The Prince of Wales’ (Welsh Marches) Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelPrince of Wales
Sir Michael Woodhouse
Area RaisedWelsh Marches
Coat ColourBlue
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1643

Royalist regiment of foot from the Welsh Marches serving with the Oxford Army

Service History


  • May: Besieged at Whitchurch
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • September: First Battle of Newbury
  • October: Battle of Wem and Leigh Bridge


  • February to March: Siege of Hopton Castle
  • March to April: Siege of Brampton Bryan
  • September: Skirmish at Montgomery
  • September: Siege of Montgomery Castle
  • September: Battle of Montgomery


  • June: Besieged at Stokesay Castle (det)
  • June: Battle of Stokesay
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green


  • March: Battle of Stow on the Wold
  • April to June: Besieged at Ludlow


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Wore blue coats when quartered in Shrewsbury in 1643 1). Many books and articles state that the coat colour of this regiment was blue but do not state the specific source. This is the source:

2705/127 Extract

Thomas Phillipes Drap.(er) His note Imp. Three Blew Coats of Maior Broughtons soldyers, these were with me a fortnight 31 1sh Lent them in money 1sh 6d Two of the Wooscester soldyers these were with me five dayes 5sh

Notable Officers

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince Charles (1630-1685) appears to have been honourary Colonel of the Regiment of Foot led by Sir Michael Woodhouse on the Welsh borders, as well as Colonel Ackland's West Country Regiment. Later King Charles II, biographies can be found online, at BCW, Wikipedia, Britsh Royal History amongst many others.

At the age of 12 Charles and his younger brother James were present at the Battle of Edgehill, where they amused themselves shooting toy pistols in the direction of Essex's army and Charles had to be dissuaded from charging the enemy himself. Parliamentarian cuirassiers broke through the Royalist infantry causing havoc at the rear of the army and the Princes were saved from capture by the efforts of the Gentlemen Pensioners. The young Prince of Wales visited Raglan Castle to raise support, charming the proud Welsh, but spent most of the war together with his father at Oxford or on campaign. In March 1645 at the age of 15 he was appointed nominal Captain General of the West Country Royalists with a headquarters at Bristol, but despite the advice of Clarendon and Hopton the West Country forces fell apart in the face of the New Model Army. After the fall of Bristol Charles fled to the Scilly Isles, the Jersey, then joined the Queen at St Germain in France. His father was executed in 1649. Desperate to gain the support of the Scots Covenanters he signed the Treaty of Breda, and landed in Scotland in 1650, was crowned King of Scotland in 1651, then marched South on the fateful Worcester campaign. Soundly defeated by Cromwell, Charles spent six weeks on the run, aided and unintentionally hindered by Henry Wilmot Earl of Rochester, before escaping to France again. In 1654 Charles was forced to move to Cologne then Bruges and allied with Spain against Parliament and the French. By 1658 he had raised a small army of English and Irish exiles allied to the Spanish, which was defeated by Turenne and Protectorate forces at the Battle of the Dunes. As the Protectorate collapsed after the death of Cromwell, General Monck organised Charles' return to England in 1660. He landed at Dover on 25 May. Amid wild rejoicing across the nation, Charles made a triumphal entry into London on his 30th birthday, 29 May 1660. His coronation at Westminster Abbey took place on St George's Day, 1661.

Sir Michael Woodhouse

Previously served in Ireland as Major to Sir Simon Harcourt’s Regiment of Foot (later Col. Gibson's) of Ormonde's army based at Dublin. He returned to England to join the Royalists by early 1643, the King confirming this in a letter to Ormonde on 20th March 1643.

Officer List

Sir Michael Woodhouse's regiment of Foot2), the Prince of Wales Lifeguard of Foot 3). See Ludlow and Bridgnorth for identification of some Officers.

  • Colonel Sir Michael Woodhouse
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Broughton
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Thurland (1)
  • Sargeant Major Edward Broughton (5)
  • Sargeant Major Milborne Williams Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Oliver Broughton I.O. Flint.
  • Captain Chapman (4)
  • Captain Gerrard Dannet (7) + I.O. Salop.
  • Captain Deane
  • Captain Francis Doubleday (2)
  • Captain Phillip Ellis I.O. Salop.
  • Captain Fisher Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Hookes
  • Captain Jones Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Richard Phillips I.O. Salop.
  • Captain Samuel Reynolds I.O. Salop.
  • Captain Wright
  • Captain Lieutenant Peter Wadhall I.O. Northumberland
  • Lieutenant Adam Acton I.O. L + W to Capt. Jones
  • Lieutenant Richard Aldersee (5) to Sgt. Maj. Broughton
  • Lieutenant Thomas Breakes I.O. L + W
  • Lieutenant Duddleston
  • Lieutenant Robert Rowell (3) to Capt. Dannet
  • Lieutenant Baylie
  • Lieutenant Robert Vaughan I.O. Denbigh
  • Ensign Baughston (9)
  • Ensign William Beddoe I.O. Salop to Capt. Fisher
  • Ensign Dannet Bishop I.O. Salop to Capt. Dannet
  • Ensign Owen Davies (8) to Col. Woodhouse
  • Ensign Walter Fowler (6)
  • Ensign Andrew Williams I.O. L + W to Sgt. Maj. Williams
  • Quartermaster Samuel Pritchard I.O. Salop.

Contemporary References


This document is a list of Officers and soldiers billetted upon the citizens of Ludlow. I have abstracted only those Officers who are mentioned by name.

xxiii February 1644

  • Att Mr Edward Jones Captaine Prideaux
  • Att Mr Barkley Ensigne
  • Att Mr Crumpe Captaine Deane and his man
  • Att Richard Hall Lieutenant Addys and Ensigne Addys
  • Att Mr Ball Lieutenante B
  • Att Adam Acton Ensigne Gry with five men
  • Att Haward Ropers Lieutenante Duddleston
  • Att Mr Walker Ensigne Baugston
  • Att Mr Harkins Lieutenante Tayler
  • Att Mr Compton Cornett Greene

Woodhouse to Ludlow Bailiffs

Shropshire Record Office LB7/2351

To the Worshipfull Bayliffes of ye Towne of Ludlow

By the Governour of Ludlow Whereas I have receaved his Majesties letter dated the 14th of this present, signifyinge his Majesties pleasure with all possible speed to furnish the City of Worcester with all kinde of provision of victualls out of ye places within my command.These are therefore to will and require you to cause good store of Biskett to be baked and good quantityes of Butter, Cheese, Bacon and Meale to bee provided and sent forthwith (and soe from tyme to tyme) to the Citty of Worcester, to bee delivered to Sir Gilbert Gerard Knt, Governour thereof,and you shall receive payment for the same from ye High Sherife of that County out of ye subscription money. Hereof and of any particular herein, according to ye of his Majesties lawes you are not to faile in ye least neglect and to give mee an accompt of your performance thereof: Ludlow Castle xxii of June 1644 Mi:Woodhouse

Billeting Winter 1643-4

The following Billetting document shows the Regimental command structure prior to Thurlands death in February 1643/4.


A note what John ap Prichard is unpayd for quartering souldiers.

  • Imprimis Evan Rees Seriant to the Lieftenant Collonell Thurland oweth for a monthes diet 3d ye meale 14sh
  • It.. Lewis Davies oweth for a monthes diet 14sh
  • It. Edward ap EvanServant to Colonell Wodhouse for a monthes diet 14sh
  • It. Richard Scarlett souldier to Maior Braughton 1sh 8d
  • It. Thomas Powell of the paid band4) 1sh

(1) St. Laurence Church,Ludlow Parish Register

Buried 3 Feb 1643(4). Richard Thurland. gent., Leiftenant Collonell.

(2) Petition of Francis Doubleday in Ludlow at its surrender

SP.23.182.455 June 1646 Miles Corbet states that Captain Francis Doubleday appeared before the Committee.

(3)Captain Robert Rowell of Skipton, Yorks

Petition under Colonel Lamplugh at Hessy Moor battle. Was Cornet under Colonel Gray at Edgehill, Lieutenant of Horse under Colonel Bradshaw at Leeds when Selby was taken and Lieutenant of Foot under Sir Michael Woodhouse at Stoke House. Received many wounds.

(4) Shropshire Record Office 3365/2570

A note of souldiers that have lodged at Mr Thomas Gattacre his house and hath receaved noe pay for. Imp(rimi)s. three souldiers for six weekes whose names were William Norris,Richard and Thomas Joanes under the command of Captaine Chapman, and of Col. Woodhouse his Regiment 2.02 (£2.2sh.)

It. two more another time for seaven weekes together whose names were James and Robert Jarvice under the same Commanders 2. 09. 00

Besides diversothers, at severall times whose names he remembreth not.

(5) 3365/2570/between337-328

The note of Walter Swynfell December the 8th of what Officers and souldiers hath bine quartered with me upon free quarter

Richard Aldersee Lieutenant to Sargeant Maior Edward Broughton quartered 10 weekes at 3/6d comes to 1.15.0 (£1.15sh) One Drummer of Sargeant Major Broughtons for halfe a yeare at 3/6d 04.11 (£4.11sh) One Sargeant belonging to the sayd Maior for 8 weekes at 3/6d 1.8. (£1.8sh)

(6) Shropshire Record Office Ludlow Borough Records LB7/2303

Mr Bayliffe I have receaved a warrant from the Princes Highness Prince Rupert the contents of which are these.

Sir, whereas Mr Anderson Atchly trooper under the Earle of Northamptons Regiment is now a prisoner in the common Gaole at Ludlow: Therefore you are immediately to take him into your charge and hereof you may not fayle. Bridgnorth Feb:19 1643 Signed Rupert

By vertue whereof I require the sayd Mr Atchly to be delivered to my Ensigne Walter Fowler, given under my hand the 25 of February 1643.

I Walter Fowler hath taken from the newe Bayliffe of Ludlowe out of the Goale there the body of the abovenamed Anderson Achlyy witness my hand the day and year above written.


Mr Bayliffe, I heare you have imprisoned one of my souldiers by name Thomas Laurence which was upon duty last night and should be now, wherefore I entreat you to release him,and shall remayne your loving freind Walter Fowler. n.d.

(7) Intelligence from Shropshire

E.290.11 Intelligence from Shropshire of three great victories obtained by the forces of Shrewsburie…published 28th June 1645 …in the interim, Lieu.Col. Rivling (Reinking) to view Stokesay Castle, a Garrison of the enemies; the place was conceived considerable, therefore the next morning wee drew up to it, and summoned it, but the Governour, Captain Dannet refused; thereupon wee prepared for a storm, being ready to fall on gave a second summons, which was hearkend unto,a parley admitted,and the Castle delivered up, and is now garrisoned by us.

(8) Shropshire Record Office LB7/2125

Edw: Steple sheweth that when he was upon the Kings watch in the night Owen Davies Ensigne to Col. Woodhouse dyd beate the sd Steple and run him through the arme and committed him to the Marshall where for his enlargement payd 0-2-6 Steple being noe souldier under theire command.

Document undated but 1644 before 20th January.

(9) Shropshire Record Office LB7/2174

Att Mr Walker Ensigne Baughston

Broughton to Gilbert Gerard

Harl. Mss. 6802 f.198

For his Maj. especiall service to Sir Gilbert Garrard Knt. Gov. of Worcester Noble Sir, I reseaved a letter from my coronell this morning who is nowe at Shresbery he intimates unto mee that isterevening the rebles came from os(w)estry and faced the Towne at Shresbery, and since I have had inteligence that the enimy upon a furious assault entered the out works one the Welch side and have as I am informed deviided them sealfe into 3 bodyes, Coronel Marow salied out of the Towne and tooke some prisoners, but was forced backe in to the Towne the confusion was very great amunst our foote in the Towne but I hope they are better setled. This day, I beleave they are not well provided of inteligence, therefore if please you to let his Majestie know, that there may be some speedy course taken it with my humble service unto you assuringe you that as soon as their shall be any newes come I shall not faile to send it you. I hope it will mende soe I rest,

Edw. Broughton the 5th of July 1644 Ludlow Castle 9 aclock in the morning.

Hast Hast post Hast

Bayliffes Petition

Shropshire Record Office Records of Administration for Ludlow Borough LB/7/2319 Bayliffes Petition

To the right worshipful the high sheriffe of the County of Salop and the rest of Prince Rupert his highness Commissioners for the said County

The humble petition of the Bayliffes Burgess and Commonalty of Ludlow being sensible of the miseries of the same are bould to offer unto your worshipps these proposicions followinge vizt they humbly discharge

1. First that henceforward all orders made by the Governour and Commissioners may be certayne and publique, that soe the inhabitants may knowe what to obey and not to be subject to private and cross orders.

2. Secondly that noe mans goods be destrayned or seized on nor his person imprisoned but by expresse warrant from the Governor under his hand or fower of the Commissioners mentioning the cause of his commitment.

3. Thirdly that all contribucion moneys may be paid accordinge to Prince Ruperts orders halfe in provision halfe in money and that in case any person shall neglect the payment of the contribucion assesed upon him or her that any person soe neglectinge may suffer in his or her owne Estate and be at the whole chardge of the same and that none should be molested by Quarteringe that paid the Contribucion money.

4. Fourthly that whosoever of this Towne shalbe necessitated to defend their person and Estate from the rapyne and plunder of soldiers or other miseries they may not therefore be called and tried by a Councell of warr but by the comon law of this land it being every subjects inheritance accordinge to a late order of the Parliament at Oxford and his Majesties gracious proclomacion therein and that the souldiers which shall offend may receave punishment according to the laws of the land.

5. Fifthly that noe strange forces should continue within the said Towne but upon their march for one night and upon complaynt thereof made to the Governor the said Governor shall cause their removall.

6. Sixthly that it may be lawfull to all the inhabitants of this Towne to deduct out of their monthly contribution all such somes of money which shalbe due for quarteringe eyther foote or horse.

7. Seaventhly that noe soldier or Officer shall send for or take any hay corne or provender but shall pay for with reddy money the accordinge to Prince Ruperts order.

8. Eightly that the said Towne be saved from finding Coles and Candles at the two Guards kept within the Castle in regard the Castle is excepted out of their Charge.

9. That in regard they serve and doe the duty in the said Towne themselves at their owne chardge notwithstandinge the payment of contribicion being farr more then their estates will soe beare and some gardens and orchards laid open and wast for which contribucion is paid that they may be henceforth be freed of payinge contribucion money in the said Towne or else to be freed of watch & ward.

10. That they may not be chardged with sendinge of packetts warrants & fees that doe not any way concerne the Towne which hath of late byn a great chardge to the said Towne.

11. That payment may be made for Quarter accordinge to the late orders sett forth by the Kings Majestie and Parliament at Oxford which is and long hath byn unsatisfied to their great ympoverishment and that from henceforth they may not be forced to give free Quarter and other payments then is appoynted by the said Book of orders.

12. That payment may be made for Teemes Cartes seised and other losses in this Towne accordinge to the said booke of orders and that noe horses or Teemes may be hereafter pressed but that payment may be first made ut supra.

13. That the Troopes of horse may be removed from the said Towne in regard of trhe scarceness of Hay and provender for their accomodacion.

14. It is desired accordinge to the Vth article of the said book of orders that such Commissioners and Gentlemen of quality as shalne thought fit may be appoynted to meete within the said Towne of Ludlow as often as you shall thinke meete to heare the griveances arisinge within the said Towne and Countie neere adjoininge.

15. That the Towne may joyne with the Country to be in a posture of defence for both and the good of his Majesties present service.

16 That the souldiers which are under the command of Sir Michael Woodhouse have broken open severall mens doores and taken away to the number of a hundred beds at least with furniture to them.

LB7/2151 PC10087

more to type

Soldiers under the Regiment of Sir Michael Woodhouse Captain Hookes Captain Wright

LB7/2149 PC110090

Captain Dean


See Also

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2) Original research by Victor Judge aka BCW wiki user 1642
3) E.53.19
4) uncertain, perhaps means Trained Band