Colonel Howell Gwynne's Regiment of Horse

Active1645? to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelHowell Gwynne
Area RaisedSouth Wales
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Royalist South Wales regiment of horse serving in the First Civil Wars and then defecting to Parliament

Service History


  • August: Relief of Hereford?


  • Gwynne defects to Parliament


Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Howell Gwynne

Of Llanbrayn Carmarthenshire. He had been a Captain of foot at Edgehill in an unknown regiment (possibly Sir Edward Stradling’s Regiment of Foot) where he was wounded. He was High Sheriff of Brecon and governor of the town and castle. In early 1646 when “all South Wales, except Co. Brecon, was reduced to obedience, he submitted with these words, Heigh God, heigh Devil, I will be for the stronger side..1) He claimed to have served Parliament in both 1646-7 and 1648 although others claimed he was in arms with Laugharne. He and several other officers with their troops were certainly paid by the Parliamentarian Brecon committee during the summer of 1646. 2)

Officer List

The three officers listed below were paid along with Gwynne by the Parliamentarian Brecon Committee in June/July/August 1646. Gwynne and the two Walbieffe's were also paid for troopers. There is no concrete evidence that they were part of Gwynne's regiment or if they were that they had previously been Royalist.3)

  • Lieutenant Colonel James Lewis ?
  • Captain William Walbieffe ?
  • Captain Thomas Walbieffe ?


See Also

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