Lord Widdrington’s Regiment of Horse

Active1642 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Widdrington
Area RaisedNorthumberland
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1644
Langdale 1645

Royalist regiment of horse of Newcastle’s Army also serving in Lincolnshire

Service History


  • Raised in Northumberland and Durham


  • July: Capt Errington ordered to arrest delinquents
  • October: Skirmish at Horncastle?
  • October: Battle of Winceby
  • November: Widdrington at Chesterfield gathering funds


  • April to July: Besieged in York?
  • July: Battle of Marston Moor


After Marston Moor Lord Widdrington fled to the Continent with Newcastle. His regiment appears to have been absorbed into the Northern Horse, possibly into Sir Edward Widdrington’s Regiment.

Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Lord Widdrington

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Lord Widdrington
  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert Carre (1)
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Thornton Ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major Gilbert Errington Ment. I.O.
  • Captain John Errington I.O. Northumb.
  • Captain William Lambton I.O. Durham
  • Captain John Mallory I.O. Yorks.
  • Captain Anthony Senhouse I.O. Cumb.
  • Lieutenant Mark Errington I.O. Northumb. to Capt. Errington
  • Lieutenant John Fenwick I.O. Northumb. to Lt. Col. Thornton
  • Lieutenant Gowen Snawden I.O. Northumb. to Sgnt. Maj. Errington
  • Cornet William Lambton I.O. Durham to Capt. Lambton
  • Cornet Ralph Mackow I.O. Northumb. to Lt. Col. Thornton
  • Cornet Roger Read I.O. Durham to Sgnt. Maj. Errington
  • Cornet Robert Smithson I.O. Yorks. to Lt. Col. Thornton
  • Cornet Charles Tempest I.O. Durham to Capt. Errington
  • Quartermaster John Hildreth I.O. Yorks to Lt. Col. Thornton

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Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) E.337.32 The moderate intelligencer 14-21.5.1646 Lieutenant Colonel Carr and Major Gilbert Errington with the King in Newcastle

Wakefield Record Office SpSt/10/3/5

To Captaine Raiph Errington and Coronet Sackville Clenham, or any whome they shall imploy herein. For as much as it is very manifest that Henry Thompson, of Eshall (Esholt), Esquire, Walter Stanhopp, of Hosforth, the elder, Richard Stanhopp of Ambury (Almondbury), and Walter Stanhopp are in the present rebellion against his Majesties person and Government, or consented or contributed thereunto. These are therefore to authorize and require you to disarme and disinable them and every of them and cause them to be apprehended and kept in safe custodie untill they shall become conformable and loyall to his Majestie, or otherwise delivered by my order and warrant. And you are further authorized to take and seize for his Majesties use all their goods and chattles and also all such rents as are or shelbe due unto them or any of them dureinge the tyme they shall continue in the state of Rebellion, and thereof render accompt to me or the commissions by me appointed for receiveing accompts of the estates of delinquents. And for soe doeing this shalbe your warrant. Given under my hand and seale the thirtenth day of July 1643 Newcastle.

Endorsed: Whereas Captaine Richard Stanhop of Aumbury, is fled and his estate enterred of Robert Brighous, these are to wish and desire all officers and souldiers not any way to molest and trouble the above named Captaine Stanhopps house. Dated the 24th July 1643 Robt. Brighouse.

(2) SP23.54.1 Thomas Simpson of Newton Cap neare Antland in the Bishoprick of Durham gent.

His delinquency that he was in Armes against the Parliament and served as a Cornett of Horse in the Earle of Newcastles army. but layd downe his Armes about March 1643 and then took up armes for the Parliamenmt and served under Sir Thomas Fairfax as is certified, and sithence he hath notwithstanding bin sequestred for his first offence.


For Mr William Wyld, Mr Rowland Dand, Mr Nicholas Chappell, Mr John Walker, Mr Robert Deane, Mr William Corkeand Mr Robert Somersall these,

Gentlemen, There being an assesse of 12000 li agreed of by the Nobility and Gentry of this County upon Fryday last, to be levyed upon this County for the mayntenance of his Majesties forces, theise are therefore to desire you to joyne in sending out the severall warrants enclosed and that you give your best assistance to Leut. Collonell Errington, who you are to meete at Mansfield tomorrow in the afternoone: he being employed by me for receiving the severall summes mentioned in the enclosed warrants; with the arreares of the former arreare of 12000 li and hereof I expect you will not faile, soe rests, Your assured friend William Widdrington Chesterfield 22th November 1643

SP23.121.403 Extract To the honourable Committee for Compositions at Goldsmiths Hall The humble petition of Tobye Swynburne of the Cyttie of Yorke gent. Most humblie sheweth That your petitioner hath taken upp Armes for his Majestie. That his estate both personall and reall is sequestered. That he is willing to compound for his delinquencie


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