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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ==== Sir Richard Vivian==== ==== Sir Richard Vivian====
-Appointed ​Baronet 12th January 1645+[[https://​en.m.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sir_Richard_Vyvyan,​_1st_Baronet|Sir Richard Vivian]], or Vyvyan, appointed ​Baronet 12th January 1645
 ====Officer List==== ====Officer List====
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 =====Contemporary Documents===== =====Contemporary Documents=====
-By ye Prince 
-You are hereby required to deliver to Sir Richard Vyvyan Knt. & Baronett for ye fort of St. Dennis on the Harbour of Helford Two Hundred Musketts,​Tenne Barrells of Powder & one Thousand weight of Match out of such proportions as have been delivered unto you by Mr Hansdunck,​or hereafter shalbe brought to you for his Majesties use for which this shall be your warrant. 
-Given at our Court att Barnstable the 27 of June 1645 
-Charles P. 
-To John Arundell of Trerise Esq,​Governor of Pendennis Castelle 
-By his Highness Command in Councell 
-Rich. Fanshawe. 
 ===The pay of the Castle of Sylley=== ===The pay of the Castle of Sylley===