Colonel John Lane’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Lane
Area RaisedStaffordshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of horse serving in the Midlands during the First Civil War

Service History


  • March: Skirmish at Cannock?
  • March: Battle of Hopton Heath (1 troop)
  • May: Besieged at Stafford


  • May: Besieged at Rushall Hall
  • Quartered at Lichfield
  • September: Skirmish at Asheton Fair


Based at Stafford, Rushall Hall and Lichfield. Lane's horse were possibly involved in a skirmish at Cannock (under Maj Scudamore?) against the Moorlanders in March 1643, and a second skirmish at Cannock, date uncertain.

Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

John Lane

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel John Lane
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Sargeant Major
  • Captain Christopher Dibdall (1)
  • Captain Dimmock (E.10.5)
  • Captain Dudley (E.49.13)
  • Captain Clement Fisher (E.34.16 + E.49.13)
  • Captain Gravener (1)
  • Captain John Lassells I.O. Derby
  • Captain Spooner (1)
  • Lieutenant Richard Fairely I.O. L + W
  • Quartermaster Hugh Granger I.O. Staffords. to Col. Lane

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Bridder's deposition

John Lane was probably at Edgehill and definitely at the Battle of Brainford as the following deposition states


John Bridder of in the said Countie blacksmith sworne and examined

To the first interrogatory he saith that the said John Hall is his neere neighbour and was Coll. Lanes servant and that he verily believeth that he was in Armes, for that Hall himselfe hath confessed soe much and that he was in Brainford fight, where the smoake was soe thicke that hee could scarce see his owne hande.

Stafford taken

Vppon Mondaye the 15 May 1643 Colonell Brereton wth his Trowpers of horse & Dragooners did prvatlie gather together about Audley in Staffordshire, & Joyninge wth Colonell Ridgeway, (whose Companyes then laye att Newcastle & Leeke) on Tuesday morninge by three a Clocke almost peaceablie entred Stafford Towne, throwe [through] the pollicey & manhood [i.e. manfulness] of Maior Broomehall & a fewe others (The people in the Towne beinge quyett in theire Bedds), and possessed theim selves thereof, wthout losse of any man; They tooke above ffoure hundred Prysoners, & many gent. of worthe, viz: Captyn Sneyde, Captyn Bydolph, Captyn Leighe of Adlington, Captyn Bagott, Captyn Collyer, Captyn Hunt, Captyn Tresswall, & many other Comanders & gents. & Colonell Lane was Slayne, beinge on the Kinges ptie. Beside many Townesmen wch weire alsoe taken prsoners.

Taking of Rushall

E.252.36 Perfect occurrences of Parliament 24-31.5.1644

‘Sir, Since my last letter wee are arrived before Rush Hall, (after a nights march) safe, we surrounded it in the night, Captain Kemes horse had the reare, Colonel Ridgley the van: They saluted us abundantly with ill words, we are within musket shot of the house, wee have planted our ordnance, my Lord Quarters at my Lord Maiors brothers at Walsall, we hope to take it in short space, with Gods blessing on our endeavours, Captain Kemes horse are neer before the house on the guard, the bullets fly thick in the house, and so they do from it also. Colonel Lane the great Cavalier is in the house.’ Dated at our Quarters before Rush hall May 25,1644.

(1) SP16.501.145 The details of this letter vary from that published in C.S.P.D. ‘I sent Captain Rugeley, Lieutenant Col. Roper and Quartermaster Gen. Kem to parly with Col. Lane, Capt. Dibdall and Capt. Gravenor, and upon their motion I added Col. Booth (who came the same day to mee fron Namptwich) and they added Capt. Spooner but they could not conclude but differed upon termes, and soe all returned to their quarters. The Governour rendred up the house upon our mutuall signing the enclosed articles which I was content to give to save the no great effusion of blood which the strength of the workes would have in all probability plentifully drawn from my men.’

Local accounts

At Walsall local history centre.

  • 277/23/35  c.1645 Account of money received for the use of Captain Dibdall.
  • 277/23/13  1644 - 5 Receipts for payments by the Constable on the town's behalf, to Colonel John Lane or to the royal garrison at Lichfield
  • 277/23/14  1644 - 5 Receipts for delivery by the Constable of supplies (money, oats, coal) for the royal forces

*277/23/15  1644 - 5 Receipts for payments by the Constable to the King's officers

  • 277/23/16  c.1645 Account of money received in returns, due to Christopher Dibdalle during Thomas Wilkes' Constablewick.

Wood's delinquency

SP19.157.247 A charge of delinquency exhibited by Jos. Colley against Henry Wood of Walsall.

That Henry Wood of Walsall in the County of Staffordshire barber surgeon was in actuall armes for the late King in the garrison of Rushall in the yeare 1644, then commanded by Collonel Lane when and where the right honorable Earl of Denby reduced the said garrison into the obedience of Parliament, and upon render the said Wood was there found whose employment was Commisary.

Skirmish at Asheton Fair

E.10.5 The London Post 24.9.1644

A letter to be copied from Colonel Fox. Colonel Lane and Captain Dimmock issued out of Lichfield to Asheton Fair and were set upon by Colonel Fox and took many men and horse prisoners.

Skirmish at Cannock


It is certified out of Staffordshire, that Colonel Lane with a partie of the Lord Capels Rob-carrier Cavalier was lately at Cannock in Staffordshire, neere which place they fell upon some carriers as they passed; plundered them of their goods, took their horse, and all from them, and carried it away: which Captain Wagstaff with a small partie (being neere) endeavoured to rescue out of their hands, but having too small a party they carried their stolen horses and packs with them, and this they pretend to be for the good of the Kingdom and the liberty of the subject.

His painting is in Castle Ward

Hopkins' certificate


These are to certifie all whom it may concerne that William Hopkins of Wednesbury in the County of Stafford at the surrender of Rushall upon the 22nd May 1644 was there amongst other prisoners at which time for good reasons prevailed for my protection, hee went untio his house at Wednesbury, where he lived ever since obedient to all orders and Ordinances of Parliament, as I have bin credibly informed by a Certificate given by Captaine Robert Tuthill, then Governor there.

Holdenby 24th March 1646


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