Sir Barnaby Scudamore’s Regiment of Foot

Active1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Barnaby Scudamore
Area RaisedHerefordshire
Coat ColourRed??
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot based at Hereford

Service History


  • May: Defence of Monmouth?
  • November: Siege of Pembridge Castle?


  • June: Battle of Winstanstow
  • July to September: Besieged at Hereford
  • December: Stormed at Hereford


Several of Scudamore's officers appear to have served in 1643, under Lord Herbert, Conningsby and at the siege of Gloucester.

Coats and Flags

Just possibly wore red coats, as there is a reference to Herefordshire folklore tales featuring Scudamore’s troops as ‘the red men of the dusk’ (Hutton). This no doubt refers to their nocturnal plundering expeditions.

Notable Officers

Sir Barnaby Scudamore

Sir Barnaby Scudamore, or Barnabas, served under Lord Loughborough then was appointed Governor of Hereford.

Officer lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Barnaby Scudamore
  • Sargeant Major William Norman Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Richard Brown I.O. L + W
  • Captain Thomas Carwarden I.O. Herefords.
  • Captain Chaplin Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Edward Clark Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Robert Goodwin I.O. Surrey
  • Captain Thomas Lewis Ment. I.O.
  • Captain William Norman (3)
  • Captain Thomas Price (2) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain John Rogers (4) + I.O. Herefords.
  • Captain Lieutenant Richard Ballard (1) + Ment. I.O.
  • Lieutenant Joseph Bowkett (3) to Capt. Norman
  • Lieutenant Toby Lightfoot I.O. L+ W. to Capt. Ballard
  • Lieutenant Howell Matthew I.O. Glamorg.
  • Lieutenant Wellche (2) to Capt. Price
  • Lieutenant Humphrey Rodd I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Rogers
  • Lieutenant Robert Russell I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Price
  • Lieutenant Richard Vincent I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Lewis
  • Ensign Edward Bayly I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Clark
  • Ensign Henry Jones I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Chaplin
  • Ensign John Jones I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Rogers
  • Ensign James Love I.O. Herefords. to Sgnt.Maj. Norman
  • Ensign Walter Shepheard I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Carwarden
  • Ensign James Traherne I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Lewis
  • Commissioned Officer (rank unknown) Henry Meredith

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Ballard's examination

(1) Sir Barnabus Scvdamore Defence S.2129A 1646 TYPE IN FULL

SP19.96.83 The examinacion of Richard Ballard al(ia)s Browne of London Gent. Saith that he knoweth Benedict Hall of Highmeadow in the County of Gloucester & did see the said Benedict in Armes at the Siege of Gloucester on the Kings side & there rode as Gent. in the Lord Herberts Troope, sonne to the Earle of Worcester & that he the said Benedict & three or fower servants of his had pistolls and swords. And saith further when Sir Barnaby Scudamore was Governour of Hereford in the Kings partie, I saw then in Hereford the said Benedict Hall & as I believe he did resort thither for shelter from the Parliaments forces; and he saith this examinant was on the Kings side at the beginning of the warrs and at the siege of Gloucester did then take notice of the said Benedict Hall aforesaid, but since when Hereford was taken by Colonell Morgan and Colonell Birch he this examinant then laide downe his Commission and ransomed himselfe, and hath since married in London and that he now liveth at Tower Wharfe

Brilliana Harley to Sir Robert

(2) Add Mss. 70110 f.82 Letter extract. Brilliana Harley Brampton Bryan Castle to Sir Robert Harley in London 23.4.1643.

My Deare Sir, I hope this will find you and Ned Harley well. I much long to heare from you. On Thursday was senight some of Captaine Tom Prices company that lye now at Knighton came into the Parke with the Lieutenant whose name is Wellche and tooke 4 oxen and beate the workmen. I sent out some of my men, who as soone as they saw them, rode away, but Edward Morgan rode away before any of the rest came up to him. He was at the Smiths shop and heard that they had taken my oxen and said what shall they drive away my Ladys cattell under our noses and got up a horseback and rode away before the rest and presently 2 troopers sett upon him and shott him in the backe with 2 bulletts, he died within halfe an ower. They are still at Knighton and threaten to have all my cattell and I beleeve that is their business why they lye there. I sent to Mr Crowdir that is a justice of (the) Peace to take notice of that my oxen were stolen. Captain Pris said that they did it without his consent so they sent me the oxen againe. But I heare they endevour to gaine a greater number of men and then they will have all my cattell now there is but 27 souldiers at Knighton and I can not be thought they lye at Knighton for any other end then to surprise me and mine and what is mine.

Price Compounds

SP23.217. To the Right Honourable Committee for Composicions sitting att Goldsmiths Hall The humble petition of Thomas Price of Wisteston in the Countie of Hereford Esq. Sheweth that your peticioner adhered to the King in the first warr against the Parliament. That he hath annexed a true and perfect particular of his estate. Your petitioner therefore humbly prayes he may be admitted to his composition for his said delinquency. And he shall ever pray. Tho.Price

Rec'd 4 May 1649

Lt Jospeh Bowkett

(3) SP23.157.492 Examination of Richard Dowall of Hereford

That Joseph Bowkett of the City of Hereford was a common Officer under Colonell Scudamore in the late Kings party against the Parliament.

Mary Collins stated that the aforesaid Joseph Bowkett was a listed souldier under the command of Captain Dansey in armes against the Parliament but whether he was an Officer in common she doth not know. Dansey was a Captain under Colonel Fitzwilliam Conningsby and her deposition probably relates to 1643.

Robert Seaborne of the City of Hereford stated that Joseph Bowkett was a Lieutenant to Captain William Norman who had his Commission from Governor Barnabus Scudamore. (4)

Discord at Hereford

There was obvious discord amongst the Officers in Hereford as the following letters and Lieutenant Colonel Adams detention

Colonel Winters

C 115.98.7209 To Colonell Scudamore Governor of Hereford. Sir, I send you here enclosed an order for the serving of such as are represented to mee, to retarde his Majesties service with all I desire you will give expresse order that Gally and Bankes bee (the rest torn and mutilated. Signature missing)

Worcer. 11th of July 1645

Public Record Office C115/98.36 7207 Letter of Prince Rupert to Sir Barnaby Scudamore at Hereford

Sir, having been informed of ye proceedings against Lieutenant Colonell Adams and the suspension of the execution of the sentence until my pleasure be knowne I doe therefore desire you that hee may bee sent hither to mee with all the accusations and proofes against him and such witnesses as hee pretends can testify his innocence may likewise bee produced that there may all justice bee afforded him, if he may cleere himself from ye crimes objected to. I rest Rupert. Bristol 8.10.1644

This is also in Colonel Winters Regimental Biography together with the escape of Adams.

King's Lifeguard sent to Hereford

C 115.98.7210

Sir Barnaby Scudamore

His Majesty hath commanded me to returne you Thankes for your carefull Advertisements of the Scotts coming over; And you are desyred to continue all possible Diligence in informing His Majesty truly of all theyr motions. As for what concernes the security of that Place, His Majesty is confident that you will doe in it the part of a gallant man; And for your better Assistance therein, His Majestie hath sent you his Guarde of Foote, which are the only armed men he hath as yett to supply you with, but if you can find a meanes of arming more, he hath men enough to send you, and wee dayly expect store of Muskets from Bristoll which as soone as they come you shall not want for Numbers. In the mean tyme His Majesty doubts not but as a Sheriffe you will summon in the traind Bands with provisions for themselves and what armes they can bring. His Majesty bidds you relye upon all the assistance and encouragement that hee can give you.

I rest your affectionate servant George Digbye Ragland Castle the 20th July 1645

Hereford Companies

Public Record Office

C 115.101.7627


  • Captain Moretons Company
  • Sargeant Major Bullers Company
  • Captain Boases Company
  • Captain Maies Company
  • Captain Smyths Company
  • Captain *Wiffins Company
  • Lieutenant Corkerams Company
  • Captain Jennings Company
  • Sargeant Major Buttons Company
  • Lieutenant Coopers Company
  • Captain Chaplins Company
  • Captain Mathewes Company (4)

(4) SP23.217.810 The humble petition of William Matthewes of Kingsland in the County of Hereford, Weaver. That your petitioner having bin in armes against the Parliament his estate for that his delinquency is under sequestration, being very small and not worth two hundred pounds, as appeares by the affidavit hereunto annexed.


  • Captain Epiphan Howorth
  • Captain Daniel Alderne
  • Captain Richard Ballard my Capt. Lieutenant
  • Captain Chaplaine the Town Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jeffreys Troop of Horse
  • Sargeant Major Fletcher of Horse
  • Captain Traherne
  • Lieutenant Cooper to Sgt Maj Chaplaine
  • Lieutenant Lightfoot
  • Deputy Governor Sir Nicholas Throgmorton
  • Master Terringham

Barnaby Scudamores Regiment

SEE ADD MSS 11047 fol 197 and Harley 7189 f246


Sgnt. Maj Buller may be John Buller Captain Maie may be Captain May listed under John Buller in A DEVONSHIRE PETITION as Sgnt. Maj. Buller was at Redmarley so possibly this is the remains of Nicholas Mynnes foot Regiment now under Buller ??

Captain Wiffin's burnings

Ordinance for a Church, &c. and Parsonage-house to be built at Taynton.

“Whereas it appears, by Information of the Minister, Churchwardens, and other Inhabitants, of the Parish of Taynton, in the County of Gloucester, as also by an Order and Certificate made at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden for the County of Gloucester, upon Tuesday next after the Feast of The Epiphany, 22° Carol. Regis, That the Parish Church and Chancel of Taynton aforesaid, with the Minister's Dwelling-house, and all Outhouses thereunto belonging, were most barbarously, maliciously, and totally, burned down to the Ground, by one Captain Wiffin and his Soldiers, Enemies to the Parliament, within few Days after raising of the late Siege of Gloucester, whereby the said Minister of God's Word and the said Inhabitants have no Place of Resort to partake of God's Ordinances; and the said Minister is deprived of House and Harbour, for himself, his Wife, and Children, the whole Maintenance of a Preaching Minister there being worth but about Sixty Pounds per Annum: And whereas the former Church was inconveniently built, at the remotest End of the said Parish, distant from the greatest Part of the said Parishioners at least a Mile or Two: The Lords and Commons, taking the Premises into Consideration, do hereby Ordain and Declare, That, according to the Desires and Petition of the said Minister and Parishioners of Taynton aforesaid, it shall and may be lawful for them, or any of them, to build and erect, or cause to be built and erected, a Church, with the Appurtenances, and a Dwelling-house for the Minister and his Family, and to place and build the said Church upon Parcel of Glebe Land lying near about the nighest of the said Parish, bounded on the East and South Side with the Lands of Thomas Pury Esquire, and upon the North Side with the Lands of Alexand'r Westerdaile Gentleman, and on the West Side with the Highway leading to the City of Gloucester; and to set out and inclose such a competent Proportion of the said Parcel of Glebe Land, for a Burial Place and Church Yard, as to the said Minister and Churchwardens of the said Parish of Taynton for the Time being shall seem most requisite and convenient.”

From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 9: 17 January 1648', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 9: 1646 (1802), pp. 663-65. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2006.


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