Lord Cholmondley’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Cholmondley
John Marrow
Robert Werden
Area RaisedCheshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesAston 1643
Oxford 1645

Later Colonel John Marrow’s, then Colonel Robert Werden’s Regiment of Horse

Royalist regiment of horse based in Cheshire

Service History


  • March: First Battle of Middlewich
  • August: Besieged at Cholmondley House (Capt. Horton captured)
  • November: Marrow arrives from Ireland with his troop and takes command of the regiment
  • November to December: Siege of Hawarden Castle
  • December: Storm of Barthomley Church?
  • December: Second Battle of Middlewich
  • December: Storm of Crewe Hall?


  • January: Siege of Nantwich?
  • January: Skirmish at Newcastle under Lyme
  • January: Battle of Nantwich?
  • June: Skirmish at Warrington
  • July: Skirmishes between Oswestry and Shrewsbury
  • August: Skirmish at Tarvin, Marrow killed


  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • June: Battle of Naseby
  • August: Storm of Huntingdon
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Lord Cholmondley

Colonel John Marrow

Marrow had previously served in Lord Lisle’s Regiment of Horse in Ireland

Colonel Robert Werden

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

Under Marrow
  • Colonel John Marrow
  • Lieutenant Colonel Henry Leigh (8)
  • Sargeant Major Spotwood (5)
  • Sargeant Major Werden
  • Captain Bavand (4)
  • Captain Lord Cholmondley Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Edward Dod (3) + ment. I.O. (died February 1644)
  • Captain Robert Horton I.O. Chester
  • Captain Francis Newport E.54.16
  • Captain Thomas Swynnerton E.54.16 (came over from Ireland)
  • Captain James Thornton Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Richard Walthall ](6)
  • Lieutenant Johnson (7) to Captain Marrow in Ireland
  • Lieutenant Norrell E.54.16
  • Lieutenant Ponsonby (1) + (2)
  • Lieutenant John Tench (2)
  • Lieutenant Alexander Weld (6) + I.O. Chester to Capt. Walthall
  • Cornet Robert Banks I.O. Chester to Lord Cholmondley
  • Quartermaster Randolph Kell I.O. Chester
  • Quartermaster Peter Stringer I.O. Chester to Sgnt. Maj. Werden
  • Quartermaster Hatton Weaver I.O. Chester to Capt. Dod
  • Quartermaster Charles Wickstead I.O. Chester to Capt. Ja. Thornton
  • Captain Phillip Pritchard Ment. I.O.
  • Ensign Thomas Church I.O. Chester to Capt. Phil. Prichard

Contemporary References

Capt Pritchard

SP23.85.709 Delinquency of John Earl Rivers A letter to the Committee of Plundered Ministers from the inhabitants of Frodsham mentions Earl Rivers leaving property in the name of Captain Phillip Pritchard, a Captain of the Kings Army.

Horse Troops in Leinster

Dated between September 1642 and May 1643 Add. Mss. 46927 f. 201

  • Sir Thomas Lucas
  • Sir George Wentworth
  • Sir Charles Coote
  • Lord Wilmot
  • Captain Abraham Yarner
  • Sargeant Major Slaughter
  • Sir Richard Grenvile
  • Lord Brabazon
  • Captain Thomas Armstrong
  • Captain William Parsons
  • Captain Thomas Croftes formerly Lord Lisle
  • Captain Thomas Swynnerton
  • Captain Adam Pate
  • Captain Radcliffe Duckenfield
  • Earle of Roscommon
  • Captain Jo: Devallier
  • Captain Bowmerr formerly Captain George Villiers
  • Sir Adam Loftus

Companies of noe Regiment in Leinster

Wyne, cakes and sugar for Col. Marrow

Shropshire Record Office 3365/588/22 7 ber 1644 A note of wyne cakes and sugar bestowed upon Colonell Marrow at Frankwell works. 3 pottles of Sack 3 pottles of wyt wyne 1lb sugar In cakes Carriage of drinke Total xxsh Lewis Davis

Capts Horton & Dod

Captains Horton and Dod served under Lord Cholmondley prior to the Regiment being taken over by Marrow. Horton was captured in Cholmondley House

All in Chester petitions.

Lt Ponsonby

(1) Carte Letters P.349 in Ireland


Atrocities in County Meath 1642

A woman under protection, was by Captain Marrows soldiers put into the stock of a tuckmill and so tucke to death, in the town of Steeldalte.

Lieutenant Ponsonby put two aged protected persons to death at Dowanstowne, each of them about 80 years old.

Captain Marrow caused about an hundred protected persons, men, women and children, to be put to death in the Barrony of Dooleek, and Lieutenant John Tench killed a protected person, seventy years old near Dooleek.

(3) Malpas Burial Register
  • 22 April 1643 Two souldiers that were slain at Cholmley
  • 11 May 1643 A souldier died about Cholmley
  • 27 February 1643/4 Mr Edward Dod Captain under the Lord Cholmondley buried in the Cathedral Church of Chester.
  • 4 June 1644 George Edge who was slain
  • 18 June 1644 A souldier from Wem
(4) Walley's petition

Chester Record Office QJF 90/2 No.175 Trinity 1662

Petition of George Walley. In Col. Gamuls Regiment in City Company. Afterwards Trooper in Captain Bavands Troop of Colonel Marrows Regiment. After Marrows death went into Beeston Castle under Vallet then to Holt Castle under Sir Richard Lloyd.

(5) Petition of Venables

Chester Record Office QJF 91/3 No. 19 Michaelmas 1663

Petition of Thomas Venables under Sir Thomas Aston then under Major Spotwood under Colonel Marrow. Served at Cholmeley Hall, Crewe Hall, Bartholmey, and Hawarden Castle. Later under Prince Maurice at Leicester and Naseby.

Shrewsbury billeting

Shrewsbury Archive Ref 2705.142 Extract. undated.

A note of souldiers billeted with Richard Kerriston since his Majesty was in this Towne.

Item for 3 souldiers under the command of Sergeant Major Spotwood 5 sh.

(6) Minshull's petition

Chester Record Office QJF 90/2 No.180 Trinity 1662 Petition of John Minshull in Troop of Richard Walthall in Regiment of Colonel Marrow.

Lea's petition

QJF 90/2 No.187 Trinity 1662 Petition of Stephen Lea Corporal in Richard Walthalls Troop in Regiment of Colonel Marrow. Signed Capt. Richard Walthall and Lieutenant Alexander Weld.

Richard Walthall was previously a Captain of Foot in the Regiment of Richard Fielding and fought at Edgehill.

(7) Lt Johnson

E.144.16 Lieutenant under Captain Marrow

(8) Lt. Col. Henry Leigh


Accordinge to your order of the 7th of Aprill last in the case of Heigh Leigh in the County of Chester Esq. directed unto us, we in observance thereof certify you. That the sayd Henry Leigh in the beginninge of these distractions, being Captayne of the Trayned and Freehold Bande with the hundred of Bucklowe in the sayd County did call together the sayd Trayned and Freehold Bande, and did by virtue of Commission or other Authority from the Commissioners of Array in the sayd County, exercyse and leade them as Captayne, and afterwards, when the distractions of this County did Increase, and that the hon:ble Sir William Brereton came downe to put the Militia in execution for the Parliament, the sayd Mr Leigh did goe from his dwellinge howse in the Country, unto the Cittie of Chester, and was there a Lt. Colonell under the command of Colonell Marrowe, a man who was a great enemy and did much damage unto this County, and formerly a Commander in Ireland. And the sayd Mr Leigh did stay in Chester until the same was reduced unto the obedience of King and Parliament, and was one of the Commissioners chosen by the Enemy in Chester (before the same was delivered) to treate with the Commanders for the Parliament, for the surrenderinge of the sayd Cittie, and was a Gent. (as we have been credibly informed) very refractory, and a Cheefe Agent for the houlding of the same so long, which occasioned the losse of much blood, and severall mens lives, and damage and expense to this County, as also the burninge and devestation by the enemy of many faire buildings and habitations, and the ruin of many famelyes within the suburbs of the sayd Cittie. And for his estate with the hundred of Edesbury in the sayd County wee certify that he hath an estate in fee (to witt) a demesinie of the cleare yearely value before these tymes of feeftie seaven pounds eight shillings foure pence….. Your affectionate friends and servants to the Commonwealth.

Tho: Warburton Tho: Pownall Tho: Robinson

Frodsham the 26th of May 1646

SP23.183.529 is a pass for Henry Leigh and Edward Morgell at Chester Edward Morgell was a Captain of Foot not yet assigned to any Regiment.

Horses & Arms

Harl. Mss.2128 f.163 William Wrights list of horse and arms paid for and what became of them.

12.5.1644 Hillsby.‘Three men horse and armes was taken by ye enemy when Colonell Marowe came against Croxton. Norley. Thomas Wall taken by Coll. Marrow and horse and arms and carbines and saddles.’ Tot. Taken by Marrowe 13 horse and 10 armes. 1 lost upon service when Prince Rupert passed by ye northwards. 1 lost when he went into Wales. 1 sold by Thomas Brereton who ran away from his Colonell.’

Skirmish near Oswestry: Royalist account

Merc. Aulicus Tuesday July 9 1644

But although Colonel Weemes be now in Ludlow Castle, he hopes his present neighbour the Earle of Denbigh e’re long will fetch him out; yet it will not be, unless his Lordship fight better than he did on Tuesday last neare Shrewsbury, where he came with such confidence (being full of his late success at Oswaldstree, which Towne he crept into when the Governour Sir Abraham Shipman was gone to Shrewsbury for convoy of some prisoners) but received such a welcome from Sir Fulk Hunks his Foot, and Colonell John Marrows Horse, that 120 of his men were kill’d upon the place, whom he durst not stay to bury, but left them all with two of his carriages, to be better examined by honester men.

Skirmish near Oswestry: Parliamentarian account


Colonell Marrow Rowted att Oswestrie. Then letters came to them from Colonell Mytton from Oswestry, that Colonell Marrowe, wth foure thousand marched towards him, & intended to beseige him: whereupon the Lorde of Denbighe, Sr. Thomas Midleton, Colonell George Bouthes Regymt, & Colonell Maynwarynges Regimt vpon Sondaye the 30 Jun 1644 marched from the rest of the Company to releeve Colonell Mytton att Oswestry (beinge then engaged): And all the Companyes in Namptwiche, excepting [the militia of] Buckley Hundred & the towne Companyes (wch weire lefte to tende the Towne wth Colonell Brooke and mr. Marbury Gou'nors) marched towards Whitchurche & Bunbury wth all theire Carryages [i.e. baggage] to meete the reste of the Army: And meetinge all togeither on Monday the 01 Jul 1644 , The[y] marched towards Oswestry: And vpon Tuesdaye the 02 Jul 1644, beinge come saufe thether, they fell vpon the Kinges ptie. about three a Clocke in the Afternoone: The fighte contynuynge vntill Tenne that Nighte very sore & equall: But then, ytt pleased God, to gyve the victory vnto the p'liamt forces; soe that the Kinges ptie., after greate losse of men & many taken prsoners, fledd towards Shrowesbury. The p'liamt forces beinge about fyve or sixe Thowsand, (as was thoughte) pursued theim; tooke many of theim prsoners, killed many of theim, & tooke all theire Carryages, & Matches [?], & all their magazen. The foote did flinge awaye theire Armes, and All did Runne, some one way & some another; soe that they weire all scattred, quyte Rowted, beinge all this yeere in Chester, Shrowesbury, & all the forces (wch they cold make) for the Kinge, in all those his Garrisons.

Jane Marrow

John Marrow was married for only 1 month and his bride Jane was subsequently sequestered as a delinquent. Her defence was that her estate came into her possession following the death of her first husband Henry Hardwood.

Byron to Rupert requesting Verney replace Marrow

Below shows a request that Sir Edmund Verney be made Colonel of the Regiment but I believe that it went to Werden.

William Salt Library Level Item DocRefNo S. MS. 486 Title Letter from John Lord Byron, Chester, to Prince Rupert.

Defeat of Sir Marmaduke Langdale's Northern Horse at Malpas. Roundheads gathering their forces, apparently to relieve Earl of Essex. Proposes Sir Edmund Verney to command late Colonel Marrow's regiment.

Date 29 Aug 1644

Description Letter from John Lord Byron, [Governor of] Chester, to Prince Rupert. Sir Marmaduke Langdale's Northern Horse have suffered another misfortune, `beaten up' the first night they quartered at Malpas by 400 men from Nantwich. Officers did their best, but deserted by their men. Langdale shot in the thigh and lies wounded at Chester. [Major] Maxey and some officers taken, some killed. Rest are marching through Wales, too frightened to come near enemy. Enemy drawing all the forces they can towards Newcastle in Staffordshire, `& it is whispered amongst the roundheads it is for the releife of Essex'. Urgently needs ammunition. Proposes Sir Edmund Verney to command [the late] Colonel Marrow's regiment: its officers and the Cheshire gentry both desire it, and Byron has temporarily appointed him. 29 Aug 1644 [Prince Rupert Papers] Extent 1 letter


  • May 1645: 100 men at Leicester1)

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