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Sir Edward Norris’ Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Edward Norris
Area Raised
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Royalist regiment of foot of Derby's Lancashire forces in garrison at Warrington

Service History


  • May: Besieged at Warrington


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Captain Ashton (1) Captain Hugh Barrow (1) Captain John Lancaster I.O. Lancaster Captain Henry Vaughan D.M.S. TUCKER

30th December 1642 Capt Barrow and his Company were at Wigan (2) while Capt. Ashton and 2 Welsh Companies were already in Warrington. The Town was assaulted 1st April 1643 (3) but the defenders repulsed the attack…

Lancashire Warr p.31 ‘Warrington the Earle did Garrison for the King,strongly fortifying it with Gates Mounts and an Engine devised and placed upon the Bridge to stop the passage over it. And not long from the time that Wiggon was assaulted and taken, the Forces of Manchester were designed to march thither and make an assault against it to try the strength thereof.And so marching thitherward upon the south side of the River Mersey they crossed it about Hollinfair Marching up to Warrington by the Church made a strong assault against it scalled some of the workes about it; but the souldiers within defending it with Manhood and great valour they were at the last forced off and returne home againe with the loss of some of their souldiers.

The Town was placed under siege from 23/24th May and the Church and steeple taken 26th May. The Town surrendered on terms 28 th May 1643

Liverpool during the Civil War states that Colonel Norris of Speke was Governor of the Castle of Liverpool and later the Town until April 1643. Made Freeman of Liverpool 21st April 1643

Governor of Warrington

(1) Warrington Parish Register AC.8088/61 1933 Burial (A Souldier a stranger his name not known slayne at Sankie) 16.5.1642* Burial (A souldier a stranger his name not known) 26 5.1642 Burial John Effines a souldier a Welshman 18.1.1642/3 Burial John Gore a souldier 9.3.1642/3 Burial Richard Farnworth (a souldier born at Wigan) 4.4.1643 Burial Thos. Abot (A souldier to Capt. Ashton) 6.4.1643 Burial William Smith (a souldier) 7.4.1643 Burial John Watson (A souldier to Capt. Barrow) 15.4.1643 Burial Hamlet Hey (A souldier under Capt. Ashton) 21.4.1643 Burial John Roanes (A souldier under Capt. Ashton) 2.5.1643 Burial William Knowles (A souldier to Capt. Ashton) 10.5.1643 Burial Peeter Hatton (Souldier to Capt. Barrow) 9.6.1643

Thereafter the burials relate to Parliamentary soldiers under Col. John Booth and Col. Edgerton

* Possibly the first recorded soldiers death of the war which if so, ironically seems to have occurred at an unknown conflict.

(2) Anderton Papers D/D AN/Bundle 16/23 (3) Valley of Achor

Sir Edward Norris

Of Speke


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