Colonel John Vangarish's Regiment of Horse

Active1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Vangarish
Area RaisedShropshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of horse serving on the Welsh Marches, often based at Ludlow

Service History


  • January: Quartered at Ludlow
  • August: Quartered around Bridgnorth and Wenlock


  • February: Skirmish at Lancaut?
  • Quartered at Ludlow


A Parliamentarian report claims Vangarish was 'said to be lost' at Lancaut in the Forest of Dean in February 1645.


Notable Officers

Colonel John Vangarish

Or Van Garish, Van Gyrish etc. Formerly a Corporal in Sir Faithful Fortescues Troop for Ireland, he was said to be a German Catholic, but perhaps instead from Holland or Flanders. Vangarish came over to England at the commencement of the Civil war and served as Lieutenant to Sir Faithful Fortescue at Edgehill when the troop suddenly changed sides. After the defeat of the royalists in England he joined the Connaught Irish Confederates as their master of ordnance.

Officer Lists

Original Research by Victor Judge

  • Colonel John Vangarish
  • Lieutenant Colonel Roberts
  • Sargeant Major Peters
  • Sargeant Major Roberts
  • Captain Feltman
  • Captain (Thomas) Smallman
  • Captain Suman
  • Lieutenant Biston
  • Lieutenant Ogle
  • Lieutenant Smellings
  • Cornet Edmond
  • Cornet Fountaine PC110262 PC110260
  • Cornet Goodwin
  • Quartermaster Middleton
  • Quartermaster Newmond

Contemporary References

Victor Judge writes: Quite a few years ago I approached Shrewsbury Record Office to discuss the possibility of viewing the heretofore uncopied Ludlow Billetting documents relating to the Civil War Period. These are separate from the known and published Shrewsbury billetting documents. They apparently were in a terrible condition having been placed in a coal cellar during or after the second world war and had deteriorated to the point that they were not available for viewing. My request to see them was initiallly denied but I managed to speak to the archivist and convince him that as the items were perishing and that there was no budget for preservation then no harm could be done by photographing them. He agreed to allow me supervised access and I photographed them in the basement where preservation of other more salvageable documents was taking place. I wish I could remember his name to once again thank him as the documents revealed the details of Colonel John Vangarish's Regiment of Horse.

Below are abstracts from some of the documents together with whatever else I could discover. I've kept the references in on this occasion.

Ludlow documents


(March 1645: Major Bingley, Captain Cornewall, Captain Blunt, Captain Wall, Captain Walker, Captain Wise - found to be from Colonel Robert Crofts Foot Regiment after further research.)

LB7/2146 PC110098

Captain Byrom, Captain Smith, Captain Turner

Cornet Goodwin

LB7/2144 PC110102

Captain Grace, Captain Gardner

Add. Mss. 18981 f. 216

Sir, According your Highness orders, I am marching to Bridgnorth: The Governor whereof Sir Louys Kirck first did assigne me Wenlock for my Quarters, a place for want of horsemeat more fit for fit than horse, and besides not under his jurisdiction; which made the country almost ryse against me. Upon which Sir Louys Kirck removing half the Regiment, to quarter them in Bridgnorth, his authority could not prevaile so much against the mutiny of the cityzens, as to let them enter in their houses, which made many of my souldiers out of a discontented minde to runn away so that I rather then to lose them all, recalled the rest bac agayne and marching out of Wenlock I quartered myself 3 miles from Bridgnorth where I could finde best accomodation. Your Highnes expecting what will be furder your Highness commands which I will receyve and execute punctually with all reverence and submission as wishing no other happiness then to continue, Your Highness

John Van Garish Roundaghton, Shropshire this 15 of August 1644

Shropshire Record Office LB/7/2081


A note of such charges as Owen Jones of Ludlow Tayler hath been at for souldiers of Collonell Woodhouse Regiment and of abuses donne him. For makinge of clothes by my servants for Maior Peters Maior to Colonell Vangaries & for Vangaries soldiers 2li 3sh od Since they lately tooke away a fether bed a double coveringe and a sheete to the Castle 1li 10sh 0d

xii Janu: 1644

Shropshire Record Office LB/7/2064

For Captayne Smallman first of November 1644 for 3 men 21 meales from Friday till Tuesday followinge at sixpence a man xsh vid the next time for himself and his man 4 meales iish for horsmeat hay and oates viish Item for stable mare vii en dayes xxsh (crossed through)

9. Nov. 1644 Edward Edwyn



The humble peticion of Thomas Smallman of Wildertops in the County of Salop, Esq. Sheweth that your perticioner was in armes against the Parliament in the former Warr for which his delinquencie his estate is sequestred.


The note of the Falcon for Collonell Van Gerish his Troopes

Captaine Feltman and his wife 8 meales a peece at 6d ordinary, 8sh 0d For 6 of his men 8 meeles a peece at 3d, 12sh 0d For beere and fire, 12sh 4d For 8 horses at hay 4 dayes and nights, 16sh 0d For oats for the 8 horses every watering, 16sh 0d Some 3li 4sh 4d

Lieutenant Ogle his note

For himselfe 3 weeks and one day for his diett at 6d ordinary, 1li 2sh 3 men 3 weeks 1 day at 3d ordinary, 1li 13sh horses 3 weeks and 1 day at hay (torn)

(4) LB/7/

Captaine Suman belonginge to Coll: Vangary quartered with me Evan Evans with his 3 men and 3 horses, remaininge with me nine days. After that there 3 men and 3 horses five days moore belonginge to the Regiment of Col. Vangary. After that there was one man and his horse 3 days and 2 nights. Wereas ye Captaine his reconninge come to 40sh ,none being payd, and all the other which were with me being 4 men at severall times come to the some of 22sh for men and horses.

Som lost 3li 2sh 0d

Evan Evans his bill

(5) LB/7/

Ph: Clarke his bill, for Collonell Vangariss souldiers quartered with him

For 3 weeks for his Corporall La Bar and his man for their Diett & for horse meate being 2 horses at 7sh per week, 2li 2sh more for souldiers of his under Leiftennant Collonell Roberts for them & their horses for one week 714sh 2li 16sh

(6) LB/7/2028CHECK

Mr Edward Powis bill

For Mr Ogle & 3 men & their 4 horses 7 days 1li 8sh 0d Liueftenant Smellings & 3 men more & 4 horses for 9 days 1li 16sh 0d For Mr Jackson & one man and 2 horses for 10 dais 1li 0sh 0d Sum is 4li 4sh 0d

(7) LB/7/2029

Thomas Boseley

Two men and two horses for fower weekes reste Cornett Edmond and Thomas Waldron 1li

(8) LB/7/20

Thomas Peacocks bill

Lieutenante Biston & three men & fower horses for xxiiish six dayes and nights five men & five horses more nyne dayes and nyne nights xxiiish


Colonell Vangarys Walter Lee Bill For Quartermaster Middleton & 2 souldiers Roe & Crampe for 4 days 12 sh For John Walter & his horse 21 daies 1li 1 sh

1li 13 sh


(torn) William Danes

2 men 7 dayes 1li 14sh 2 men 2 dayes 4sh 2 men a fortnight 1li 8sh 2li 16sh William Danes

Of Collonell Vangary his Regiment Quartered by mee Richard Danes

2 men 7 dayes 14sh (torn) dayayes 5 nightes 5sh (torn)es 10sh (torn)es 12sh (torn) 2 dayes 4sh 2li 5sh Richard Danes


Mr Richard Wins bill Corporall Griffith Evans and one other Trooper & two horses for five dayes and five nights xsh


At Fra: Clente Collonell Vangeries souldiers three men and three horses for vi dayes and nights at 3d the meele viish 6d Horsmeat at vi dayes and nights viish 6d xvsh


Ph: Clarks bill Collonell Vangars souldiers for 3 weeks for Corporall Le Bar and his man and 2 horses with diet & horsmeate at 7sh p week xxish

E.258.6 Perfect Occurrences of Parliament No. 20 20th-27th December 1644

Sir, Our Country men in the hundreds of Clun and Purslow, arose in great numbers, the heads are Mr Needham, the Minister of Bishops Castle, Mr Jeremy Powell, Master Richard Heath, Master Francis Harris, and some other Gentlemen, to the number of 122 at the least: They opposed Colonell Vagary of the Kings party, for plundering and other exorbitancies, and they have been treated with by Sir Richard Lee, Mr Francis Herbert, the two Baldwins, and other commissioners, to lay down their Arms, but they refuse unless they may have some satisfaction for plundering, &c. And they require some Garrisons, as Stoke and Lee to be deserted, and Vangary to bee rid out of the Country, yet there is no conclusion. And that I heare about Letwardine, will joyn with them. Captain Hunt, his Captain Lieutenant surprised aTroope of the enemies horse yesterday at Little Wenlock, tooke the Captain with 12 more, 30 horse with their Armes, the Captaines name is Cotterill, who came with them from Worcester in the way to Shrewsbury. Dated at Weme the 18. of December 1644

A thousand marks

The persecution and oppression (which as Solomon saith, is able to make a wise man mad,) of John Bale By Gruffyth Williams Archbishop of Ossory. Relating to his time in during the Civil War. And after Naisby fight, being bound with my Lord Taafe in a thousand marks apeece unto his Majesty, for the appearance of Colonel Vangarry,(that returned at Edge-hill fight from the Parliament unto the King with Sir Faithful Fortescue) at Beaumaris [As]sizes, for taking away a drove of Cattle from the Drovers of Anglesey, and he not appearing, our Recognizans were forfeited, and I was fain to return to his Majesty, with letters of Lord Ormonde, that Van-garie could not come out of Ireland, and therefore his Majesty was humbly desired to remit our forfeiture of our Recognizance which his Majesty, by his letters to the Justices of Peace of Anglesey, very graciously did…' He was in Kinsale Co. Cork with Prince Rupert in April 1649.


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