Colonel Robert Laurence’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelRobert Laurence
Area RaisedDorset?
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Royalist Regiment of Horse probably forming the garrison of Corfe Castle

Service History


  • June to August: Besieged at Corfe Castle?



  • October to February: Besieged at Corfe Castle


  • February: Surrender of Corfe Castle


In 1643 Corfe garrison included two Captains, Bond and Laurence. Laurence is known to have commanded a cavalry regiment and was present at the final siege, though referred to as Major Laurence. Although not conclusive it seems likely that Laurence’s Regiment formed the garrison of Corfe.


Notable Officers

Mary, Lady Bankes

Led the defenders of Corfe Castle during the first siege of 1643.

Colonel Robert Laurence

From West Bagborough, Somerset.

Corfe Castle

Captain Robert Lawrence son of Sir Edward Lawrence sent by Prince Maurice and Marquess of Hertford at Lady Banks entreaty for a Commander to help defend Corfe Castle.

He was assisted by an old Captain,Captain Hill and e.309.27 both captured.

Harl.Mss.6804 f.40

Unsigned letter almost certainly for Captain Robert Lawrence. Sir, you are entrusted by mee with the command of Corfe Castle a place of great consequence for his Majestie,I must desire and injoyne you having undertaken the charge to use your uttermost care and diligence for ye preservation of it,and for ye furnishing it with all necessarie provisions,which are or shall be wanting and that there bee not waste of the ammunition,and other things in your charge,soe that his Majesties service may not suffer,and you are like wise to have regard that what concernes the Lord Justice Banks his particular there may sustaine now prejudice,of these things there will be expected of you a strict account,whereof I thought to give you a timely notice that you may not faile in the performance.

Mercurius Rusticus E.1099.1 P.102

Under .Robert Laurence Captain Robert Lawrence Lieutenant Henry Brett I.O. Somerset to Capt. Laurence Cornet Abraham Miller I.O. Dorset to Capt. Laurence Quartermaster John Horsey I.O. Someret to Capt. Laurence

SP23.152.569 Extract. To the honourable the Committee for Compounding According to your order of the 10th June last,grounded upon the petition of Joane Heming widd. Wee humbly certifie the whole estate of Edmund Heminge Esq. the late deceased husband of the said Joane was sequestrated for his delinquency (he dying in Corfe Castell then the Kings garrison) by the Committee of this County in the yeare 1645…

Dorchester xiiii July 1652.

Edward Cheek

SP23.152.667/8 Bedford of Dorchester in the County of Dorset gent,sworne and examined saith,that he was a Lieut. at the siege of Corfe Castle under the command of Col: Bingham Commander in Chiefe for the Parliament there,and saw the said Robt. Culliford of Encomb who came to the Officers of the Parliament forces,and desired them to treat with the Kings partie,then in Corfe Castell,touchinge some Cattell that they had taken from him,and did accordingly goe neere the Castell in company with this deponent and others and demanded his Cattle,which the souldiers of Corfe Castell refused to restore,the said Culliford and calling of him rogue and the said Culliford told the said souldiers of Corfe that he hoped to see them hanged or words to that effect.

Edw: Cheek Chr: Weare


On Friday the 6 instant a partie of the Kings horse about 120 came into that County under the command of Col. Cromwell with an intention to relieve Corfe Castle then besieged by our forces. They marched that night through Col. Cookes quarters neere Blan(d)ford undiscovered,and understanding that the whole garrison of Wareham consisting of 200 foot were drawn out with other forces of the county in besieging Corfe,and that the Governor and some of the Committee were then in the Town,they came thither conducted by the renegadoes of that Garrison about 7 o clock on Saturday morning presently after the draw bridge was let down,who being asked by a sentinell what they were,they answered they were a Troop of Sir Thomas Fairfax to assist the Leaguer before Corfe,whereupon marching into the Town they rod up to the Governors house MORE TO TYPE

Confirmation of Laurence leaving the Garrison is confirmed below by Butler.


Dorset ff These are to certifie whome it may concerne that Colonell Robert Laurence late Govnor of the Garrison of Corfe Castle came voluntarelie out of the said Castle into the Garrison of Warham on the tenth day of February 1645 which Garrison was then kept for the Parliament and hath continued ever since as I hath been credibly informed in the Parliament Quarters.

In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand this nine & twentieth day of November 1647. Robt. Butler

Colonel Robert Butler was a member of the Committee of Dorset and Governor of Wareham at the time of Colonel Laurences' surrender.

Colonel Henry Anchetil was Governor in the Castle together with Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Pitman.

Pitman betrayed Corfe,convincing Anchetil that he could bring in further Royalist troops to strengthen the Garrison but in fact he had secretly switched sides and marched in


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