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Lord Cholmondley’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Cholmondley
John Marrow
Robert Werden
Area RaisedCheshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesAston 1643
Oxford 1645

Later Colonel John Marrow’s, then Colonel Robert Werden’s Regiment of Horse

Royalist regiment of horse based in Cheshire

Service History


  • March: First Battle of Middlewich
  • November: Marrow arrives from Ireland with his troop and takes command of the regiment
  • November to December: Siege of Hawarden Castle
  • December: Second Battle of Middlewich


  • January: Siege of Nantwich?
  • January: Skirmish at Newcastle under Lyme
  • January: Battle of Nantwich?
  • June: Skirmish at Warrington
  • July: Skirmish at Oswestry
  • August: Skirmish at Tarvin


  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Naseby
  • August: Storm of Huntingdon
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Lord Cholmondley

Colonel John Marrow

Marrow had previously served in Lord Lisle’s Regiment of Horse in Ireland

Colonel Robert Werden


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