass your guards unto their severall homes in Norfolke without interruption they having engaged themselves according to the treaty of Truro not to beare Armes against the Parliament. Given under my hand and seale this 17th day of March 1645 Fairfax.

Extract The humble petition of Roger Castell of Ravenham in the County of Norfolk gent Humbly sheweth that he was heretofore in Armes for the King but came in upon the Articles of Truro… n.d.

These are to certifie all whom these may concerne that Captaine Thomas Bozoune, Roger Castell, Quartermaster John Grymes and Cornet Ref. William Steward were at Truro at the disbanding of the Lord Hoptons forces and ought to have the benefitt of the articles then agreed upon. Given under my hand and seale the 27th day of June 1649. Fairfax.

E.293.17 Langport prisoners Colonel Hemingham Sargeant Major Walgrave The son of Sir Edward Waldegrave, former Colonel.

Extract. The humble petition of Arthur Heveningham gent Sheweth That your petitioner was taken at Lamport fight in the West by the Generall ye 10. day of July 1645 and hath since been a prisoner in Ely House.

This confirms that Arthur was Colonel and Nathaniel was Lieutenant Colonel.

Quite confusing inasmuch as a Colonel Edward Waldegrave was buried St. Mary the Virgin Parish Register Oxford Burials. 6.12.1644 Coll. Edward Waldgrave.

Extract To the honourable Committee of Parliament sitting at Goldsmiths Hall, London According to an order of this honourable Committee dated 20- June 1646 concerning Edmund de Grey of Martin in the County of Norfolk Gent. Wee the Committee of Parliament for sequestrations for the said County hath taken the said order into consideration and dow humbly Certifie the delinquency of the said de Grey for which he is sequest was for that as appeareth unto us by credible information hee was in armes against the Parliament and employed as a Captaine under Sir Ralph Hopton and laid down his armes according to the Treaty at Truro.

Tho: Hoganes 23rd July 1646

He provided a deposition against a fellow officer which is listed under Colonel Edward Waldegrave.


  • March 1644: 4 or 5 troops at Cheriton

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