Colonel David Walter’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelDavid Walter
Area RaisedOxfordshire?
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Royalist horse based at Oxford in 1645

Service History


  • October: Garrison of Oxford
  • September: Skirmish at Thame


Skirmish at Thame

Colonel Rich Greaves a most confiding Presbyterian laying couchant for a considerable time in Thame with a great partie of horse upon what account I can not tell in the beginning of Sep 1645 it was knowne among the chief officers in Oxofi Whereupon Col Will Legge the governour thereof resolving to beat up him and his partie he sent 400 horse from Oxon commanded by Col David Walter high sheriff of the countie and Col Rob Legge the governour’s brother. These with 60 musquetiers of the governour's regiment commanded by captaine Burgh marched forth from Oxon in the afternoon of Saturday Sept 6 and before they came to Thame they divided into two bodies the van headed by Col Walter and the reer by Col R Legge They found the towne very strongly barricaded at every avenue notwithstanding which major Medcalf Maj to Coll Rob Legge charged the rebells guards so as Maj Medcalfe with 7 troopers leapt from their horses and removing the carts opened the avenue This done the two gallant majors charged the rebells up thro the street doing execution all the way to the marketplace where col Greaves himself stood with about 200 horse drawn up but col Walter being ready with the other troops viz his owne that of col Tooker and that of major Trist gave the rebels such a charg as made them fly out of the towne and after pursuing the fugitive rebels drove them above half a mile from Thame In the meane while col Legge who with the reere guarded the towne and avenews least other of the rebells being in all 800 should break in and desert the whole now drew into the towne that others might have secure time to search houses and stables Orders were given and twas done accordingly After which they all drew out of the towne and marched away with their horses and prisoners 1)

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Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

David Walter

High Sherriff of Oxfordshire


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1) The Life of Anthony a Wood in Athenae Oxonienses Google Books