Colonel Giles Strangeways’ Regiment of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelGiles Strangeways
Area RaisedDorset
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMaurice 1644

Royalist Dorset regiment of horse serving with Prince Maurice

Service History


  • August: Skirmish at Bridgewater (North Petherton)
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury
  • November: Stormed at Abbotsbury House?
  • November: Allegedly plundering at Litchett Minster


  • July to August: Besieged at Sherborne Castle?


A troop of 30 horse at Abbotsbury might have belonged either to Giles or to his brother James.


Notable Officers

Giles Strangeways

Or Strangways, son of Sir John Strangways and elder brother of Colonel James Strangeways

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Giles Strangeways E.262.46 Sir John's Eldest Son
  • Lieutenant Colonel Strangeways E.262.46 E972.10
  • Lieutenant Colonel William Chamberlain Ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major Colles Ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major John Dolling (2) + ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major George Strangeways (4)
  • Captain Henry Butler (5)
  • Captain John Dolling (2)
  • Captain George Strode (1) + I.O Dorset
  • Captain Strangeways E.262.46
  • Captain Courteen Whitney (3) + I.O. Glouc's.
  • Lieutenant John Dawbeney I.O. Dorset
  • Lieutenant John Joyliffe E.262.46+ I.O. L+ W to Major. Strangeways
  • Lieutenant Andrew Samwayes I.O. Dorset
  • Lieutenant John Tidmarsh I.O. Glouc's. to Sgnt. Maj. Colles
  • Cornet Charles Cole I.O. L + W to Lt. Col. Chamberlaine
  • Cornet James Dawbeney I.O. Dorset to Capt. Dawbeney
  • Cornet Devonet E.262.46
  • Cornet Thomas Turberville I.O. Dorset to Sgnt. Maj. Dolling
  • Quartermaster Micheas Barnes I.O. Dorset
  • Quartermaster Robert Crouch I.O. Dorset
  • Quartermaster John Guy I.O. Dorset
  • Quartermaster Henry Hill I.O. Dorset to Sgnt. Maj. Dolling
  • Quartermaster Gregory Hooper I.O. Dorset
  • Quartermaster Thomas Loop I.O. Midd'x to Sgnt. Maj. Dolling
  • Quartermaster John Munday I.O. Somerset to Capt. Strode
  • Quartermaster Richard Way I.O. Devon to Capt. Strode
  • Quartermaster William Williams I.O. Dorset
  • Regimental Chaplain Guy Carleton E.307.24 + ment. Major Strangways and Capt. Strode

P6090159 Andrew Samways.

Contemporary References

SP23.185.240 To the Honourable the Committee for Compounding sitting att Goldsmiths Hall The humble petition of John Bennett of Pithouse in the County of Wilts Gent Humbly sheweth that your Petitioner heretofore a Trooper and in the Kings service in a Regiment of Horse under the command of Collonel Strangwayes about three yeares since laid downe his armes and submitted himself to the Parliament before the first of December 1645 and haveing taken the Covenante and Negative Oath as by Certificate annexed appeareth. Humbly therefore desireth that your Honours will bee pleased to admitt him to compound for his delinquency, and for freeing his estate out of sequestration, a particular whereof is hereunto likewise annexed. And he shall pray etc. Rec'd 30th July 1646

John Bennett was a Captain of the Clubmen of Wiltshire and Pythouse Papers

(1) SP23.152.549 24.October 1650 John Mantell of Litchett Minster in the County of Dorsett on his oath saith That Mr George Strode now of Stockwood (upon his own confession) did neere about the seventeenth day of November 1644 under the Command of Mr George Strangewaies, march up his Troope of Horse unto the house of this examinant in Litchett Minster aforesaid, where the said Mr George Strangewaies did with the soldiers plunder and carry away most of the Goods of the said John Mantell.

Robert Ax of Stoke under Hamdon in the County of Dorsett husbandman upon oath saith That Mr George Strode sonne of Mr Johne Strode of Stoke abovesaid, was Capt. of a Troope of Horse in the Kings party, and that the said George Strode did take this examinant prisoner at Potherton Bridge and cary him before the Lord Goringe, and accused him to bee a traytor to the Kinge, saying he was worthy to be hanged.

SP23.189.598-600 George Strangways son of Nicholas Strangways of Abbotsbury, County of Dorset rendered himself to Colonel Sydenham Governor of Weymouth.

(2) SP23.184.? Letter from Dorchester 16.4.1646 signed John Browne, Rob.Butler, Wm.Savage and others advising that John Dolling of Dunshay, Worth Maltravers in the Isle of Purbeck was Captain of a Troop of horse and afterwards Major and came and submitted himself November Last (1645).

SP23.231.306 Extract. To his Highness Oliver Lord Protector of ye Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland &e. The humble petition of John Dolling of Dunshay in ye Isle of Purbeck Dorset In all humility sheweth, That your petitioner was in Armes under ye late King, in ye first warr, and that from a principle of judging himselfe bound to ye preservation of that Government which it shall please God to sit over him; by which principle he is still acted, and which he hath also discovered very often, and long since to very many of ye discontented persons of all partys. That he voluntarily layd downe his Armes (whilst ye King was strong in field and Garrisons) and came from Corfe Castle, unto Wareham, and submitted himselfe unto Col. Bingham, Col. Butler, Mr Bond and others, his whole estate lying under the command of ye Kings Garrisons, by which means he could enjoy no profit thereof untill the reducement of them and then he compounded for his former delinquency…

(3) Amended in I.O. Errata to Col. Giles Strangeways from Col. James Strangeways.

(4) E.972.10 A Perfect and impartiall discovery of thet late barbarous and unparallel'd murther committed by Mr George Strangways He was pressed to death for murdering his brother in law John Fussell.

2nd son of James Strangeways of Mussen Co. Dorset

(5) Wiltshire Record Office A1.110.162 Hilary 1662 Certificate that James Long was a soldier under my command in Col. Giles Strangeways Regiment. Henry Butler

SP23.152.693 Extract To the Hon: the Com: for Compounding &e. Wee the Commissioners for Sequestrations in the County of Dorset doe humbly certifie your Honours that according to your order of the xith January last in the case of John Samwayes of Brodway in this County gent. (who craves the benefitt of the Articles of Portland) wee have examined the books and papers of the late Committee and find that the estate of the said John Samwayes in this County was sequestrated by order of the said Comittee the 25th day of June 1645…

Broadwey, Dorset. Possibly a brother or near relation to Lieutenant Andrew Samways


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