Colonel Samuel Sandys’ Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSamuel Sandys
Area RaisedWorcester
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1643
Oxford 1645

Royalist Regiment of Horse based at Worcester and drawn out to serve with the Oxford Army

Service History


  • May: Besieged in Worcester
  • July: Storm of Bristol
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • September: First Battle of Newbury


  • March: Battle of Cheriton?
  • April: Skirmish at Redditch
  • April: Skirmish at Alcester
  • November: Skirmish at Pinvin Heath


  • February: Skirmish at Lancaut (reformados)?
  • April: Storm of Ledbury
  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Stokesay?
  • June: Battle of Naseby
  • August: Storm of Huntingdon
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green


  • March: Battle of Stow on the Wold?
  • May: Besieged at Hartlebury Castle?
  • May to July: Besieged at Worcester



Notable Officers

Sir Samuel Sandys

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW wiki user '1642'

  • Colonel Samuel Sandys (1)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Windsor Hickman (3)
  • Sargeant Major Thomas Savage (ment. De Gomme Bristol 1643)
  • Sargeant Major Thomas Wild Ment. I.O.
  • Colonel Sir John Knottesford (1)
  • Sir Rowland Berkeley (1)
  • Sir Gilbert Gerard (1)
  • Captain Pitcher (Reformadoe troop) (1) + (2)
  • Captain Brereton (1)
  • Captain Christopher Fielding I.O. L + W
  • Captain Thomas Fisher I.O. L + W
  • Captain William Fitter (1) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain John Hanbury I.O. Worcs. + De Gomme Bristol 1643
  • Captain Anthony Langston (3) + ment. I.O
  • Captain Robert Manley (5) +I.O. L + W
  • Captain Martyn Sandys I.O. Carmarthen.
  • Captain Thomas Savage (3) + ment. I.O.
  • Captain Anthony Stratford I.O. Worcs.
  • Captain George Dowdeswell (4)
  • Captain Lieutenant John Sandys (3)
  • Lieutenant Edward Doughty I.O. Stafford
  • Lieutenant Giles Rowles I.O. Worcs.
  • Lieutenant Robert Scargill I.O. L + W to Capt. Martin Sandys
  • Cornet Edward Barret I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Savage
  • Cornet William Batch I.O. Worcs.
  • Cornet Humphrey Burton (6)
  • Cornet John Cartwright I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Manley
  • Cornet Thomas Hunt I.O. Worcs to Sgnt. Maj. Wild
  • Cornet Ralph Thurston I.O. Kent to Capt. Martin Sandys
  • Quartermaster John Canner I.O. Gloucs.
  • Quartermaster John Durston I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Savage
  • Quartermaster John Goffe I.O. Surrey
  • Quartermaster Walter Gunter I.O. Worcs. to Sgnt. Maj. Wild
  • Quartermaster Francis Hulford I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Hanbury
  • Quartermaster John Lunne I.O. Worcs.
  • Quartermaster John Martin I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Savage
  • Quartermaster William Mopson I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Langston
  • Quartermaster Robert Pine I.O. Worcs. to Sgnt. Maj. Wild
  • Quartermaster John Soule I.O. Worcs. to Capt. William Fitter
  • Quartermaster Francis Wainwright I.O. L + W

Contemporary References

(1) Diary of Henry Townsend 21st August 1644 Regiment 400 strong in 7 troops. The Colonels troop 100 men, the rest 50.


To Captayne Fitter

You are upon sight hereof to secure the person of Mr Edward Vernon of Hanbury, and bring him to this Garrision to answer such matters as shall be obiected to against him on his Majesties behalf. Hereof you must not fayle, and this shallbee your sufficient warrant, given at Worcester this 20th of September 1646

(Prince) Maurice

(2) E.278.27 The Reformadoe troop was commanded by Captain Pitcher.

(3) Add.Mss.17062 Richard Symonds Diary. Officers listed Windsor Hickman Lieutenant Colonel, John Sandys Captain Lieutenant who was Samuel Sandys Uncle Captains Savage and Langston.

(4) SP19.116.112 James Woodward of Tewkesbury deposes that when he was a soldier in Worcester Richard Dowdeswells servant rode in the troop of Capt. Stratford and that Dowdeswells George was known as Captain of the watch. (Horse or Foot Regiment ?)


(6) SP PA130097 A charge of delinquency

(7) That one Mr Humfrey Burton in the countey of Wooster and in the Parish of Kitherminster, gent,did beare armes in defence of the deposed King under the command of Colonell Sands as Cornett of a Regiment of horse in Wooster in the yeares 1645 and 1646.

Extract from: Egereton Mss. 785 f.85: A List of the prisoners taken at the Forest of Deane Febr. 22 1644(5) and neere 12 Gentlemen of the reformadoes Troope of Coll: Sandys, Governor of Worcester slaine and drowned with diverse others besides 80 common souldiers.


  • August 1644: 400 men in 7 troops. The Colonels troop 100 men, the rest 50.
  • May 1645: 150 men at Leicester1)

See Also

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