Sir Edward Norris’ Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1643
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Edward Norris
Area RaisedLancashire?
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot of Derby's forces in garrison at Warrington in Cheshire

Service History


  • December 15th: Battle of Houghton Common (Westhoughton)
  • December: One company at Wigan, two at Warrington
  • December: Barrow's company garrisons Lostock and Sendle


  • In garrison at Liverpool?
  • April: Defence of Warrington
  • May: Besieged and surrender at Warrington


On the 30th of December 1642 Capt Barrow and his Company were at Wigan 1) while Capt. Ashton and 2 Welsh Companies were already in Warrington. Warrington was assaulted on 1st April 1643 2) but the defenders repulsed the attack. The town was placed under siege from 23/24th May and the Church and steeple taken 26th May, with the final surrender on terms 28th May 1643.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Sir Edward Norris

Captain of Trained Band for the Hundred of West Derby. Of Speke, Liverpool during the Civil War states that Colonel Norris of Speke was Governor of the Castle of Liverpool and later the Town until April 1643. Made Freeman of Liverpool 21st April 1643. He was also Governor of Warrington.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Sir Edward Norris
  • Captain Ashton (1)
  • Captain Hugh Barrow (1)
  • Captain John Lancaster (I.O. Lancaster)
  • Captain Henry Vaughan (D.M.S. TUCKER)

Possible Welsh Captains under Norris

  • Captain Gregory Cromwell
  • Captain John Doulben
  • Possibly Lieutenant Penketh

Contemporary References

Military personnel made Freemen at Liverpool

  • 3rd March 1642/3 Thomas Salisburie, Captain of a Troop of horse (son and heir of John Salisbury of Ledbrooke, Flintshire) and his Lieutenant George Brittridge of Queens County, Ireland.
  • John Doulben, Captain, son of William Doulben
  • 8th March 1642/3 Captain William Haighton of Rochdale and Edward Wilson Ensign to Captain Haighton, Hugh Doulben (probably Ensign to John Doulben)
  • 13th March 1642/3 William Cromwell, Captain of Foot
  • 21st April 1643 Colonel Edward Norris
  • Molineaux Radcliffe of Lathom

Warrington in Lancashire Warr

Lancashire Warr p.31 ‘Warrington the Earle did Garrison for the King, strongly fortifying it with Gates Mounts and an Engine devised and placed upon the Bridge to stop the passage over it. And not long from the time that Wiggon was assaulted and taken, the Forces of Manchester were designed to march thither and make an assault against it to try the strength thereof. And so marching thitherward upon the south side of the River Mersey they crossed it about Holland fair Marching up to Warrington by the Church made a strong assault against it scalled some of the workes about it; but the souldiers within defending it with Manhood and great valour they were at the last forced off and returne home againe with the loss of some of their souldiers.'

Warrington Parish Register

(1) Warrington Parish Register AC.8088/61 1933

  • Burial (A Souldier a stranger his name not known slayne at Sankie) 16.5.1642*
  • Burial (A souldier a stranger his name not known) 26 5.1642
  • Burial John Effines a souldier a Welshman 18.1.1642/3
  • Burial John Gore a souldier 9.3.1642/3
  • Burial Richard Farnworth (a souldier born at Wigan) 4.4.1643
  • Burial Thos. Abot (A souldier to Capt. Ashton) 6.4.1643
  • Burial William Smith (a souldier) 7.4.1643
  • Burial John Watson (A souldier to Capt. Barrow) 15.4.1643
  • Burial Hamlet Hey (A souldier under Capt. Ashton) 21.4.1643
  • Burial John Roanes (A souldier under Capt. Ashton) 2.5.1643
  • Burial William Knowles (A souldier to Capt. Ashton) 10.5.1643
  • Burial Peeter Hatton (Souldier to Capt. Barrow) 9.6.1643

Thereafter the burials relate to Parliamentary soldiers under Col. John Booth and Col. Edgerton

* Possibly the first recorded soldiers death of the war which if so, ironically seems to have occurred at an unknown conflict.

Delinquency of Christopher Anderton of Lostock

The following examinations relating to the delinquency of Christopher Anderton of Lostock shed some light on Captain Hugh Barrows Company.

SP23.63.462 Peter Brooke of Bolton in ye County of Lancashire, husbandman, sworne and examined saith that the examinant and diverse other souldiers under Captaine Barrow, a Captaine under the Earle of Darby presently after the battle at Westhaughton Common in the yeare 1642 were plaiced by their said Captaine Barrow in Mr Andertons house at Lostocke and they stayed about a weeke.

SP23.63.463 Thomas Carlisle of Horwich in ye County of Lancashire, husbandman examined saith that about ye month of December 1642 this examinant being a soldier under Captaine Barrow a Captaine under the Earle of Darby he saw Christopher Anderton of Lostock Esquire in ye Garrison at Wigan where the said Christopher Anderton then lay there and being then a garrison for the Kings partie and the towne of Bolton being then a garrison for ye Parliament ye said Mr Andertons house at Lostock being nearer Bolton than Wigan and saith that the same tyme Captaine Barrowes Company was drawne up to Westhaughton Common ye Earle of Darby going up the said Mr Anderton being with him and diverse other Gentlemen, and ye said Company being then divided, ye one halfe was sente to Mr Andertons house at Lostock and the other to Mr Raph Worthingtons house at Sendle.

SP23.87.190 Examination of John Landor of Winwick, Lancashire “When Warrington was garisoned by the enemie, Thomas Golden and other servants to Sir John Fortescue had fortified the Parsonage House at Winwicke and kept the same as a hold until they were forced out the same and the house taken by storm from them by the Parliament forces. And at the same time Coll. Holland and Col. Holcroft appointed this examinant to write to Mr Herle to come down from London where he was to take posession of the said house.”

James Stanley's Petition

Lancashire Record Office QSP 452/27 Ormskirk Midsummer 1676 Petion of James Stanley of Skelmersdale

“That your petitioner faithfully served his Majesty in the late warrs and served under Captain Barrow in which Company I was sargeant and the officers all dead except myself. Thomas Whalley.”

Interestingly,Thomas Walley probably the same man, underplayed his involvement in his own petition to the Committee for Compounding when he stated that he was in the Trained Band in Warrington for only 12-13 days and then dismissed (4).

Curious Documents found at Houghton Green

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1850-51

A letter was read from Dr. Kendrick, of Warrington, mentioning the fact that some curious documents had recently been found in the thatched roof of an old farm-house, in the course of demolition, at Houghton Green about two miles from Warrington.

They consist chiefly of original warrants or precepts issued in the spring of 1643 by the Earl of Derby, Lord Molyneux, Colonel Morris, and others, for the supply of men, provisions, forage, and money, to the royalist garrison, at Warrington, at that time threatened by the parliamentarians. I have not leisure to copy the whole ; but, as they are for the present deposited with me, I shall take copies, and lay them before your Society at the next meeting, which I presume will be in October next. In the meantime, I send you one to read to-morrow evening, if an opportunity offer.

“I may premise that the parliamentarians had been driven from before Warrington, in the April of 1643, by the Earl of Derby; but, having received large reinforcements, they again attacked it on the 21st of May, and obliged the garrison to surrender upon honourable terms on the 27th of the same month. The precept which I send was issued by Colonel Edward Norris, the governor of the town, on the 14th of that month, seven days before the town was actually beset. The document acquires additional interest from the endorsements on the back testifying that no time was lost by the constables of the several townships in its transmission from one to another. ”

It is my opinion that the house in which they were discovered was formerly the residence of the constable of Houghton, and that the varying occupation of the district by parliamentarians and royalists led to his wary concealment in the thatch, of these evidences of his sympathy with the royalist cause.” ” '

To the Constables of Hulme and Winwick, and all other the Constables within the p'ishe of Winwick and all others greeting. ” '

Whereas very lately I directed my warrants to severall parts neare adjacent for the calling-in of all the able men unto our ayd, but finding that the enemy was retraited was very willing that the said men should return to their own houses ; but nowe so it is that this day I have received intelligence by 3 severull messengers that the enemy intends very speedily to assault us. These are therefore in his ma'tys name straitly to charg and comand you that forthwith upon receit hereof you give notice and warning to all the able men within your several constableries that are within the age of 60 yeares and above the age of 16 yeares that they com unto this town of Warrington with their best arms and p'vision of meate for 4 dayes by 9 of the clocke * * * binge the 15th daye of this instant May, wherein you are not to faile as you honor his ma'tys service and will answer the contrarie at your utmost p'ille. Given under my hand this 14th day of May 1643. '” E. NORRIS. ” ' Se you send me an accompt of this warrant.'”

Theis are in his Maj's name straitly to chardge and command you and every of you that immediately upon receipt hereof you, make diligent search w'thin yo'r Constablarie for p'vision of victualls and oates and hay for the Armie here. And the same forth'th to bringe or cause to be brought unto this louiie of Warrington for reliefe of the souldiers, and storeinge the same towne in case any Seige be laid thereunto by the eneniie. And hereof faile not at yo'r p'll. Oil-en under my hand this third day of May. Anno Dni 1643.

Middleton Houghtan Arbury <6 Croft j To the Constables of Soutfworth) E. Nonius. md. to bringe in noe bread, but wlieale or meale instead thereof, or pease.” Endorsed on tbe back thus :―” Southworth rec'd ye 4th day of May, at 8 of ye clocke in ye afternoone.”

Seene £ p'suned (sic) by the Constables of Winwick £ hulme Seene £ p'used by the Constable of Newton. Seene £ p'used by the Con'bles of haidoke, and speedilyc sent away to the Con'bles of Oolborne. Seene if p'used by the Constable of Goulborne the 15th day between 3 £ 4 of the clocke in the afternoone and speedibje sent unto Lotott. Seene by the Constable of Lairtqn about 7 of ye clocke ye 15 day and sent to Kenion with speede. •


I.―A Petition from the Inhabitants of Southwnrth & Croft, Midleton, Houghton and Arbury to Captain Coney («/' Dilton, Lancnthire) complaining that Captain Holcroft of Holcroft had favoured the township of Culcheth by imposing upon Southworth &c. an unfair proportion of men for the train-band.

II.―A similar Petition to Mr. William Alcock (of Prescot, Lancashire).

III.―A Report upon the above Petition by Mr. Alcock to Edward Norris, esquire, Captain of the trainband for the hundred of West Derby, disclaiming his counection with the above unfair imposition. Dated at Frescott Jan. 6 1642.

IV.―A Precept signed ” Richard Astley” to the constables of Southworth. & Croft, Middleton & Arbury, in pursuance of a preeept from Heury Ogle esquire, (of mislon, Lancashire,) directing an assessment to raise £•11. 15. 0. imposed upon those townships. Dated 14 Jan. 1642.

V.―A Pn-ecpt from Sir Gilbert Hoghton to the constables of Honghton cu Middleton, commanding them to summon all the able men of the township, between the ages of 1C and 00, to appear with their best arms on the 13th of February following at Wigan. Dated at Wigan 10 Feb. 1642.

VI.―A Precept signed ” Richard Ashy” under the anthority of a warrant from James, earl of Derby, addressed to the petty constables in the several townships of the parish of Winwick, requiring them, in consequence of the non-payment of the varions assessments imposed upon the county, to give warning to four sufficient men in each township to appear before the earl of Derby on the 27th of February following, at the honse of Hugh Latham in Ormskirk. Dated 25 Feb. 1642.

VII.―A Precept signed ” Richard Astley,” under the anthority of a warrant from the earl of Derby, to the petty constables of the several townships of Culcheth, Southworth cu Croft, Middleton & Arbury, ordering on assessment to raise £G-i, 5. 0, to be paid upon the 14th of March following at the honse of Hugh Lathom in Ormskirk. Dated 9 Mar. 1642.

VIII.―A Precept signed ” It. Molyneux” to the constables of Southworth & Croft, Midleton, Houghton & Arburie, requiring them at sight thereof, to bring into the town of Newton (Lancush:) 20 bushels oats, 104 stone of hay, B tbreave of straw, and .£2. 10. 8. in money “for my lord mollinex.” Dated at Newton 23 Apr. 1043.

IX.―A private note, without date, intimating that ” lord muleynex's” precept to Culcheth demanded 30 bushels of oats, 180 stone of hay, and i'4.10. 0. in money.

X.―A Precept from Colonel Edward Norriss. (Given at length in the preceding Paper).

XI.―Another Precept from the same. (Criven at kni/th with the lnst).

XII.―A Precept from Sir Thomas Stanley, and Richard (Holland!), Peter Egerton, and John Houlcrofte, esquires. (Given at length with the tiro preceding).

XIII―A Precept from Sir Thomas Stanley, and Peter Egerton and John Houl crofte, esquires, to the constables of Southworth, Croft, ttc. ordering an assessment on the township for £10 in pursuance of an order from the deputy-lieutenants of Lancashire, “for paying of soulditn, and necessary defence of the same (county) in theis danqeroiu tt distracted tymes.” Dated at'Warrington 11 July 1643.

To the constables of Southworth Middleton Arbury and Croft. Mind to bringe in noe bread but wheate or meale instead thereof and peas.

Thees are in his Majesties name straitly to charge and command that imprimis upon receipt hereof you make diligent search within your constablerie for provision of victuals and oates and hay for the armie here and the same forthwith to bring or cause to be brought unto this towne of Warrington for releefe of the souldiers and storeinge the same towne in case anie siege be laid therunto by the enemie and hereof faile not at your perill. Given under my hand this third day of May anno Domini 1643 E.Norris

Anderton Papers

(VJ writes) Quite a few years ago I made arrangements with Wigan Archive service to see certain documents from the Anderton Papers and upon my arrival a week later none of the documents that I'd requested could be found.

I checked other related documents but really it was mostly a wasted journey and the following day I returned to Kent.

I received a phone call the following week from the Archivist who rather embarrassed said that he'd taken them out in readiness following my phone call the previous week and put them to one side and totally forgot. He kindly photocopied them and posted them to me.

D/D An/Bundle 16/3a Creation dates: December 23rd, 1642


At Wigan Leigh to be kept with 20 men and two horses. There is already in Leigh 20 men arived, victualls for 8 days 12li in money, viz, 10d a peece to the 20 men and 40s for the Lieftennant and 2 Dragooners appointed to go thither this day. (Cancelled paragraph, substance repeated later)

At Warrington 300 men whereof the 2 Welch companies to be parte. That a letter be written to the Gouvernr that Armes be put to those of the Welch wch are at wante, that his owne company be made up and furnished with armes where defective (?) and that Captaine Ashton's Company be alsoe armed, that in those 4 Companies there may be 300 men armed as aforesaid. That armes be taken from such as doe not appear to doe service to furnishe these Defectives, wh is geeven in chardge to Mr Ogle.


  • Capt. Chisnall waites my Lo: (genera)ll (hole in paper).
  • At Leigh: Capt. Ogle. Capt. Tarbocke. Capt. Slater. Capt. Halsall. Tho: Lathome and Burgrove men.
  • At Chowbent: Capt. Stevenson Capt. Marshall Sir William Gerrard and Mr. Eccleston's men.

(At Ashton and thereabouts) Barrowe at Sendle ? (mutilated.) Penketh at LostocK (mutilated) Perhaps Penketh was Barrows Lieutenant Captain Salvin (at Wigan).

30th December 1642 Capt Barrow and his Company were at Wigan(2) while Capt. Ashton and 2 Welsh Companies were already in Warrington. The Town was assaulted 1st April 1643 (3) but the defenders repulsed the attack.

The Town was placed under siege from 23/24th May and the Church and steeple taken 26th May. The Town surrendered on terms 28th May 1643


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