Colonel Nicholas Borlace’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelNicholas Borlace
Area RaisedWest Country
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMaurice 1644

Royalist West Country regiment of horse probably serving with Prince Maurice

Service History


  • April to June: Siege of Lyme Regis?



Notable Officers

Nicholas Borlace

Nicholas Borlace of Newlyn, Cornwall.

Officer List

  • Colonel Nicholas Borlace
  • Sargeant Major Thomas Curtys
  • Captain Carne
  • Captain Wilsheare
  • Captain Lieutenant John Mayo
  • Lieutenant James Borlace
  • Lieutenant Thomas Carne
  • Cornet John Comer

Former Royalist Officers visited Fairfax to obtain copies of lost passes to produce in their cases before the Committee of Compounding. He appears to have been sympathetic of their situation by the number of subsequent passes signed.

To all Officers & souldiers under my command,or in the service of the Parliament Suffer the bearer hereof Mr Nicholas Borlace, with his servants, horses & necessaries to passe our Guards into the Countie of Cornewall,& to continue there, without interruption, or offering any violence to his person,& to enjoy the Benefitt of the Articles agreed unto att Truro. Given under my hand and seale att St. Albans this 23th day of June 1647


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