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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Lord Newburgh ==== ====Lord Newburgh ====
-[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​James_Levingston,​_1st_Earl_of_Newburgh|James Livingston, Lord Newburgh]]+[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​James_Levingston,​_1st_Earl_of_Newburgh|James Livingston, Lord Newburgh]], previously served in the [[covenanter:​horse-regiments:​king-s-lifeguard-of-horse|King’s Lifeguard of Horse]] under Charles II in Scotland and at Worcester. ​
 ====Sir William Urry==== ====Sir William Urry====
 [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​William_Urry|Sir William Urry]], brother of the multiple turncoat Sir John Urry.  [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​William_Urry|Sir William Urry]], brother of the multiple turncoat Sir John Urry. 
 +====Officer Lists====
 +Orders of precedance among the officers of the Scottish regiment, Charles R, Bruxelles, 4th June 1657((Ruthven Correspondence:​ Letters and Papers of Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth and Brentford, and of His Family: A. D. 1615 - A. D. 1662. With an Appendix of Papers Relating to Sir John Urry. Edited from the Original Mss., by the Rev. William Dunn Macray 1868 p165 [[https://​books.google.co.uk/​books?​id=tAJKAAAAcAAJ&​pg=PA165#​v=onepage&​q&​f=false|from Google Books]]))
 +Note this was prior to Middleton'​s departure
 +  *Colonel: Lt General John Middleton
 +  *Lt Col: Viscount Newbrugh
 +  *Major: Colonel William Urrey
 +  *Captain: Earl of Kelley
 +  *Captain: Lord Napier
 +  *Captain: Charles Hay
 +  *Captain: Sir William Fleming
 +  *Captain: Sir William Keyth
 +  *Captain: Colonel Turner
 +  *Captain: Colonel Durham
 +  *Captain: Sir Alexander Hamilton
 +  *Captain: Sgt Maj John Strachan
 +  *Captain: Lt Col Walter Whitford
 +  *Captain: George Hamilton
 +  *Captain: Alexander Hamilton
 +  *Captain: James Lawson
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *April 1657: Estimated at 300 men by English news-sheets   *April 1657: Estimated at 300 men by English news-sheets