Colonel Edward Dyers Regiment of Horse


Lieutenant Colonel Edward Dyer jnr.

Sargeant Major John Wilde (2) + ment. I.O.

Captain Stephen Dyer Ment. I.O. Captain Henry King (1) + I.O. Somerest Captain Edward Watts Ment. I.O.

Lieutenant Thomas Bunter (3) + I.O. Somerset to Capt. Watts Lieutenant Richard Dibble I.O. Somerset to Capt. Dyer

Cornet Hector Graham I.O. Somerset to Capt. King

Quartermaster John Bray I.O. Somerset Quartermaster Richard Dibble I.O. Somerset to Capt. Dyer Quartermaster Robert Fry I.O. Somerset Quartermaster John Morse I.O. Somerset to Sgt. Maj. Wilds

(1) SP23.166.539 Depositions taken against Henry King of Chilton in the County of Somersett Gent the fourth day of Aprill 1651 Nathaniel Lock of Edington in the County aforesaid husbandman sworne and examined sayth that Henry King aforesaid,was in the time of the late troubles a Captaine of the late Kings party,and that he hath seene the said Henry King ride with sword and pistolls with a Troope of souldiers of the said party most of which Troope were likewise armed. Nathaniell Lock

William Hull of Edington aforesaid husbandman sworne and examined sayth that the deposicion of Nathaniell Lock aforesaid is true in every particular,and that this deponent was a souldier under the said Captaine King William Hull

January the 15th 1651

(2) SP23.185.455 Gentlemen, Att the instance of John Wylde of Nether Stowey in this County Gentleman.Wee doe certify that he was a Maior in armes against the Parliament;that he voluntarily came in unto us in Aprill last.and took ye National League and Covenant and ye Negative oath.He hath an howse,a gardine and seaven acres of pasture in ye parish of Bridgewater,held in fee simple valued at 10 poundes ye acre in ye best of tymes,but in regard ye Lyne for defence of that Towne was cutt through parte of ye sayd seaven acres,it is now much the worse. JHee hath one tenement in Piriton held in fee simple valued in ye best of tymes at six pounds per Anno.Hee alsoe hath six acres of pasture in reversion in fee lying within the said parish of Piriton,after ye death of one Mary Tucker valued in ye best of tymes p anno at six pounds. Wee have noe more to add but that we are,Gentlemen

Your Humble servants

He: Henley Tho: Francis Edw: Ceely Nich: Sandes Jonath: Pitt Tho: English Robt: Morgan Rich; Trevillian

Wells ye 31st July 1646

SP23.168 Various depositions mention that Colonel Dyers Troop were in Loade and in the Leager before Taunton Castle.

(3) SP19.150.

A charge of delinquencie before the Commissioners for advance by George Hynds against these following men.

John Bart. als Brett of Moreland in the parish of Middlesay for being in armes against the Parliament under Collonell Dyer.

John Spur for being in armes against the Parliament.

John Hacklebridge for setting forth horse and armes against the Parliament.

Thomas Bunter for setting forth horse and armes against the Parliament.

Ralph Smith for setting forth horse and armes against the Parliament

The document states testified by the following individuals and the names are then crossed through.

Richard Webber of North Curry Richard Dibble Henry Dibble John Dibble John Carrier Ralp Stainswell

Not surprising really when at least one of them,Richard Dibble later listed himself as a Lieutenant or Quartermaster in the Regiment. It may well be an error in I.O. and that either Henry or John Dibble was the other Dibble.

SP23.191.802 The humble peticion of Edward Deyer sen. and Edward Dyer iun. of Sharpham Parke in the County of Somersett Esqrs. Sheweth That before theis troubles your peticioners Edward Dyer sen. was a Lieuteant Colonell of the Trained Bands in the County where he lived,and when the Kings forces prevailed in the West,and that it was subiect to their mercy,the peticioner to preserve himself and his estate from ruine,was persuaded to take upp armes on that side,but was never out of the County where he dwells and within lesse than a yeeres tyme,he perceiving his error,laid down his armes,and all that were under his command did the like,and then he went into Bridgwater where he resided for some tyme,untill that towne was taken in by the Parliaments forces,and he taken there prisoner,and sent upp hither to London,where he hath lyen restrayned ever sithence,but hath taken the nacionall Covenant and negative oath. And your peticioner Edward Dyer iun. doth alsoe confesse,that he was taken in armes in Bridgwater when the towne was taken in,was sent upp prisoner hither,and afterwards exchanged and then took the Covenant and negative oath,and went into his Country resolved not to meddle any more,and both doe submit themselves and their Estates to this honourabale Committee for a composicion whereupon both may be freed. And they shall pray etc.

SP23.80.407 Extract. The humble petition of Edward Deyer of Sharpham Park in the Countie of Somersett Gent. Sheweth, That the petitioner being unhappily drawne to take up Armes for his Majesties service,was taken prisoner at Bridgwater & sithence hath remained in Ely House as a prisoner there but is willing to take the National Covenant and late Oath.

Edward Dyer,son of Edward Dyer taken in Arms in Bridgwater.He was probably Lt. Col. to his father.