Colonel Edward Hammond’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsSecond Civil War
ColonelEdward Hammond
Area Raised
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNorwich 1648
Lucas 1648

Royalist regiment of horse of the Kent rising, ending up besieged at Colchester in the Second Civil War

Service History


  • May: Raised in Kent
  • June: Battle of Maidstone
  • June: Skirmish at Blackheath
  • June: Taking of Colchester
  • June to August: Besieged at Colchester
  • August: Surrender at Colchester


Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Edward Hammond

A naval officer.

Lieutenant Colonel John Bowmer

Previously in Ireland in 1641 as Cornet and then Lieutenant to Captain George Villiers, later to be Lord Grandison. He was then promoted to Captain and came into England as Sargeant Major to Sir William Vaughans Regiment of Horse. In 1648 at the engagement in Kent he was Lieutenant Colonel of Horse to Colonel Edward Hammond and marched with him under the Earl of Norwich (Goring).


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