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Sir Richard Vivian’s Regiment of Foot


1st August 1642 Appointed Colonel of Regiment of Foot in Hundred of Powder,Cornwall


19th February 1643/4

Appointed Governor of Dennis Fort,Helford,Cornwall

Active1644 to 1646

Appointed Baronet 12th January 1644/5

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Richard Vivian
Area RaisedCornwall
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot probably serving with Grenville or Maurice in 1644

Service History


  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel?
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury?



  • March: Surrender of Dennis Fort and Pennycomequick


May have been a Cornish Trained Band

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Sir Richard Vivian

Captain John Allen

Captain Hannibal Bogans

Captain Walter Kestle

Ensign Philip Cock Ensign Nicholas Jewell Ensign George Moyser


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The pay of the Castle of Sylley The Captaynes pay 10s p diem The Lieutenants pay 5s p dyem The Gunners pay 1s 6d p dyem to each The soldiers pay 8d p dyem to each

The pay p anno for Helford The Captaynes pay 5s 0d p dyem 91-00-00 The Lieutenants pay 2s 6d p dyem 45-10-00 Two Gunners to each 1s 0d p dyem 36-08-00 One Porter 1s 0d p dyem 18-04-00 24 Soldiers to each 8d p dyem 291-04-00

Desired: That the severall parishes of Mawgan in Meneague,St. Martins,Menarckan,St. Anthonie,and St. Kevene in Meneague under the Commande of Captayne Walter Kestle,and Captayne Hannibla Bogans may be nominated and appoynted for the better guarding of the Harbour,and that they may doe dutie at the sd fort as often as there shalbe occasione,and they caled thereto. 482-06-0

Current spellings are Mawgan,Meneage,St.Martins,Manaccan,Saint Anthony in Meneage,Saint Keverne

Hannibal Bogans of St. Keverne Cornwall Walter Kestell of Kestell (Kestle) Cornwall

Prince Maurice his warrant for the carrying three brasse Gunns from Leskerd to the Dennis These are to authorise you Sr: Richard Vyvyan Knt or such as you shall depute to take and receive into your Coustodie for his Majesties service the three Brasse Gunns remayningat Leskerd* in Cornewall,parcell of those taken at Stratton;which sd Gunns you are forthwith to convay,or cause to be convayed ubto his Majesties Fort of the Dennis,on the Harbour of Helford there to remayne for the use,and defence of the sayd Fort,for your doing whereof this shalbe your sufficient warrant and discharge. Given under my hand this 29: of March 1644 Maurice


By ye Prince You are hereby required to deliver to Sir Richard Vyvyan Knt. & Baronett for ye fort of St. Dennis on the Harbour of Helford Two Hundred Musketts,Tenne Barrells of Powder & one Thousand weight of Match out of such proportions as have been delivered unto you by Mr Hansdunck,or hereafter shalbe brought to you for his Majesties use for which this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court att Barnstable the 27 of June 1645 Charles P. To John Arundell of Trerise Esq,Governor of Pendennis Castelle By his Highness Command in Councell Rich. Fanshawe.

Orders to be observed and kept att the forte att Helford called The Dennis

First Hee that shalbee absent from prayers morninge or eveninge att the Court of Guard without lawfull excuse to be allowed off by the officer then Commanding in Chiefe shall for the first offence be sett in bilboes two howers and for the second fower howers. Secondly Hee that Blasphomosly or taketh Gods name in vaine by swearing cursinge or the like,for the first offence shalbe set in the Bilbowes two howers for the second fower howers.

Thirdly Hee that shall drike drunke shall for the first offence be sett in the Bilbowes two howers and for the second fower howers.

Fourthly Hee that neglecteth the watch shall for the first offence bee sett in the Bilbowes three howers and for the second six howers.

Fifthly Hee that disobeyeth the officer Commanding in Chiefe be it by day or by night shall for the first offence be sett in the bilbowes three howers for the second six howers.

Sixthly Hee that keepeth not his Contrie onely and trewly shall for the first offencebe sett in the bilbowes three howers for the second six howers.

Seventhly Hee that shall give any false alarme shall have his head and heeles tyed together with a length of match there to remayne soe long as the Captaine,or Lieutenant shall thinke fitt.

Eighthly He that quarreleth,or giveth any cause thereof,or striketh his fellow souldier, or stranger be it for any cause whatsoever given,shall have his head and heeles tyed together with a length of match,there to remayne for so long as the Captayne or Lieutenant shall thinke fit.

Nynthly He that defraudeth or confineth any shall be set in the Billboes,there to remayne for long as the Captayne,or Lieutenant shall thinke fit.

Tenthly He that shall imbessell away,or willfully ,or carelessely spend away,loose or spoyle any armes,ammunition,or weapon whatsoever of,or belonging to the said fort shall whithin 24 howeres repayed and make good the same,or suffer such severe punishment as the Captayne or Lieutenant shall think fitt.