Lord Chandos’ Regiment of Horse

Later, Sir William Morton's Regiment of Horse

Active1642 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Chandos
William Morton
Area RaisedGloucestershire?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1643

Royalist Regiment of Horse based at Sudeley Castle and serving briefly with the Oxford Army

Service History


  • November: Chandos commissioned to raise a regiment of horse


  • April: Skirmish at Little Dean
  • April: Battle of Ripple Field
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • September: First Battle of Newbury


  • April: Regiment in Worcestershire, ordered to recruit and garrison Tewkesbury & Sudeley Castle
  • April: Chandos falls out with Prince Rupert and surrenders to the Parliamentarians in London, Morton takes over
  • June: Besieged at Sudeley Castle?


Flags & Equipment

One member of the regiment at least was said to have been armed with sword, pistols and a poleaxe.

Notable Officers

Lord Chandos

George Brydges, 6th Baron Chandos served the King loyally through 1643 but in April 1644 argued with Prince Rupert over the appointment of Sir William Vavasour as Colonel General of Gloucestershire and surrendered himself to the Parliamentarians at London. He was confined and compounded for a large sum in 1646.

Sir William Morton

Sir William Morton served as Lt Col to Chandos and took over his regiments after Chandos' surrender.

Captain Richard Atkyns

Richard Atkyns was at first a Captain in Lord Chandos' regiment, but later transferred to Prince Maurice’s Regiment of Horse. He wrote a lively account of his part in the 1643 campaigns with Maurice.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Lord Chandos
  • Colonel Sir William Morton (Lt Col under Chandos)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Sawyer Ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major John Balls (4)
  • Captain Richard Atkyns (5)
  • Captain John Butts (6) + ment. I.O.
  • Captain William Jones (1) P5030432MAYBE
  • Captain Sir Baynham Throgmorton (1)
  • Captain Robert Cave (2)
  • Captain Ralph Freeman Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Sawyer Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Francis Winnington I.O. Salop.
  • Lieutenant Robert Cave I.O. Berkshire to Capt. Sawyer
  • Lieutenant Richard Gynnet I.O. Glos. To Capt. Freeman
  • Lieutenant Daniel Lane I.O. L + W under Sir Baynham Throckmorton
  • Cornet John Byrd I.O. L + W
  • Cornet Charles Cocks (3) to Lord Chandos Troop
  • Cornet Thomas Harwood I.O. Glos. to Capt. Butts
  • Cornet John Littlepage I.O. Northants. To Lt. Col. Sawyer
  • Quartermaster Richard Kirk I.O. Glos. under Sir Baynham Throckmorton


Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Warrant to Jones

(1) Harl. Mss. 6802. f.102 10/4/1644.

Warrant to Captain William Jones for Troop of horse formerly Sir Baynham Throgmortons under the command of Sir William Morton.

In 1643 Throgmorton was High Sherriff of Gloucestershire.

Cave's Petition

(2) SP29.9.141 undated. Placed July 1660 in Calendar of State Papers. Extract of Caves petition to be a Poor Knight of Windsor Castle.

To the Kings most Excellent Majestie The humble petition of Robert Cave Sheweth

That your Petitioner is knowne to have alwaies adhered faithfully to your Majesties interests from the beginning of the late warr, adventuring his life and fortune in your service being Captaine of Horse in the Regiment of the Lord Shandois and under that his command received a shott in his left arme ever since loosing the use thereof, and afterwards was Captaine of Foot under Colonell Blake* at Wallingford, and in severall Engagements received many woundes, ever since hath undergon (for your Majesties interests) severall barbarous usages and imprisonments by the adverse party, and kept prisoner in the Tower (a eleavene months) by Baxter being tiraniousally debarr'd from all comfort, and this upon the accompt of Doctor Hewitts designe, and in great hazard of his life, and hath ever since in great want.

*Colonel Thomas Blagge, Governor of Wallingford.

Cornet Cocks

(3) Add.Mss. 18980.f.10 Charles Cocks letter to Timothy Gate 29.11.1642 informing him of Cocks appointment as Cornet to Lord Chandos Troop.

Morton & Balls

(4) Harl.Mss. 6802.f.54 Letter to Sir William Morton or Sargeant Major John Balls to draw your horse together. 3.4.1644


(5) The vindication of Richard Atkins 1669 Joined the Regiment after Edgehill and mustered 60 men + officers. Left the Regiment with his Troop and entered Prince Maurices’ Regiment of Horse.

Butts' service

(6) SP.29.29.89,I + II

For his service to 1646 see Lord Herberts Regiment of Foot. Commanded a Troop in Lord Chandos Regiment.


May 27th 1650 Informaccion of John Carne that Richard Smith of Oxington in the County of Gloucester Yeoman gave voluntarily one horse and other things to one John Butts Captaine under Lord Shandos in the Kings army for the use and service of the late King against the Parliament.

Edwards' Delinquency

SP23.80.453 Mentioned among a list of delinquents.

John Edwards gent of Sherdington ridd in the Lord Chandos his Troope with sword poleaxe and pistolls before and at the siege of Gloucs. whether listed or not he knoweth not.

Chandos' commission

He was commissioned to raise a regiment of Horse 29.11.1642 Ad.Mss. 18980 f.20

Tewkesbury & Sudeley Garrisons

Harl.Mss. 6802 f.55

Propositions made before the Lords committed for the settling of the garrison of of horse be recruited to 800 horse or as many more as can be recruited. Sudeley and Tewksbury 900 Foot constantly kept in the garrison of Tewksbury. 600 to be raysed by Sir Humphrey Tracie Baronet and the rest to be supplied by Sir William Vavasour. Sir William Vavasour to give 200 pikes.

£120 to Sir Humphrey Tracie for raysing the 600 foot and £300 for raysing a troop of horse of 50 in number to be of the Lord Chandos Regiment.

Lord Chandos Regiment Hundreds of Brightwellbarrow, Bradley, CANT READ RE-CHECK

This force not to be commanded forth of the garrisons. 7.4.1644

Harl. Mss. 6802 f.69 8.4.1644 Lord Chandos his Regiment of Horse for garrison of Tewkesbury and Sudeley.

f.84 Propositions exhibited to the Lords Committee regarding the support of Sudeley Garrison 12.4.1644

  • 1. That Lord Chandos Regiment of Foot be recruited to 500 and that the commanded foot of Lord Chandos now in Tewkesbury be drawn back to Sudeley and 100 musketeers be placed in some some garrison for the better defence of the Country as the Lord Chandos shall approve.
  • 2. That Lord Chandos Regiment of Horse remain near Sudeley and not to be commanded forth and to be recruited to 300 horse or more and 100 Dragoon horses be provided for that Garrison.
  • 3. re Contribution MORE

f.105 19.4.1644 to ye officers of Lord Chandos Regiment of Horse march to Sudeley Castle.

Harl.Mss. 6802 f.80

To ye officer in Chiefe of ye Lord Chandos Regiment of Horse and to the other officers of the same Whereas ye Regiment of Horse under the command of our right trusty and wellbeloved George Lord Chandois are now quartered in Worcestershire. Our will and pleasure is that you forthwith march with the said Regiment to Sudeley Castle there to attend our service for the defence of the same. And for your so doing this shall be your warrant. Given &e.

19th Ap.1644

f.88 To our trusty &e Mr Francis Walker at Bowdens Forge neere Ludlowe Our will and pleasure is that you forthwith upon the receipt hereof deliver unto our Trusty and wellbeloved Sir William Morton Kngt. High Sheriff of our County of Glocester one iron peece of 9lb Bullett to be employed for the defence of our garrison in Sudeley Castle, and upon your accompt of ye charge you shall receive satisfaction for it the same.

Of this you may not fayle. And for your so doing this shall be your warrant. Given &e 19th Ap.1644

In addition there are some Officers listed under the Foot Regiment (those not marked F), Lieutenants that could equally be of the Horse Regiment.


  • 1642-3: Atkyns troop of 60 men
  • April 1844: Proposed to be recruited up to 300 men or more

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